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Unexpected Stories PDF Epub Unexpected Stories By Octavia E Butler Bassgrotto.co.uk An NPR Books Great Read Two Never Before Published Stories From The Archives Of One Of Science Fiction S All Time Masters The Novella A Necessary Being Showcases Octavia E Butler S Ability To Create Alien Yet Fully Believable Others Tahneh S Father Was A Hao, One Of A Dwindling Race Whose Leadership Abilities Render Them So Valuable That Their Members Are Captured And Forced To Govern When Her Father Dies, Tahneh Steps Into His Place, Both Chief And Prisoner, And For Twenty Years Has Ruled Without Ever Meeting Another Of Her Kind She Bears Her Loneliness Privately Until The Day That A Hao Youth Is Spotted Wandering Into Her Territory As Her Warriors Sharpen Their Weapons, Tahneh Must Choose Between Imprisoning The Newcomer And Living The Rest Of Her Life Alone The Second Story In This Volume, Childfinder, Was Commissioned By Harlan Ellison For His Legendary And Never Published Anthology The Last Dangerous Visions A Disaffected Telepath Connects With A Young Girl In A Desperate Attempt To Help Her Harness Her Growing Powers But In The Richly Evocative Fiction Of Octavia E Butler, Mentorship Is A Rocky Path, And Every Lesson Comes At A Price The Award Winning Author Of Science Fiction Classics Parable Of The Sower And Kindred Bestows These Compelling, Long Lost Gems Like The Miraculous Discovery That The Beloved Book You Ve Read A Dozen Times Has An Extra Chapter Los Angeles Review Of Books Harlan Ellison And Dangerous Visions Are Registered Trademarks Of The Kilimanjaro Corporation All Rights Reserved.

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    It s Octavia Butler sounding very Octavia Butler esque That in itself warrants five stars That said, in my opinion, these aren t Octavia at her best I found the first story, A Necessary Being , was fascinating and thought provoking Again, Octavia explores ideas of hierarchy, communication and relationships, something I ve always loved about herbut when you have characters with blue skin, I couldn t help thinking of the Navi and Krishna That s not a bad thing by definition but for this story, it was unavoidable and definitely affected how I imagined the characters And that s not really Octavia s fault as it was mine, haha Anyway, this story started off exciting and then slowed to a lot of talking and negotiating by the end And the interaction between Diut and Tahneh felt a lot like the interactions between Doro and Anyanwu and Rye and Obsidian, etc This made me wonder when these stories were written and if some of this story bled into the rendered of those other characters Or vice versa I also had a hard time keeping up with all the names and who was on whose side.Childfinder was pretty short and I wish it were longer I wanted to know about those children It had echoes and aromas of Parable of the Sower It was also seriously pessimistic And her afterword was even pessimistic Especially the very last line of her afterword If you like stories that makes you think and reexamine how you relate to the world and your fellow human being and the fut...

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    I m a HUGE Octavia Butler fan In fact, her books were my first intro to queer lit of any kind and really defined my expectations for sci fi I think she was an unparallelled thinker, and I was devastated when I learned that she has passed years before I started reading her stuff The idea that I would never get a new book from her was maddening When I saw that a new collection of her stories was coming out, I almost cried I was so happy A Necessary Being 4.5 starsThis story reminds me of everything that I love about Octavia Butler Amazing, effortless feeling world building, interesting commentary on gender roles and the concept of castes races, and some excitement to boot I loved it, though it was far too short for me, even at novella length I could have used 200 pages, plus a sequel Childminder 3 starsShort but powerful This is or less a direct commentary about race relations and wealth disparity, with the added elemen...

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    Just two stories but one is a novella And, as the title indicates, these stories were indeed unexpected, after Butler tragically passed away in 2006 I was than delighted to have the opportunity to read anything else from her pen A Necessary Being The title phrase is one often used in philosophical arguments for the existence of a god Aquinas Argument of Necessity However, here the being in question is a tribal leader The people we re introduced to here have a social hierarchy based on skin color The rarely born dark blue individuals known as Hao are considered to have near mystical leadership skills to the point where they re almost treated as luck tokens A tribe without a Hao, it is thought, is doomed The Hao of the Rohkohn, Tahneh, has no heir In such a case, tradition demands that the tribe capture a Hao by force and compel their leadership.This story is one that no Butler fan can miss It deals with many of the themes she s best known for and presents challengingly alien scenarios with both delicacy and strength In the end, although the situation and society we are shown is bleak, the story is powerfully uplifting and hopeful showing the possibility of a better way for humanity as well as the alien people we meet here.I d say this is among the best short work of Butler s Childfinder This is the...

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    It is such an emotional experience to receive these stories so long after Octavia s passing Like with Zora Neale Hurston, being given these works posthumously and hearing these voices again that we never thought we would, is such a tremendous gift These unexpected stories were just that unexpected They have all of the creativity and ingenuity I have come to know in all of Butler s work I was immediately back in one of her worlds without even thinking of how easy it is to slide into writing this complex and original There are only two short stories in this collection but I was initially surprised to find that Unexpected Stories was one of the first things she ever submitted for publication You can easily see the seeds of what would later become her larger works, her intricate and nuanced themes She is incredibly adept at using social injustices as instruments to prism her thoughts and thus grew herself into a speculative fiction writer who s work has widely been known as literary activism She is able to captivate you in a way few other authors have for me, and I think about her concepts far after I ve finished reading With both of these short stories I just couldn t believe it when they ended, not because they didn t have a solid ending but because her landscapes are so rich there is always space for This is perhaps why she...

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    A large part of the reason I picked up a particular Humble Bundle was because it included several Octavia Butler books, including the two Parables, one of which I d read, and one of which I hadn t I wasn t sure what Unexpected Stories would be, but my general theory is that if it s Butler, I m in.Note The rest of this review has been withheld due to the changes in Goodreads policy and enforcement You can read why I came to this decision here.In the meant...

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    American novelist Walter Mosley opens this short story collection by expressing exactly how I feel about the loss of Octavia E Butler and how it feels to find these stories so long after that loss She was a woman who defied convention on every level to give us incredible, award winning stories all of which feature prominently on my bookshelf That isn t to say that I blindly love all of her work But I do love the mind behind them My introduction to her work was Lilith s Brood Contains the complete series Dawn, Adulthood Rites and Imago I became an instant fan and I wanted nothing than to sit down with this woman and pick her brain to find out where these incredible ideas came from Her death meant I could never have that opportunity, but thankfully, others have, which is why one of the books I treasure most is Conversations with Octavia Butler Literary Conversations.Unexpected Stories are than just an addition to my treasured collection They are earlier works, still rough around the edges and not nearly as rich as her subsequent stories, but they are no less impressive for the opportunity to see how this woman evolved as a writer A Necessary Being and Childfinder are very characteristic of Butler s work They are both s...

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    How I wish these were novels.

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    Levar Burton Reads podcast offering.Loved the characters Butler makes her characters REAL.The story though was too depressing for me and it needed something at the end It felt incomplete 1, too sad for me but maybe if I had story at the end it wouldn t have left me so sad, stars.

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    I am thrilled that LeVar Burton decided to read one of her short stories on his fabulous podcast I ve always wanted to read one of her stories and now I know why she deserves so much praise for her skill in writing science fiction.

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    What a joy to find this small collection from an author untimely ripped from us Octavia Butler wrote brave, beautiful stories and thought provoking novels I miss her.The biographical notes and photos are a nice addition here.

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