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Gold Diggers Gamblers and Guns [Epub] ➟ Gold Diggers Gamblers and Guns Author Ellen Mansoor Collier – Chicago had Al Capone and Frank Nitti Galveston had Beach Gang leaders Ollie uinn and the Maceos vs rival Downtown Gang leader Johnny Jack Nounes In this soft boiled 1920s mystery inspired by actual e Chicago had Al Capone and Gamblers and PDF Ê Frank Nitti Galveston had Beach Gang leaders Ollie uinn and the Maceos vs rival Downtown Gang leader Johnny Jack Nounes In this soft boiled s mystery inspired by actual events Gold Diggers PDF or young society reporter Jasmine Jazz Cross longs to cover hard news but she's stuck between two clashing cultures the world of gossip and glamour vs gangsters and gamblers After Johnny Jack Nounes is released from jail Diggers Gamblers and PDF/EPUB æ all hell breaks loose Prohibition Agent James Burton’s life is threatened and he must go into hiding for his own safety Then the Downtown Gang frames Burton for a bar owner's death and he and Jazz work together to prove his innocence Johnny Jack blames her half brother Sammy Cook owner of the Oasis speakeasy for his arrest and forces him to work overtime in a variety of dangerous mob jobs as punishment When a bookie is murdered Jazz looks for clues linking the two murders and delves deeper into the underworld of gambling poker games slot machines and horse racing Meanwhile Jazz tries to keep both Burton and her brother safe and alive while they face off against each other as well as a common enemy.

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  1. Sarah Sarah says:

    Ellen Mansoor Collier if you’re reading this please never stop writing these I don’t know what I’d do

  2. Christoph Fischer Christoph Fischer says:

    “Gold Diggers Gamblers And Guns A Jazz Age Mystery #3” by Ellen Mansoor Collier is a hugely enjoyable mystery set in Texas during the lively and frivolous prohibition times The 1920s provide a great potential for a most glamorous and exciting setting and this book has effortlessly sampled all the best parts of it Jazz is a gossip news reporter a foxy gal and a fantastic character She is perfect as the sole narrator of the story; a strong and clever woman who can surprise her opponents but who remains realistic for the attitudes of the times On a date with prohibition agent James Burton she witnesses a fight between gamblers that gets out of hand Burton is almost shot which is possibly related to the release of a notorious gang leader from prison The plot thickens as two murders happen and Jazz has to clear not only James’s name but that of her half brother tooThe setting is simply marvellous the characters colourful but not too stereotypical the mystery is well plotted and overall the book is simply great fun

  3. Carmen Pacheco Carmen Pacheco says:

    A great story and murder mystery set in Prohibition Galveston Really solid and interesting Full review at The Reading Cafe on 0829

  4. Haskell Morris Haskell Morris says:

    So far I suppose this could be my favorite one Jazz is working really hard on her romance with Agent Burton Who knows I won't tell More excitement thrill romance? Read it and find out I like it when it mentions places that still exist today Places I know places I've seen visited The beach Eibands where my mom used to buy my sisters school clothes All the streets where I have been and still go The seawall Jazz is still getting into trouble She just might become a full fledged crime reporter one day This on will be hard to beat but I just bet Ellen Mansoor Collier will just keep on deliveringOK I am ready for the next one

  5. Paula Ratcliffe Paula Ratcliffe says:

    This book picks up not long after Bathing Beauties leaves off Jazz and James Burton are at the Hollywood Club enjoying a night out together when someone takes a pot shot at the young Prohibition AgentThen of course the next day is another murder which some Jazz cares about is on the line for It's up to Jazz and her band of mates to figure out who had the juice to ice a bar owner? And what is with these odd coins that keep showing up through the book? Will Jazz rescue her man in time or is he about to be on the hook for murder?I love this series so much fun going back to Prohibition era and seeing her friends as they go off to solve another murder I can only imagine the amount of crime and murder in this time in history probably enough to fill a big book series like Sue Grafton's alphabet mysteries I definitely find myself missing these characters as soon as the books end In some ways it makes me want to watch Boardwalk Empire or some other era inspired book or movie I just love the colorful characters who have so much personality The colorfulness of the characters is that on one hand we have Jazz's aunt who is against alot of what Jazz does in the earlier books in this one she stretches the line in regards to James Burton the prohibition agent and when she dealing with a cop she fancies she strikes me as a young teenager who shows a fun side All Jazz's friends and acuaintances add something in this book each in their own way help Jazz solve the big crime and help her nail the murder to the wall Jazz in these series shows us how she is dedicated to being a hard journalist and not just a society writer Time and again she goes to crime scenes and tries to find out who is killing various people and what they hope to gain with it It is unlike most cozy mysteries where the character kind of gets thrown into the murder by being a suspect In these books Jazz is trying to solve the crime so that her bosses and other newspaper writers will take her seriously in a world where men still dominate the work placeDefinitely a different time in history Also a time in history there aren't many books written about when so many could shed light on that time frame I can only hope others join in with Mrs Collier and bring this time in history back into the present

  6. Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews Leslie aka StoreyBook Reviews says:

    I would give this 4 12 starsThis is book 3 in the Jazz Age Series and while I liked the first two books this book really caught my interest I'm not sure what the difference was between the first two books and this one but it seemed like it flowed better and at a faster pace Perhaps now that James Burton is in the hot seat so than in previous books The action also moved at a faster pace perhaps it was the topic compared to the first two? Either way this book was a winner in my eyesOf course we still have Jazz meddling where maybe she shouldn't but at the same time she finds out information that helps Burton but he is pretty smart too and has things in the works that Jazz doesn't know about And perhaps in this book Jazz and James will finally become a couple? We can only hope since the attraction is there And what about Aunt Eva? Will she will be able to retire the spinster title? And will Amanda and Sammy still be together? You can find out by reading the book

  7. says:

    I loved this uite simply it’s a lady’s version of the popular TV show Broadwalk EmpireThe book is full of mobsters shady deals and dirty policemen and you never fully know who’s trustworthy Jazz is feisty as the protagnonist she’s fearless and doesn’t give a jot what the chauvinistic men around her think; she’s proving Agent James Burton was framed and that’s that She’s greatIn all honesty I don’t know a whole lot about the Prohibition era but the author really seems to know her stuff gently weaving in details without overwhelming or confusing an uninformed reader The characters all have plenty of ‘moxy’ and are well thought out and likeable There’s a constant sense of mystery that keeps you turning the pages with a pace that’s spot onThis isn’t my normal read but I fully welcomed the drastic changed and really enjoyed the entire bookNow where’s my glass of wine

  8. Strawberry Strawberry says:

    I'm addicted to the Roaring 20's era and this third installment in the Jazz Age Mystery series supplies an overabundance of fuel to feed that addiction In other words this book is pos i lute ly the cat's meow Jazz is at her prime this time around using her wits and sleuthing skills to come to the aid of Sammy and Burton both of whose lives are at stake We also get to witness grisly murders and near murders a gangster funeral and Jazz showing her super girly side There is also romance but not enough to detract from the storyline But it was the climax that kept me on the edge of my seat; the author's descriptions made me feel like I was right alongside Jazz in witnessing a definitive moment of the Prohibition era I highly suggest you get a wiggle on and read this series

  9. Noreen Marcus Noreen Marcus says:

    This book is so much fun it should be illegal The third in the series doesn't disappoint but delights The author keeps coming up with fascinating historical Galveston locations to weave into her narrative It helps to read the three Jazz Age Mysteries in order but you don't have to You'd miss a developing romance and how far Jazz has come in her budding newspaper career No one can keep her in the corner not even her Prohibition agent beau James Burton Will he finally learn the secret that stokes his jealousy of a rival who isn't really a rival? Will the bad guys gun him down or frame him? You'll have to call up the book to find out

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