Michael and Natasha The Life and Love of Michael II the

Michael and Natasha The Life and Love of Michael II the Last of the Romanov Tsars [PDF / Epub] ☀ Michael and Natasha The Life and Love of Michael II the Last of the Romanov Tsars By Rosemary Crawford – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Michael and Natasha is both an astonishing love story and an illuminating look at the last glorious days of the Romanovs and the brutal revolution that ended their reign Based on private diaries lette Natasha The PDF ´ Michael and Natasha is both an astonishing love story and an illuminating look at the last glorious days of the Romanovs and the brutal revolution that ended their reign Based on private diaries letters and documents long hidden in the Soviet archives it sheds and Natasha The Life and Epub / light on an extraordinary tale of enduring love and ultimate tragedy Michael and MOBI :Ê that until now has never been told He was the Grand Duke Michael Aleksandrovich the tall dashing brother of Tsar Nicholas II She was Nathalie Wulfert a beautiful elegant intelligent divorced commoner and the wife of a Guards officer under Michael's command Everything was wrongyet for Grand Duke Michael it was love at first sight an and Natasha The Kindle Ø obsession that would lead to disgrace humiliation and exile Much of Michael and Natasha's story is told in their own words through hundreds of hitherto unpublished letters Here they reveal their passion their joy and their despair as they are banished from their own country bathed in scandal in the courts of Europe and forced to and Natasha The Life and Epub / suffer cruel separation But than a love story.

  • Paperback
  • 448 pages
  • Michael and Natasha The Life and Love of Michael II the Last of the Romanov Tsars
  • Rosemary Crawford
  • English
  • 08 March 2014

10 thoughts on “Michael and Natasha The Life and Love of Michael II the Last of the Romanov Tsars

  1. Manray9 Manray9 says:

    “Michael and Natasha The Life and Love of Michael ll the Last of the Romanov Tsars” by Rosemary and Donald Crawford was not as I expected It was purchased from the bargain bin at a supermarket in anticipation of a light popular account of the love affair between Michael Alexandrovich younger brother of Tsar Nicholas II and Nathalie Wulfert Brasova née Sheremetevskaya Instead I discovered a tour de force of research featuring broad use of primary and secondary sources in Russian English and French The Crawfords studied hundreds of letters contained in various Russian archives and used many additional memoirs autobiographies and collections of documents Their efforts produced an outstanding book delving into the intricacies of Imperial family politics as well as the relationships between the Romanovs their friends followers and a wide array of their European royal relativesGrand Duke Michael Alexandrovich's portrayal was overwhelmingly positive He was seen as amiable honest down to earth but incredibly naive about political and dynastic matters He was a Russian patriot to the core and a loving devoted and considerate father and husband Michael Alexandrovich was one of those rare men who seem to be liked by nearly everyone His greatest shortcoming was in being too loyal a subject of his feckless brotherNatasha possessed a certain magic Every man who entered her orbit fell in love Michael was no exception The schism within the Romanov family over Natasha was not simply the result of her common birth but she was twice divorced This scandalized the Imperial family and all of European high society Although married to a Grand Duke of Russia Natasha was not received socially throughout the Continent But Michael loved her and she him She had beauty charm intelligence exuisite taste and unrelenting tenacity They made an odd but congenial pairThe Crawfords contrasted Michael and Natasha with Nicholas and Alexandra The tsar and tsarina did not come off well Nicholas was a miluetoast dominated by his petty and insufferably self righteous wife Alexandra He had an uncanny capacity to dither on almost any issue and then make the wrong decision – often under her influence She was virtually unhinged by her son's hemophilia for which she blamed herself and retreated into religious fanaticism and reactionary politics Alexandra waged a prolonged campaign against the “immoral” Natasha and indirectly against Michael too She was behind Nicholas' banishment of Michael following his marriage and the placement of his Russian financial assets in trust under the same conditions as those of a certified lunatic The Imperial family's internal relationships were fraught with pettiness and social jockeying Most of the Romanovs agreed on only one subject – dislike for Alexandra and her baleful influence over Nicholas The character of neither Nicholas nor Alexandra stood admirably in comparison to the steadiness and good judgment of Michael or Natasha's vivacity and charismaAn interesting page in the story concerned Natasha's efforts on Michael's behalf after his exile to Perm Twice Natasha barged into Lenin's office unannounced and pushing past his guards to plead for Michael She went to Trotsky in Petrograd too and recorded he was “ill tempered and answered rudely” These attempts were made during the period of the Red Terror when being a titled individual was in itself dangerous Although ultimately unsuccessful she was unafraid and undeterredThe dust jacket claims “Michael and Natasha The Life and Love of Michael ll the Last of the Romanov Tsars” is “an outstanding romance a compelling historical drama and in the end a terrible tragedy' I could not agree The Crawfords earned Four Stars from me

  2. Mark Lawicki Mark Lawicki says:

    A compelling read on a member of the Romanov family seldom focused upon Michael and Natasha is an entertaining book that examines the trials and tribulations of the third son of Emperor Alexander III Charismatic and intelligent Michael unlike Nicholasheld his own among his imperious and overbearing uncles Although gifted with charm and leadership abilities than his brother Nicholas II both men possessed the same degree of stubbornness in their characters Michael led an interesting and charmed life In any biography of Romanov family members it is painful to approach the year 1917 The Russian Revolution would lead to the near extinction of the Russian aristocracy and the death of thousands of innocent civilians The author definitely casts Nicholas II and his Empress in an unflattering light One would like to think after reading this book that European history might have taken an entirely different turn in the 20th century if Michael had ascended the Russian throne from the beginning instead of his brother Nicholas This enjoyable book provides much food for thought and I highly recommend it

  3. Cassandra Cassandra says:

    Much better than I thought Very well researched Definitely an area of history that I knew nothing about My only complaints are 1 Now I need to read about the Romanov family especially Alexandra 2 It’s weightier than I really wanted for February

  4. Mark Gaulding Mark Gaulding says:

    This is a fascinating biography about the very last Russian tsar No not Nicholas He abdicated and his brother Michael was tsar for a short period This is an amazing story and I was struck by eerie similarities to Duke Duchess of Windsor

  5. Laini Laini says:

    A wonderful glimpse at one of the OTHER Romanovs the czars brother Grand Duke Michael and the beautiful Natasha with whom he had to elope since his family absolutely forbid the marriage She was a divorcee and a commoner Their life together was happy yet abbreviated and with the Russian Revolution occurring at that time had to end tragically

  6. Anne Anne says:

    Interesting and enjoyable story of Michael the younger brother of the last Russian tsar and Natasha a beautiful Russian woman who because she was a commoner and twice divorced was barred from becoming Michael's acknowledged wife They did marry but Natasha was ostracized by the imperial family so cruelly that it makes the treatment of Wallis Simpson look enlightened Actually the authors don't tell us what Natasha thought about that affair Too bad it would have been interestingMuch as I enjoyed it I have some reservations about the book For all the detail the Crawfords cram into it they never give us a measured assessment of the two lovers at its center Michael was clearly a highly likeable man but was he as weak as his brother? Had he lived would he have had the skill to survive as a constitutional monarch as he would have liked? And Natasha remains a mystery The authors are clearly sympathetic to her but at the same time they show her being vain selfish arrogant and opportunistic Was she the adventuress the Romanovs claimed she was? I believe she loved Michael but would she have risked her life and fortune if he had not been a grand duke? The authors give us no help thereAlso while the Crawfords are generally evenhanded in their treatment of the other characters in the drama they completely lose control when it comes to the Empress Alexandra Michael's sister in law and Natasha's chief enemy At various times in the book they call her insane increasingly mad if she was already insane how could she get madder? and domineering neurotic and hysterical It makes me wonder whether they had some underlying agenda in writing the bookBut overall an enjoyable read I listened to the audiobook well narrated by Nadia May

  7. Lindsey Meridith Lindsey Meridith says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this read The book not only “told a story” but did not forsake fact for entertainment I could tell the subject matter was heavily researched and that the authors put a lot of time into this story I felt very “connected” to the characters and it was so nice to hear about other Romanov family members a different side I highly recommend this read to anyone interested in history monarchy revolution and of course war I cannot leave out however that I also recommend this for those who appreciate a ‘true’ love story

  8. Kellie Kellie says:

    A bio on the Tsar that never was and his commoner wife Lovely love story with an unfortunate ending It's also very difficult to find biography's on the junior members of the family so I felt it was uite a find when I bought it

  9. Katie Katie says:

    Was very impressed by the Crawfords' work here Extraordinarily thorough and very well written

  10. Laurie Laurie says:

    This filled in some big gaps in my knowledge regarding Grand Duke Michael and the role he played in the ending of the dynasty It was fascinating to finally understand how that unfolded and the conditions he was dealing with at that late hour Truly a remarkable man Like all Romanov stories another sad and tragic ending though I never cease to wish for a different ending which of course can never be

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