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Surveillance Lucy Bengstrom Had Always Dreamed Of Living In Seattle From Her Remote Childhood Home, It Seemed An Oz A City Of Possibilities And Fantastic, Distant Pleasures But Now, In 2005, Living Alone With Her Eleven Year Old Daughter Alida, Things Seem Less Clear Cut Post 9 11, The Promise Of Homeland Security And The Implication Of Severe Vulnerability Are Closely Bound Together When Lucy Is Asked To Write About August Vanagas, A Reclusive International Bestselling Author, Lucy Becomes Intrigued By His Story His Memoir Of His Childhood As An Orphaned Boy Adrift In Europe During The Second World War Seems To Reveal The Most Painful Of Truths But The She Learns, The Questions She Has.To Alida S Generation Plugged Into IPods, Used To Having Their Lives Watched And Documented The Virtual World Is As Important If Not So Than The Real One She And Her Schoolfriends Defer To The Geek, Giving Him Muffins And Doughnuts In Exchange For His Knowledge Of Writing Computer Codes That Promise Make Their Websites Ever Cooler Struggling To Interpret Her World, Alida Gathers Information About Her Family And Friends In The Hope She Can Develop A Human Algebra Which Will Help Make Sense Of The Way People Are.Tad Lives In The Same Apartment Block As Lucy And Alida He S An Out Of Work Actor And An Activist, Driven To Earn Money By Taking Part In Government Sponsored Mock Terrorist Attacks Staged In The City Disenchanted By The US Administration And All It Stands For, He Spends Sleepless Nights Surfing The Internet, Tracking News Stories Around The World, Trying To Pin Down A Nugget Of Truth In A Vast Sea Of Propaganda.Who Can You Trust When The Lines Between Fact And Fiction Become So Blurred

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    I have been putting off writing this review while trying to figure out whether I actually liked this book or not I am still undecided and haven t reached a conclusion.This, by the way, seems to me to be the main focus of this book As other post 9 11 books it deals with surveillnce, the limits of freedom, the 21st century habit of everyone spying on everyone, but the most original issue this book touches is the impossibility to reach conclusions We have so much information that, ironically, we can t get to the bottom of things because they are too complex to be just black or white.All the characters of Surveillance show a whole spectrum of attitudes but Lucy seems to be the only one that got it right she admits she doesn t know, she is somewhat in t...

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    Let me point out a few of the things I liked before I address the big problem s The writing itself was really nice, dealing with complex issues so that the average reader could understand it, but not spelling it out to make you feel dumb The characters, while not completely developed, all had flaws and than one demension to them, thus helping you become invested in them.Now with that out of the way let me talk about the problem, which I think can be covered by one thing The book was very underdeveloped, it was not flushed out enough I m saying that despite the acting not really starting to pick up until the latter half of the book The entire first half I kept asking myself, What s the point There was really no clear conflict, rather several small ones lazily floating around The only main idea I could pull out was the idea of security and where it really lay What could really make someone safe There were a lot of little plots running around, none ever really coming into full light and being addressed And I didn t feel that any of the feeble conflicts that did come up were ever properly resolved, especially the ending which was so abrupt and out of the blue especia...

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    I thought this novel was extraordinary Every layer, every piece, fit together tightly even the ending, which, if you read carefully, makes perfect sense More than one character refers to natural disasters, and the themes of infrastructures and what lurks beneath the surface run throughout And the combination of earthquake and tsunami bring together the earth and water themes.The novel isn t science fiction, and it s not political commentary It s about narration, about how we observe and read and devise stories about ourselves and others So Minna, the only character who doesn t construct narratives of various types, is left questioning at the end unlike other characters, who devise stories, speculations, and theories, and unlike us, the readers who have been surveilling the various characters and their narratives, Minna won t speculate on what happens next By the end of the nov...

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    I really dig Jonathan Raban and I really dug this book Strong plotline, well developed characters and contemporary themes post 9 11 security paranoia and the ironic interplay between the land of the free and the land of continuous surveillance and control But are these ideas what they seem I think not My personal view is that Jonathan Raban is not preaching about civil liberties and the implication that America is a totalitarian state at all He is telling it very much in the third person And what is the character in third person providing the surveillance state messaging is engaged in some dodgy surveillance himself No the real...

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    Finished reading this book last night What a letdown Struggled through the first hundred pages of wooden characters and political cant, finally found my footing for the next 140 pages as the plot threads unfurled, got interested in what would happen, and thenBam Raban pulls the rug out from under my feet Not a surprise ending an abdication of authorial duty Had he...

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    Library Book Club It was suppose to be a possible alternative future since 9 11 This book no longer felt as topical since Osama Bin Laden s death occurred while I was reading the book It is because the homeland security debates are still going strong on the hill I was halfway through when I realized that nothing was happening and they only thing the...

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    Drivel After some effort because it was a Raban book I persevered as far as page 33 Raban should stick to what he is good at travel writing This fictional work is written in Raban s Americanism, and neither his fiction, his words or his story rate reading.

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    Too formulaic and didactic Half the time I felt like I was reading some scare op ed piece about the surveillance state created since 9 11 Not nearly entertaining enough to put up with being hit over the head with that over over.

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    Good development of character keep me pushing through Shouldn t have to push your way through a book Initial promise fades into efforted disappointment.

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    First off, this wasn t at all the book I was expecting it to be Can t remember where I came across it on some internet site but the way it was referenced was Forget Orwell s 1984, read Jonathan Raban s Surveillance So I bought it off expecting it to be some kind of dystopian near future nightmare world or at the very least, some kind of protagonist caught up in some kind of espionage tip of the ice berg type plot.Needless to say, this is not that book And at first I was disappointed by this, but then as the book went on I grew to really like it There was a nice subtle way in which the Surveillance culture, born out of post 9 11 paranoia, permeated the world of the book and which seemed to fuel the way all the characters in some way or another, distrusted and surveilled each other.The characters themselves also felt very real and very likable, and as it was I was really enjoying it as a simple tale about these people and their simple life struggles.Then that fucking ending comes along Honestly, I don t know what to make of it Started skimming a couple of reviews before starting this book, but quickly stopped as I immediately got the sense that the book has something of an inconclusive endin...

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