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Dead Was Everything Download Dead Was Everything Author Keith Smith This Work Was First Published In 2008, In A Very Limited Edition From The Preface To The Second EditionThe Anglo Zulu War Of 1879 Still Intrigues Both Scholars And Enthusiasts Alike Than 130 Years After It Was Fought Its Story Contains Tragedy, High Drama And The Heavy Loss Of Human Life It Involved Five Major Battles And Two Lesser Fights And Led To The Snuffing Out Of The Direct Male Napoleonic Line Of France And All This In Less Than One Year Reflecting On Several Years Research, Keith Smith Presents A Series Of Essays Which Explore Hitherto Unanswered Questions And Offer Fresh Insights Into The Key Battles And Protagonists Of This Epic Conflict He Presents Some Surprising Conclusions Which Differ, Often Radically, From Orthodox Views.He Also Sets Out To Reveal The Characters Of The Men Of Both Sides Who Might Otherwise Have Been Simply Names On A Page They Are Not They Lived, Loved, Fought And Died Some Were Heroes While Others Were Less Than That Most Were Ordinary Men Who Chose A Military Career And Did Their Best As Far As They Were Able White Or Black, British Or Colonial, They Are All Brought To Life And Their Unique Stories Told This Is An Important Contribution To Our Understanding Of This Famous War And The Men Who Fought In It.REVIEWS Smith, A Retired Computer Consultant And Author Of Two Books On The Cape Frontier Wars, Examines Questions Related To The Anglo Zulu War Of 1879 In Zululand He Omits Descriptions Of Most Of The Battles, Focusing Instead On The Battle At Isandlwana, As Well As Those Involved In The Defense Of Rorke S Drift, The Withdrawal From Eshowe By The Second Regiment Of The Natal Native Contingent Led By Major Shapland Graves, The Route Of The Second Invasion, And The Events Following The Withdrawal Of The Second Regiment From Eshowe To The Thukela River Protoview