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I Saw Water ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ I Saw Water By Ithell Colquhoun ✩ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Ithell Coluhoun 1906 1988 is remembered today as a surrealist artist writer and occultist Although her paintings hang in a number of public collections and her gothic novel Goose of Hermogenes 1961 re Ithell Coluhoun is remembered today as a surrealist artist writer and occultist Although her paintings hang in a number of public collections and her gothic novel Goose of Hermogenes remains in print critical responses to her work have been severely constrained by the I Saw Epub / limited availability of her art and writings The publication of her second novel I Saw Water presented here for the first time together with a selection of her other writings and images many also previously unpublished marks a significant step in expanding our knowledge of Coluhoun's workComposed almost entirely of material assembled from the author's dreams I Saw Water challenges such fundamental distinctions as those between sleeping and waking the two separated genders and life and death It is set in a convent on the Island of the Dead but its spiritual context derives from sources as varied as Roman Catholicism the teachings of the Theosophical Society Goddess spirituality Druidism the mystical abalah and NeoplatonismThe editors have provided both an introduction and explanatory notes The introductory essay places the novel in the context of Coluhoun's other works and the cultural and spiritual environment in which she lived The extensive notes will help the reader with any concepts that may be unfamiliar.

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  1. S̶e̶a̶n̶ S̶e̶a̶n̶ says:

    Highly symbolic and dense with allusions Ithell Coluhoun’s occult novel I Saw Water follows the narrator Sister Brigid aka Ella as she moves toward her ‘second death’—a Theosophical concept whereby a person’s astral body lives on for a time after death eventually fading until the second death at which point the soul moves on to occupy another body thus completing the cycle of reincarnation As with Coluhoun’s novel Goose of Hermogenes therefore this is a journey based novel with the names of the chapters corresponding to figures within the geomantic system of divination The figures are used to provide continuing insight into the characters’ individual situations psychological states and progress in their journeysSister Brigid is cloistered in the pagan leaning Roman Catholic Ianua Vitae Convent on the Island of Death here identified as Ménec off the coast of Brittany France She of course is dead as is everyone else who arrives on the island including her cousin Charlotte whose story unfolds in reverse a techniue used by Coluhoun to emphasize the cyclical nature of death rebirth and life Over the course of the novel Brigid Charlotte and all of the other characters slowly come to realize what is happening to them In the meantime confusion is commonplace a state effectively conveyed through the use of oneiric seuences a favored techniue of Coluhoun’s which she also employs in Goose These narrative shifts into near verbatim dream transcriptions are fairly easy to identify although they are also on occasion indicated as such in the book's copious endnotesWithout prior knowledge of Coluhoun’s Christian background her extensive appropriation of Catholic imagery and traditions in a novel of decidedly non Christian concepts might seem bewildering What she appears to be doing though is crafting her own personal hybrid occult mythology Unfortunately although the notes than adeuately address the many allusions the proliferation of such references can weigh down the narrative for those of us who need to freuently flip to the back of the book Without the resulting discovery of Coluhoun’s subtext however the novel would be much less palatable Unlike Goose it lacks the consistent urgency and momentous seuences that permit a reader to enjoy that novel without a thorough understanding of the symbolism I will note also that this is a case where reading the introduction first does enhance the reading of the work itselfThough it may be of less interest to casual readers of occult fiction than Goose this book is still a worthwhile read particularly for those interested in Coluhoun as a writer and occult figure It just documents a much different kind of journey than Goose does The central character is older and farther along in her spiritual development She is wiser—less wide eyed though no less willing to embrace new experiences The narrative arrives at a graceful satisfactory close and it is one of those endings that prompts one to turn back and re examine the path that led to it

  2. Robin Tobin (On the back porch reading) Robin Tobin (On the back porch reading) says:

    Words can’t do this book justice

  3. K. K. says:

    Star sapphire pearl civet myrrh cypress Silver belladonna opium poppyLeft cerebrum larynx Plane circle oval diamond trianglePhilosophical salt Jupiter as metal

  4. Justin Justin says:

    The narrators tone was a bit cold for me but I imagine that this won't be shared by many readers

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