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Cheating to Survive [Download] ➺ Cheating to Survive ➿ Christine Ardigo – Can Cheating on Your Husband Bring Unimaginable Pleasure or Completely Destroy Your World To her three daughters Heather is a fun loving silly mom Her co workers at Norlyn Plains Hospital think she ha Can Cheating on Your Husband Bring Unimaginable Pleasure or Completely Destroy Your World To Cheating to MOBI :Ê her three daughters Heather is a fun loving silly mom Her co workers at Norlyn Plains Hospital think she has it all including a handsome lawyer husband But when a flirtatious new doctor chooses Heather to spend his down time with he reminds her of the man she regrettably gave up so many years before Each interaction breathes new life into her and she gives in to the doctor’s seductions threatening her fifteen year marriage Her co workers Victoria and Catherine are stunned by her actions but when they see the positive transformation in Heather and uestion their own crumbling marriages they wonder if she has the right idea Can cheating on their husbands bring the three of them happiness Or will they be destroyed by the conseuences.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 296 pages
  • Cheating to Survive
  • Christine Ardigo
  • English
  • 10 July 2016

About the Author: Christine Ardigo

Christine Ardigo is a Registered DietitianPersonal Trainer who writes contemporary romance novels in her Cheating to MOBI :Ê spare time When weight lifting rock climbing white water rafting and jumping out of airplanes wasn’t enough she decided to fulfill a dream she had as a child to write a book She's lived in New York her entire life and can’t imagine living anywhere else She has the beaches the bay and.

10 thoughts on “Cheating to Survive

  1. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    The story line is fierce and intimate The details are raw and accurate I was amazed at the style in which this author chose to use in the plots of this book If you want hot goodness this is the book for your eyes to feast on I love that it gets into your mind and has you really thinking even after you finish it I would love to own this as a physicalprint copy for my home library and also to share I highly recommend this book to anyone with a taste for passion and truth

  2. Teri Grabowski Teri Grabowski says:

    Cheating to Survive by Christine Ardigo is a well written realistic plot with well defined characters I enjoyed getting to know the characters and the why’s of what transpired throughout the book I found myself enthralled into each of the women’s lives Knowing that of course cheating isn’t right but while reading I could definitely understand the reasoning behind the why’s for these women I felt compassion for the characters yet it was full of humor and had me laughing out loud it definitely made me think I found myself unable to put the book down wanting to read I look forward to the next book I loved this book and I would definitely recommend it it’s a fast enjoyable read

  3. Robyn Roze Robyn Roze says:

    As an almost fifty year old woman myself I thoroughly enjoyed reading a book that included the POVs of three women at different stages in their family lives careers parenting and marriages I could relate on some level with each of these women even though all three characters were distinct in their personalities flaws and strengths The author did a terrific job of carving these characters out and making them three dimensional with the variety of obstacles each faced at work and at homeThe issues and resolutions for all three women are uite different We have Heather who just plain married the wrong man from the beginning We find out that every five years she runs into the man she should've married and no he's not the one she cheats with Then there's Victoria who is at the thirty year mark for her marriage She and her husband have changed drifted apart a potential issue in any long term relationship She's progressed in life matured and he's remained in the past basically unchanged from high school Finally we have Catherine who is the youngest in the story with three young children and a husband that doesn't seem to understand her but we find she doesn't even understand herself so how can he?The scene that tugged the hardest at my emotions was near the end when we really hear Catherine's husband speak from the heart Peter paints the picture of their relationship from his vantage point starting with when they first met many years earlier still remembering what she was wearing that night and progressing to the present where they seem to have lost each other somewhere along the way His words rang true felt real and made me like him made me empathize with him and hope that they could work out their issues and move forward togetherDon't let the title fool you Cheating to Survive does not glamorize infidelity Rather it explores how these three women have gotten to the point in their lives and marriages where cheating seems like a viable option Let's face it like it or not there's a lot of infidelity in the real world And I think the author did a fantastic job of exploring the reasons for it and the fall out from it for Heather Victoria and CatherineWell done Christine Ardigo

  4. Jennifer Theriot Jennifer Theriot says:

    SURVIVAL What a Girl NeedsI absolutely ADORED this book Such a great entertaining read and uite different from the normal stereotypical romance novelI could totally identify with each of the characters and I love how the author made sure their lives and situations were down to earth and above allbelievable Within the pages of this book you'll feel as if you're right there in the story; you'll experience every emotion and the story does not disappointIf you're looking for a book that has relatable real life scenarios that will draw you in and leave you thinking that this could be someone you know then this is the book for you I felt as if these could be my girlfriends and I swear that I was right there having coffee with them loving every minute of itCan't WAIT for the next bookMs Ardigo you write it and I'll read it Thanks for such an enjoyable experience

  5. Debbi Robinson Debbi Robinson says:

    The author does a great job of drawing you in from the first few pages I was unable to put this book downIt was so well written you could feel the emotions of each character as if you were there with them Would highly recommend this book

  6. Danielle Rose-West Danielle Rose-West says:

    I was given an advance copy of this book to review by the author prior to publicationThis book is very much a realistic life story It revolves around three women who all work in the same hospital Each one of them is unhappy with their life and their husband Heather who married the wrong man A lawyer who won't support her or spend time with his children She embarks on an affair with a hot new doctor at her workplace looking to fulfil what is missing in her lifeVictoria married young to the man she went to prom with Her children are now grown with their own lives and the spark has gone out of her marriage Her husband pays attention the to TV than to her After Heather admits her affair to Victoria the latter is intrigued Can she find what is missing in her life through cheating too? Then she meets a man at a lecture she is giving and temptation callsCatherine married to a man who is no longer interested in her Her kids disrespect her and she pretty much hates herself and finds it impossible to stand up for herself When she hears of Heather and Vitoria's passionate affairs she is disgusted but jealous Can't she find the happiness they have found? She also soon embarks on a wild affair The book is filled with rich characters and is very realistic I could picture every one of them in my head clearly You are drawn into their world and their worries and fears I won't say how things turn out for each woman as that would spoil the book It is certainly not what each one expects when they first begin their journey into cheating to survive I would highly recommend this book It is a great debut novel by this author I look forward to reading of her work

  7. Sheila Kell Sheila Kell says:

    This is an excellent read – perfect debut novelCheating to Survive by Christine Ardigo is a story that has a realistic plot with well developed characters that draw you into the story from the beginning All three women Heather Victoria and Catherine are unhappy in their lives They have a vile boss and non supportive husbands Their marriages are miserable and intimacy free You come to care for these women and want them to find happinessTo escape the reality of her depressing life Heather embarks on an affair with a hot doctor at the hospital where the women work Her sudden happiness makes the other two women jealous until they realize they can achieve the same happiness through having an affair also Victoria meets the program leader at a cancer research center and Catherine catches the eye of one of the doctors at the hospitalYou feel for the women as their home lives remain on a roller coaster ride They come to a point where they realize they must ‘fix it or get out’ I won’t say what happens but you’ll feel good about how each woman’s situation endsThis is a great debut novel for Christine Ardigo I look forward to her next novel

  8. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    Three exceptional women are married to three exceptionally bad husbands All three husbands deserve to be kicked out on their butts but Christine Ardigo gives us a wonderful alternate scenario each woman begins an affairwith total justification if ever there were any and each finds new things to appreciate about herself amid sexual and emotional awakenings The character development was excellent and the changes that occurred in each woman's life were honest and realistic All wasn't perfect in any of the extra marital relationships and I loved the author's integrity in keeping it real Fix It or Get Out was the impetus behind their actions and each woman found her actions leading her to where she should be Christine Ardigo is an excellent writer who knows how to keep a reader turning the pages Definitely looking forward to reading Book 2

  9. Ashley Ashley says:

    I could not put it down Even in the rain I couldn't stop reading this amazing book and ended up finishing in a day After ever chapter it always kept me guessing and wanting to read and My friend and I read the book together and after every chapter we would call each other freaking out about what just happened This book will expose everyone of your emotions and make you feel like you're actually there with the characters I learned to fall in love with the characters like they were my own friends going through the struggles of marriage I love that even through the toughest and intense scenes the author never failed to make me laugh The ending was my absolute favorite part It got me so exited to read book II I can't wait

  10. Colleen Colleen says:

    What a great book I loved the writing style I felt I was actually with the characters because of the descriptive scenes and down to earth vocabulary The character identifing chapter concept is a favorite writing style of mine and this book handled it perfectly The story lines made me want to get to the next page and then the next All through the book I felt the women could be my friends and by the end of the book they were You won't be disappointed with this book

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