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BORIS ATE A THESAURUS BOOKS BORIS ATE A THESAURUS Author Neil Steven Klayman Thomashillier.co.uk Teachers And Parents Alike Will Appreciate The Subtle And Not So Subtle Ways This Full Color, Hardbound Storybook Enhances Children S Reading And Vocabulary Skills In This Story, A Bou Eats A Thesaurus And Suddenly Starts Speaking In Synonyms Bright Illustrations Bring Every Page To Life, Delighting, Exciting, And Thrilling Children While Helping To Build Their Vocabularies.

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    Summary Boris eats a thesaurus which causes him to start saying synonyms He become very popular and is asked to meet the president and to give a speech Boris discovers something very important about books while in the Library of Congress Evaluation Humerous and educational book for kids of all ages The illustrations are bright and co...

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    Boris Ate A Thesaurus by Neil Steven Klayman does an excellent job of teaching students about synonyms and thesauruses in a very humorous way The illustrations were very bright and detailed The character development was very well done The reader knows Boris in just a few pages

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    For this book I would teach synonyms We would brainstorm as a class synonyms for words such as nice or good Then I would have the students rewrite the story as if Boris at another kind of book, such as a math book.

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    This is a great book filled with rhyming words and great vocabulary.

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    A cute book that explains what a thesaurus is in a fun and memorable way.

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    2nd grade tour readaloud great story about a boy who eats a thesaurus and starts spouting multiple words for the same idea very cool pictures and sure to make schoolage kids to laugh.