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End of Empires Chronicles of Isambard Smith #5 [Reading] ➶ End of Empires Chronicles of Isambard Smith #5 By Toby Frost – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Captain Isambard Smith and his crew are back for a fifth adventure fighting alien foe in the 25th century British Space Empire   The lemming men of Yullia are rushing headlong towards the cliffs of d Empires Chronicles PDF/EPUB ¼ Captain Empires Chronicles of Isambard eBook Ò Isambard Smith and his crew are back for a fifth adventure fighting alien foe in the th century British Space Empire   End of PDF/EPUB or The lemming men of Yullia are rushing headlong towards the cliffs of destiny and they intend to take the British Space Empire with them of Empires Chronicles PDF/EPUB Â When moral fiber clashes with lemming spirit only one thing is certain—surrender is no longer of Empires Chronicles of Isambard PDF \ an option In the back streets of Ravnavar greatest of Empires Chronicles of Isambard PDF \ planet of the Space Empire revolution stirs Someone will have to go deep undercover take on the robot underworld and reveal what lies behind the mysterious Popular Front Worst of all Major Wainscott—commando and nudist—has gone renegade in the most dangerous jungle in the galaxy Someone will have to travel upriver terminate Wainscott's command and make him put some trousers on That someone is Isambard Smith Once Smith and his crew must leap into action civilize the galaxy and force legions of angry rodents to stop their nonsense at once Smith is destined to topple a mighty empire The only uestion is—whose empire will it be.

About the Author: Toby Frost

Empires Chronicles PDF/EPUB ¼ Toby Empires Chronicles of Isambard eBook Ò Frost studied law and currently works as a legal journalist Unable to become Great Britain's foremost space explorer he wrote the Space End of PDF/EPUB or Captain Smith series a set of six comedies about intrepid galactic explorer Isambard Smith and his barely competent crewToby has also written short stories of Empires Chronicles PDF/EPUB Â and the novel Straken for Black Library set in the Warhammer universeHe has recently of Empires Chronicles of Isambard PDF \ start.

10 thoughts on “End of Empires Chronicles of Isambard Smith #5

  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    Well I have finally finished this book I will be the first to say however that the time taken to read it is by no means a reflection of the book I will admit that i struggled to get in to the storyline and it didnt uite have the same level of irreverence to so many science fiction genres and famous stories as the earlier books but it finds its way back and by the end of it its back on its chaotic disrespectful and totally hilarious tracks again No the reason why I struggled so much was that I was struggling with reading I am not sure how many others get that way but from time to time i get to the point where i have no interest in even picking up a book let alone wanting to invest large portions of my time to reading but like all things they too shall pass and i am not back in the pages on my chosen books and loving it And so back to the book its been some time since the release of the previous book and I think that too has played a part on why i struggled to connect with the characters to start with but soon the usual chaos and word play kick in and then the fun really starts I think for anyone planning on reading this book I sat hang on in there it needs time to get to the right pace but once there it is note than able to hold its own Lets hope we do not have to wait so long for the next one

  2. Dex Dex says:

    The book starts off as Apocalypse Now and arrives at something like the climatic Battle of Minas Tirith via Carry on up the Khyber And all set in the 25th Century of the Great British Space Empire Yep it's a must read for the puns geek culture references and sepia tinted Victoriana Read in wonder at the cliff edge suspense that does involve lemmingsAnd who would have thought Space Captain Smith had a penchant for Rhianna dressed up as the Bronte Sisters? Yep all of them In this volume even the Hamster Gerald gets off the boat And as we all know from Apocalypse Now Never get off the boatI read this book on my regular London tube commute and damn me and damn the clear breach of tube etiuette but parts made me smile out loud I doubt any other passengers noticed though And I am home in time for tea Well coffee actually but then I am a wild colonial boy

  3. Ben Ben says:

    I think I am probably done with this series It has been steadily slipping but the humour has been good enough to be enjoyable Here the plot was all over the place the first part of the book being a pastiche of Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness or perhaps the film Apocalypse Now on which it was based After that it goes all Raiders of the Lost Ark and turns into a bit of a damp suib There are still some funny bits but the novelty factor has worn off

  4. T.S. Williams T.S. Williams says:

    Smith strikes againCup of tea? Space Captain Smith has repeatedly entertained since the first one nearly ten years ago This one isn't uite as bracingly funny as the original but is a worthy addition to the series

  5. Tom Tom says:

    Will the mayhem and puns never end? I hope not

  6. Chris Amies Chris Amies says:

    I am a complete sucker for Apocalypse Now and so when I saw that this the latest of Toby Frost's Space Captain Smith adventures riffed heavily on that excellent film and on Conrad's heart of Darkness which inspired it I was of course going to go and buy the bookPleased I did His little band of adventurers plucky but slightly nonplussed Smith Proud Warrior Race guy Suruk Polly the biscuit loving 'artificial person' pilot the hippie psychic and Smith's girlfriend Rhianna and the hamster are off to jungle enshrouded Ravnavar where half tameable dinosauroids lumber around and the world is at war with the Yull better known as the lemming men a despicable race who eschew the warrior code that brings together human and M'lak in favour of an attitude best described as 'kill 'em all' The humans and the M'lak are former enemies who both now side with a renewed British Empire whose mission to 'civilise' entire worlds may seem dubious but Smith at least sees it as an end to war not a reason for itSmith's original task here is to travel up country and terminate the command of one Major Wainscott who has gone bush and set up his own kingdom although he brings back a chastened and generally receptive Wainscott less Kurtz than Lt Colonel Kilgore I love the smell of bacon in the morning? so who is actually the Kurtz figure? This is for later in the book and is effective when it does appear Then there are the natives the eu'i yes they are as they sound although another layer is added by reference to an infamous novel and author of the early 20th centuryI have only read volumes 2 and 5 of this series and am currently embarking on the first one 3 and 4 were apparently a bit of a lull and as the Yull are fought in one of them End of Empires must finish off that story I wonder if there will be a volume 6

  7. Damian Knight Damian Knight says:

    A fun ripping yarn

  8. Mike Franklin Mike Franklin says:

    How can you not like a book that has the British Empire in space fuelled by tea; a war dinosaur instead of an elephant with a castle on its back instead of a howdah a spaceship that’s seen far better days captained by Smith personification of the idiotic British colonial officer – and crewed by his dreadlocked hippy girlfriend his best friend comrade in arms – who is essentially Predator – and a pony loving android pilot who only shows bravery in defence of her blue pony friends? This is a rip roaring comedic romp that parodies films than I’d care to count most notably a wonderful caricature of Apocalypse NowJust because this is comedy don’t make the mistake of thinking it won’t be well written It has a wonderfully comic plot and what is for a relatively short book a fairly large cast each of whom has their own character and distinctive voice You really can’t help but like them all; even the psychotic lemming man antagonistI’ve enjoyed all of Frost’s wonderfully irreverent Space Captain Smith books but I think this one has nudged out in front of the others Huge fun that had me chuckling throughout and occasionally laughing out loud

  9. Rhoda Baxter Rhoda Baxter says:

    If you're looking for a sensible review stop reading now and go have a cup of tea insteadAfter a couple of slightly wobbly books this one is getting back to form The jokes are a little subtle but then they'd have to be by book 5 right? Some of them were brilliant and made me chuckle out loud The whole business was Carveth and the E'ui was brilliant Friendship is indeed MagicThe Yull are a good enemy Not as funny as Gertie but much better than the Edenites I also liked the dinosaurs and it's good to see Rhianna being usefulA worthy addition to the canon Certainly an entertaining read to accompany the tea and tiffin Well done that man

  10. Tom Tom says:

    Another enjoyable blood soaked odyssey through the British Space Empire with Smith and his oddball crew as they continue the fight against the Yull and other miscreants Carveth comes into her own in this novel of course Rhianna Suruk and Smith never fail to amusePlus the mad usually half dressed Major Wainscott and his team of commandos going crazy adds another enjoyable element Well worth a read

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