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Scent of Murder ➾ [Download] ➾ Scent of Murder By James O. Born ➳ – Two years after being tossed from the detective bureau for using uestionable tactics while catching a child molester deputy Tim Hallett's life is finally on track Assigned to a special K 9 unit with t Two years after being tossed from the detective bureau for using uestionable tactics while catching a child molester deputy Tim Hallett's life is finally on track Assigned to a special K unit with the best partner in the world a Belgian Malinois named Rocky Hallett has finally learned to balance police work with his family life But Scent of eBook ´ that all changes in the heat of a Florida sugarcane fieldWhile searching for a kidnapper Rocky locks onto the scent of a predator unlike anyone has ever seen Or have they The Hallett digs the closer he comes to his old issues when the case that ended his career as a detective appears to be the key to a series of kidnappingsWhen the trail turns to murder Hallett risks everything to catch the killer even if it means clearing the child molester who drove him to violence and ruined his career Along the way Hallett and his partners learn the true meaning of loyalty and courage as their canine companions take police work to a new level and show that instinct means than training Scent of Murder is a gritty police thriller from veteran law enforcement agent and author James O Born.

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  1. Lesa Lesa says:

    There are countless number of crime novels set in Florida but few authors bring the voice of authority to their books James O Born is a special agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement and a former US Drug Enforcement Agent His novels reflect his knowledge of Florida When Jim writes of the sugarcane fields drug houses and back roads the reader knows he's been there And he brings all of his knowledge his cop humor and his writing skill to his latest novel Scent of Murder He also introduces readers to a special three person three dog K 9 team of officers a team that will be hard to forgetThe Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office includes CAT the Canine Assist Team loosely led by Deputy Tim Hallett and his partner a Belgian Malinois named Rocky Hallett was once a detective but one violent action when he threatened a child molester forced him off the detective unit Now Hallett has found his place working with Rocky the best partner he ever had along with Claire Perkins and her German Shepherd Smarty and Darren Mori and his Golden Retriever Brutus Each dog has their own skills and under the trainer Ruben the three officers are learning to rely on their dogs' knowledge and expertise It takes skill for the officers to learn their dogs' language and vice versaThe sugarcane fields of south Florida are not easy to work with dogs but it's Rocky who finds a teenage girl who was abducted Fortunately the team finds her alive But it takes Hallett back to memories of the case that had him thrown out of the detective unit When his special team is called in to work with the detectives Hallett is convinced the offender he threatened is behind the current abductions of young women But Hallett's obsession could take him down the wrong track despite Rocky's attempts to point him in the right directionTim Hallett and Rocky stand out Rocky has become an essential part of the police officer's life as he juggles his unusual family the menagerie he tends and his work life Hallett is intense although the cop humor comes across in the book But it's Rocky he eases Hallett's tension In fact it's Rocky's relationship with Tim that makes Hallett a likable guyBorn puts his own spin on the police procedural The crime novel emphasizes the danger the dogs and their partners face on a daily basis but also the monotony and boredom that cannot become dangerous in itself Although the story focuses on Tim Hallett Rocky and the sexual predator there are multiple voices in the story including Rocky's It works The style helps to show the multiple paths an investigation can take the various viewpoints of a case Born's characters are individuals with their own distinct personalities And the dogs have their own strengths as well The characters are well developed in what could easily become a successful crime series If you've read so many crime novels that they all seem to run together try Scent of Murder It's a polished riveting story of partners devoted to each other and determined to protect the public It's Florida seen through the eyes of an unusual team Meet some heroes to root for a special unit of K 9 cops in James O Born's best crime novel yet

  2. Carol Carol says:

    Loved it Liked the dogs input too

  3. Rina Rina says:

    Good story Good characters Great dogs Look forward to another

  4. says:

    to you by OBS reviewer JeanieDiscretion is suggested for young adult readers and those sensitive to reading sexual abuse or murder scenescent of Murder is a solid well written mystery in which the author shows the depth of character of the protagonists the loyalty and dedication of Rocky and the other K 9 officers and the obsessed and depraved working of the murderer’s intentions We also see the tender relationship between a law officer with his young son Josh I enjoyed this novel in part because I have an ever growing respect for the use of K 9 officers and for the overall plotTim Hallett is an enigma a man who rarely trusts others It has taken many months for his connection with his K 9 a huge furry Belgian Mallinois to develop even though the well trained yet loyal and playful young adult dog clearly was attached to Tim One of the K 9’s absolute favorite times was when playing with Tim and Josh and he would defend them at the risk of his own life if need be Tim and Rocky were paired up after he behaved in such a manner that damaged the conviction of a sexual predator that cost him his job as a detectiveA murderer was on the loose someone who had begun as a sex offender then began to kill the girls molested Tim Hallett believed that the perpetrator was the man he had arrested now out of prison early due to his emotion driven mistake a couple years before Tim is the leader of two officers with K 9 partners on his team and they work together to try to catch the suspect before he re offendsPortions of the story are told from the murderer’s point of view His or her point of view includes almost no personal information simply the history and his or her view of the girls he or she has harmed in the past We also see the horrifying moments when the murderer changes from the need to abuse to the need to abuse then murder and hide the evidenceTim Hallett is a three dimensional well developed character The anonymous murderer the other character that we read the most of is developed only to the degree that we need to see himher We read of himher mostly in first person but we are limited until the story is nearly complete to learn anything else Other characters are developed relative to their role and how much they are part of the story Tim is very likable as are Tim’s team membersAfter a very interesting opening scene there were times that the story seemed slow but those times were well used to build the plot and help the reader understand good law enforcement work Scent of Murder is not for the most part a book that is fraught with suspense building with every page but there are many scenes that are hard to close the pages on By midway into the mystery the sense of urgency builds to a crescendo that is absolutely unanticipated based on the information learned throughout the investigationOne of the strengths of the book is a brief history of K 9’s including their use in military and law enforcement Understanding the training and the bond developed with the human partner through the course of training brings to life the value of the K 9 and how it is a highly trained officer with amazing abilities While no one dog could be trained to do everything most are able to give chase and catch bad guys and protect their human partnerAnother strength of Scent of Murder is how the author demonstrates relationships between characters through conversations thoughts and actions The conversations sound genuine whether positive or combative and the actions and reactions also sound overall genuineJust when this reader was convinced that the police are closing in and almost ready to make the arrest the ultimate U turn is made in the plot; police just might not be able to get the bad guy on time before he or she strikes again I highly recommend this novel to adults of any age who appreciate police procedurals suspense and mysteries that include K 9 partners The way the investigation is thoroughly completed is impressive and shows the excellence of those wearing the badge and the tightrope they must walk to ascertain that the right person is captured the right way to ensure an airtight case I closed the novel with a renewed respect for those who choose these jobs because they want to see justice done

  5. Joe Joe says:

    Well THAT was certainly differentLikeable characters and a good story lineI'd always heard that some of the K 9 guys could be described as being their own persons

  6. Claire Matturro Claire Matturro says:

    From his first novel Walking Money Putnam 2004 James O Born has established himself as an authentic voice a skilled and talented storyteller a master of seat of your pants pacing and a wisecracking funny person but in the best of ways In other words from the beginning Born was a great storyteller and author So it’s no surprise that his newest novel Scent of Murder Forge Book 2015 is also a great read with its sharply written fast paced plot complex characters and its authentic voice What does come as a surprise is that Born steps out of his usual voice and persona to adopt—at least here and there in Scent—the point of view of a dog Yes a dog Not you understand just any dog no this is not Marley and Me This is Rocky a specially trained highly intelligent Belgian Malinis police service dogRocky’s point of view interludes are few and far between but they add an amazingly wonderful uality to the storytelling This is a book about three law enforcement K 9 partners and their three dogs Set in south Florida but not Miami in and around Belle Glade and Lake Okeechobee with their sometimes all but third world uality the novel moves fast as the K 9 unit and other officers track a sexual predator and killer of young women However they are chasing the wrong person Tension builds as the killer stalks his next victim while the cops continue stalking an innocent suspect But thenno I won’t give it away Read it for yourself Some of Born’s previous themes especially cop camaraderie vs cop territorialism reappear in Scent but to a good purpose This is an excellent entry in the Born collection and I recommend it to Born’s fans old and new And if you have not discover James O Born yet dive it this is a great book to start with and you will want to read

  7. Gloria Feit Gloria Feit says:

    This novel reminds me of the old TV show Mr Ed Instead of a talking horse we have talking dogs And the dogs are intelligent than their human handlers who are K 9 cops There are three on the K 9 team led by Tim Hallett who was booted out of the detective bureau even though he rescued a girl and captured her would be rapist obtaining a confession by an unorthodox methodNow a series of abductions with the victim of one of them murdered leads the police poobahs to enlist the K 9 team in an effort to capture the culprit Hallett is convinced the perpetrator he originally apprehended who is now at liberty is responsible for the present crimes And he pushes the investigation in that direction But it is really up to the dogs to solve the crimeWell having dogs as the protagonists in a crime novel is different Unfortunately much of the writing is too cutesy and having sections with the dogs offering analysis and other observations is too much And various attempts by the author to explain the person responsible for the reign of terror by offering psychological reasons for his actions seem too simplistic On the other hand the novel is light and can be read uickly and enjoyably

  8. Joan Joan says:

    Tim Hallett Claire Perkins and Darren Mori work with police dogs in the Canine Assist Team of the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office Called to assist in the hunt for a kidnapped teenager they put the dogs through their paces and as a result of their success are temporarily assigned to the detective bureau to aid in the hunt for the kidnapper Tim is certain a child molester is behind the kidnappings but with no evidence to support that belief the other officers are reluctant to accept his theory especially since there is bad blood between the officer and the man he suspects Tim becomes and involved in the hunt and when a kidnapping victim is murdered he risks everything to catch the killer This police thriller treats readers to an honest look at the canine team both on and off duty; Rocky Tim’s Belgian Malinois partner even takes his turn at narrating events Plot twists and turns abound; readers are apt to be surprised when the perpetrator is identified Recommended

  9. Randy Evans Randy Evans says:

    Dog lovers will really like this story about a group of three k9 cops and their dogs trying to find and stop a sex offender

  10. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    I received this book free with the first reads giveaway programThis is a 4 star book for someone who not only loves dogs but also appreciates the many amazing things they can do The police dogs in this book are main characters along with their handlers The author does a great job capturing and bringing to light the special connection that people and dogs share with one another This was an easy and enjoyable read

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