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Il mentore ➸ Il mentore Free ➮ Author Rita Carla Francesca Monticelli – Vent’anni fa Eric l’aveva salvataAdesso chi avrebbe salvato luiIl uasi cinuantenne detective a capo di una suadra scientifica di Scotland Yard Eric Shaw si trova a investigare insieme alla detecti Vent’anni fa Eric l’aveva salvataAdesso chi avrebbe salvato luiIl uasi cinuantenne detective a capo di una suadra scientifica di Scotland Yard Eric Shaw si trova a investigare insieme alla detective Miriam Leroux sulla morte di un pregiudicato ucciso con due colpi di pistola uno al collo in uno stile simile a uello di una inusuale esecuzione ma preceduto da uno all’inguine che sembra avere una connotazione più personaleLa sua attenzione sul lavoro è però spesso distratta dalla presenza di una criminologa della sua suadra Adele Pennington oltre vent’anni più giovane di lui per la uale si rende conto di avere un interesse extra professionale peraltro non ricambiatoNel frattempo i dettagli di un delitto molto simile vengono descritti in uno dei tanti blog anonimi sulla rete della cui esistenza la polizia londinese è completamente all’oscuro L’autrice del blog si firma col nome Mina come una delle vittime di un caso di Shaw di molti anni prima.

10 thoughts on “Il mentore

  1. Zoeytron Zoeytron says:

    This was a disappointingly tepid suspense novel for me Guess I'm used to sterner stuff Mayhap the translation didn't do the writing any favors but something didn't click for meEric Shaw Chief Detective He has a thing for a member of his investigating crew a young woman she is exceptionally beautiful of course we are reminded of this several times lest we forget A divorced father this 50 year old veteran detective turns into a timid tongue tied schoolboy when she is around He becomes so nervous in her presence he sets to nibbling his fingernails which in turn made me think of a rabbit or a chipmunk The scenes and dialogue between the two of them comes across as awkward and unbelievable to me There are myriad 4 and 5 star reviews posted for this novel Maybe I am getting cranky in my dotage This was a Kindle First selection

  2. QOH QOH says:

    This was a Kindle First The book has been heavily and favorably reviewed in its Italian version apparently also by the author although given my lack of Italian perhaps I misunderstand why she gave herself five stars; I can't imagine it being anything than vainglorious so perhaps I'm missing some key point The bad actor is exactly who you'll think it is from the start Only one character is likable and is a secondary or tertiary figure at best The best written scene is the one in the beginning and that's a gruesome rapemurder So If that's your sort of thing you'll like it very well It is uickly paced and mercifully short hence the two stars

  3. Katy M Katy M says:

    An excellent readI never put spoilers in my reviewsI enjoyed this book by an author previously unknown to me It was a Kindle First book I got for free as a Prime member Apparently her previous books are sci fi And when did everyone get all hung up on genres in all aspects of entertainment? A pet peeve of mine and this is her first published mysteryThis is a well crafted book that steadily meticulously beautifully leads the reader to the somewhat surprising endWell worth reading I'm looking forward to reading her other books

  4. Barbara Gaynor Barbara Gaynor says:

    Good mysteryI really enjoy mysteries and this was good one A little love in it too I think you should read it

  5. Dan Salisbury Dan Salisbury says:

    Wow I thought I had it all figured outThrough most of the book I thought it was insulting my intelligence I kept saying that this better not be this obvious I now refer back to the word wow nicely doneThis book was laid out really well I feel as though I got to know the characters and enjoyed doing so This book was very goodI am very glad I read it Kudos

  6. Tulay Tulay says:

    Free book of the month on KindleOnly reason I gave three stars was subject was interesting This book is written by Italian author and translated to British English Because story is about Scotland yard but translator didn't know the difference between lie and lay or forget most of the time torchlight but used American English word flash light Did figure out who the killer was at the beginning kept on reading to find out how Eric Shaw was going to figure out

  7. Kim Kim says:

    This was a Kindle First selection in October I’m thinking the story loses a lot in the translation from Italian to American English I could not get a sense of the characters or the setting London at all and the story was both poorly developed and needlessly convoluted

  8. David Highton David Highton says:

    A forensic police story with a twist in the end a series of murders relate back to a murderous robbery twenty years earlier

  9. betty max betty max says:

    Action packed until the endThere was so much action that it was hard to put this book down so I didn't I lived how all of the characters came together and left me wondering what happens next Good read

  10. Constance M Williams Constance M Williams says:

    Page turnerA true page turner with plenty of plot twists I never saw the ending coming A very enjoyable readIf you enjoy CUZ thrillers this book is for you

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