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Bad Girls Dont Marry Marines (Rock Canyon, Idaho, #3) ❰Download❯ ➵ Bad Girls Dont Marry Marines (Rock Canyon, Idaho, #3) Author Codi Gary – The bad girl who stole his heart Valerie Willis has done it all tattoos one night stands even strip poker And now she can add getting a messy public divorce to that list Back in her hometown of Rock C The bad girl who stole his heart Valerie Dont Marry Kindle × Willis has done it all tattoos one night stands Bad Girls PDF/EPUB or even strip poker And now she can add getting a messy public divorce to that list Back in Girls Dont Marry PDF/EPUB ¾ her hometown of Rock Canyon Val just wants to bury her head and wait for the scandal to pass But when she suddenly finds herself at a singles' weekend face to face with former flame Justin Silverton hiding from her heart—and the sexy Marine—won't be that simpleIs just too good to let go It's been ten years since Justin kissed Val but he still remembers the way they just seemed to fit Since then he's served his country and helped his father keep their ranch intact but he's never forgotten Val or her wild ways So when a twist of fate brings him the chance to chase her across state lines and spend a weekend winning her heart Justin's all in Because when he sees something he wants he fights for it And he's ready to fight for the right to call this bad girl his one and only.

  • Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • Bad Girls Dont Marry Marines (Rock Canyon, Idaho, #3)
  • Codi Gary
  • 04 September 2016
  • 9780062331748

About the Author: Codi Gary

From the time I could put a Disney Dont Marry Kindle × Book cassette into my little stereoand read along books Bad Girls PDF/EPUB or have held a fantastic distraction When I was eleven I decided I wanted to be one of those Girls Dont Marry PDF/EPUB ¾ magical people that brought stories to life Devouring a book a day sometimes my first romance novel stuck with me I've always been a sucker for a happy ending and the great romantic gestureand that's what I try.

10 thoughts on “Bad Girls Dont Marry Marines (Rock Canyon, Idaho, #3)

  1. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    This book had me at hello Erat the title I'm a known sucker for military romances so seeing Marine in the title I was totally there This book wasn't the least bit disappointing I couldn't put it down And for the first time in forever during a buddy read with Nikki I actually beat her to the end of a book Justin was such a good guy I wouldn't mind having a Justin of my ownminus the farming part I'm too much of a city girl to be able to survive on a farm Val was a firecracker She was brash and honest and spoke her mind Come to think of it she reminded me of one of my best friends I have to say that I absolutely hated Val's dad There was nothing redeeming about him He'll go down in history as one of the most hated characters for meI'll admit that the one thing I wasn't looking forward to in this book was the single's weekend But that ended up being such a small part time wise of the story and it was beyond enjoyable I actually wish that there was time spent there just because it was fun reading I sincerely hope that Val's sisters get books because I want to see them get a HEA too

  2. Christy LoveOfBooks Christy LoveOfBooks says:

    What’s this? I read the third book in a series first? That’s right I rebelled against my OCD Believe me there was much anxiety involved I received the fourth book for review and was going to start with it until I discovered the main character’s sister is the MC of this book Therefore I had to at least start with Bad Girls Don’t Marry MarinesFive reasons I liked it I do love the bad girls I was expecting Valerie to be a wild one but turns out her bad girl days are behind her Oh but the reputation has stuck She’s 26 and mature now after a messy high profile divorce but she can still be a handful She can still be a spitfire which I really liked Justin is a hottie ex Marine working on the family farm Let’s take a moment with the vision of him all hot a sweaty out on a tractor ahem anyway He’s a nice guy and a total gentlemen While he did feel a bit smothering at times he did push and help her get that rebellious spark back I enjoy a good second chance romance The first time around they had one night of fun when they were teens but they had an amazing connection Ten years later that attraction is still there but there are forces working against them One of those forces being her douchebag dad Their journey was both fun and frustrating with some big bumps along the way I adore all the sisterly love Val has two sisters who are considered “bad girls” too and are often referred to as “those Willis sisters” I love how they are there for each other and can’t wait to see of them in the next book Gus Val’s bulldog Seriously how could someone not love him? Bad Girls Don’t Marry Marines was a pretty uick enjoyable read I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series

  3. TrixieTalksBooks TrixieTalksBooks says:

    There are a few things that I have come to expect when I pick up a book from Codi Gary1 a very well written story2 great characters – main characters that I will easily fall in love with and great supporting characters that you hope to read about next3 a happily ever after ending that leaves you with a smile not only on your face but your heart as wellIt was no different with Bad Girls Don’t Marry MarinesCodi does a great job of getting the story from her head to the reader From timeline to storyline to character development her chapters flow easily and steadily and never leave you feeling like anything is missing that is was rushed or that it carried on too long Her attention to detail without overkill is spot on She gives you just enough to entice you to keep the pages goingCodi did such a great job with the character development on Bad Girl’s Don’t Marry Marines I uickly fell in love with Valerie and Justin I love their chemistry their snarky banter their love of desserts 3 I loved all the sassy Willis girls I love their level of family devotion but also that they aren’t going to be walked all over I can tell you that Old Man Willis really needed my cowgirl boot shoved where the sun don’t shine And while I would love to learn about the Willis sisters I think I would look most forward to learning about Caroline – I sense that girl has uite a story to be toldAs far as happily ever after’s go I loved the conclusion with this chapter of Val and Justin’s journey It was a sweet and loving ending that proved that life is full of wonderful and unexpected surprises and all things happen for a reasonI am now eagerly awaiting my next visit to Rock CanyonI just love it there

  4. Bette Hansen Bette Hansen says:

    Awesome read Loved this second chance story as Justin and Valerie are reunited Luckily Valerie isn't that young girl her Daddy can control any but will she give Justin a chance even though he doesn't have the same background and pedigree as her family??? It'll take a little work on his part but he thinks Valerie is well worth it This is a fun read and one I would recommend to everyone

  5. ⚜️Trea ⚜️Trea says:

    I was kinda impressed with this book I loved Val how she started out complacent then took control of her life back Her sisters were each impressive in their own way but the way they all wound up standing up to their father was eually impressive Justin was a bit to wishy washy for my tastes but he did man up in the end and fight for his happiness I even liked his father and brother I wish there was a bit closure on the situation with Valerie's dad but perhaps that is in future books All things considered an entertaining story for a uiet evening

  6. Confessions of 2 Book Lovers Blog (Co2BL) Confessions of 2 Book Lovers Blog (Co2BL) says:

    Lindsay To start out this review I have to say that I loved this book Nikki I was a little skeptical at first but it totally won me over Lindsay LOL Did you have a book hangover from Stolen Course? Nikki blushing You caught meLindsay I have to say that I loved Val She cracked me up And she spoke her mind no matter if it ticked people off Nikki Oh yes She was awesome I loved how bold and in your face she was Strong female leads are always a selling point for me I think its my inner feminist ;I really loved how she stood up to her dad and refused to tow his line after all the crap he dished out to her and her sistersLindsay I completely agree I loved her sisters I hope they get their own books And speaking of her dadI know it was a joke about me plotting a torture list but I'm seriously starting to think we need a list of things we wish on horrible evil characters Nikki I can't argue with you here He was awful I can't even imagine treating your own kids the way he did But on the positive side this just goes to show what kind of talent Codi Gary has that she could write such a loathsome character and make meus hate him so profuselyLindsay That's very true She's extremely talented Especially in her creation of Justin ♥♥♥Nikki I know right He was so swoon worthy I loved him ♥♥♥ The perfect mix of hot cowboy gentleman and naughty boy all rolled in oneLindsay LOL Well being an extreme city girl I can do without the cowboyfarm boy part but it worked on him It doesn't hurt that he's a Marine ;Nikki Lol This is true I just love a man in uniform ;Lindsay Unfortunately we didn't get to actually see him in his uniform Nikki No but I have a good imagination ; Speaking of uniforms I really liked Justin's brother Everett too His story would also be appreciated D hint hintLindsay I agree I'd love to see a book for Justin's brother Maybe even with one of Val's sistersNikki Oh yes Caroline D I really liked all the characters in this book Well except for that douche bag dadI think this author really has talent and even though this is my first book by her I will definitely be looking into Lindsay I agree I'm looking forward to reading other books by her I have to say that I was worried about the Single's weekend I was afraid I wouldn't like that part of the book but I loved itNikki I know It was a little out there for me too but Dorothy was a hoot and I loved the trivia game and how competitive Val and Justin wereLindsay Exactly Dorothy cracked me up and I loved seeing how great Val and Justin were together when Val was still fighting against getting together with himNikki So in short this was a funny sexy and sweet read I really enjoyed itLindsay And it's definitely a must read for anyone like loves great heroes that know what they want and go after it

  7. Beth Beth says:

    Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines is a delightful story about rediscovering lost love Valerie Willis is recovering from a very public divorce in a hometown that would rather think the worst of her before giving her a chance Valerie is constantly being manipulated by her father and his political ambitions Justin Silverton is a marine that has returned home to help save his father's farm Being reunited with Val is chance he can't pass up When they end up on a singles weekend together the chemistry from so long ago reunitesThe couple have a lot going against them Mainly a feud of sorts between their fathersI really loved Valerie's take no crap attitude with everyone but her father There does come a point when you recognize a toxic relationship are just that toxiceven if it is your only surviving parent Valerie's father is a piece of work He is utterly ruthless and heinous in his conniving Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines is an emotionally charged story that makes you feel passionately toward the outcome of the conclusion It made me want to rally around the Willis sisters For Codi Gary to pull me in and emotionally invest me in the story I must give Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines 4 starsI received this ARC copy of Bad Girl's Don't Marry Marines from Avon Impulse in exchange for a honest review This book is set for publication May 20 2014Written by Codi GarySeries Rock Canyon RomanceSeuence in Series 3ISBN 13 9780062331731Publisher HarperCollins PublishersPublication date 5202014eBookPages 300Rating 4 StarsGenre Contemporary RomanceFind this book on | Barnes Noble

  8. Red Cheeks Reads Red Cheeks Reads says:

    Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines is the third book out in the Rock Canyon Series by Codi Gary I love this fun sexy series and can never get enough of their antics Codi Gary writes a story that is both emotional and fun all at the same time I deeply felt for Valerie and could easily identify with the troubles she was going through and why it was so hard for her to let love inIt's not easy being known as one of Those Willis Girls When your dad is a prominent citizen and well respected and you and your sisters act like normal fun loving young women it's easy to get an undeserved reputation Add a public divorced toppled with lies and a town gossip all to happy to spread them and you will have a very unhappy and untrusting woman This is the situation that Valerie finds herself in at the young age of 26 After trying to live to make her father happy she is finally gonna live to make herself happyJustin is the man that Valerie spent one innocent night with in her teen years that she could feel an instant pull towards him He was in town on leave from the Marines and when they met sparks just fly So what's the problem his dad is not only a drunk but the enemy of Valerie's father and when her dad found out about their one night he shipped Valerie off and she never saw Justin againYears later fate has brought them both back to Rock Canyon and when he knows the spark they once felt is still there Justin is not giving up so easily this time even if Valerie is swearing off love and relationships Can these two get past all the baggage their fathers have installed in their life to give that true once in a lifetime kind of love a chance?I had so much fun reading this book Although the issues in the book were heartbreaking and emotional the characters were so much fun and so well written I couldn't put it down I have never read a book by Codi I didn't love but I think this one might be my absolute favorite so far The story was great the characters well developed and the sex was HOT Codi Gary's Rock Canyon series is definitely one I would recommend to anyone although this can easily be read as a standalone toomiranda

  9. Kim Kaschak Kim Kaschak says:

    I really enjoyed Bad Girls Don't Marry Marines This is the 3rd book in the Rock Canyon romance series All 3 of the books are very good and are stand alone You don't have to read them but I think you shouldThis book is about Justin and Val They had a night 10 years ago and Justin has never forgotten her He is home now for good after serving in the military Val remembers that night also but in the 10 years since a lot has happen to her none of it good Her father is an a and is horrible Val has so many issues because of him However Justin wants another chance with Val and he isn't going to let her father get in the way However he needs to convince Val that their relationship is worth it; that she is worth itI enjoyed their story The other two books are Things Good Girls Don't Do and Good Girls Don't Date Rock Stars pick them up also

  10. Angie Turner Angie Turner says:

    Omg I just finished and I'm still smiling I truly loved Justin and Val Codi girl you done it again and created the perfect man Who doesn't want to fall in love and with someone who secretly stole your heart we he sole a kiss when your were kids? Sigh The story is sweet with enough heat to keep you happy I just have to say I HATE HER DAD lol Vals sisters are ready for a story of their own Loved it

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