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Art ✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Art By Laurie Pepper ✸ – Art Pepper told his sexy sordid and exciting true adventure stories to his lover Laurie who put them in a book She uizzed him and those who knew him unrelentingly over seven years editing and structur Art Pepper told his sexy sordid and exciting true adventure stories to his lover Laurie who put them in a book She uizzed him and those who knew him unrelentingly over seven years editing and structuring a narrative to which she dedicated all her energy Straight Life by Art and Laurie Pepper Da Capo was published in It was critical success and remains a classic of its kind the subject of college literary and music studies Laurie went on to marry Art and manage his resurgent career touring the world with his band Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman was the headline some editor gave a newspaper interview Laurie did while the band was in Australia in and she's now stolen that that perfect title for her memoir Art Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman APMCorp describes her marriage to the deeply troubled drug addicted madly gifted Artist That marriage was the making of me says Laurie Some people go to grad school or join the Marines I married a genius who valued and inspired me and challenged me to use MY gifts We had a difficult powerful pArtnership I had to tell that story She says she also needs to set the record straight and clarify her role People think I was some kind of little wifey saint who rescued him And Art encouraged them in that But he knew how truly crazy I could be We rescued each other.

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  1. C. Michael C. Michael says:

    ART Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman Laurie Pepper 358 Pages ISBN # 978 1494297572 Art Pepper Music Corporation 2014 About two thirds the way through her memoir ART Why I Stuck with a Junkie Jazzman Laurie Pepper plants her spear in the dirt and declares the obvious A uestion I ask myself is if Art hadn't had me there constantly assessing his mood taking his aesthetic temperature would he then have had to push his vision by himself? I think somebody else another friend or lover might have done itBut what matters here to me in my story is that it was me who paid attention and was listened to I played an important part in this and other projects of undoubted value and knew it at the time and was thrilled and am proud now And it is about time Thirty five years after the original publication of Straight Life The Story of Art Pepper Da Capo 1994 revised edition and nearly as long after the alto saxophonist's early death at 56 Laurie Pepper has finally put a fine point on a hard truth though I think she sells herself short in her belief that someone might have been there to hold Art Pepper's hand and accomplish what she did That is unlikely In Straight Life and the present text Art Pepper did not demonstrate the life skills necessary to manage the logistics of the Village Vanguard or Maiden Voyage sessions on his own much less the international tours This is not judgment only a statement of apparent fact It took his delivery to these events to see them through to their success and Laurie Pepper was responsible for thatexactly Art Pepper could have just as easily suffered the same neglect that killed m Bud Powell 10393 or taken the path of least resistance to a sordid end as did m Chet Baker 3578 Instead Laurie Pepper provided an environment where the saxophonist ultimately thrived and produced only music of the highest uality as opposed to Baker who recorded promiscuously until the end producing many unlistenable performances By the standards of today's faux confessional reality television's AE's Intervention or TLC's Addicted tidy millennial reductions Laurie Pepper could have be held responsible as enabling her husband's addictions as well as her own But things were not so clear in the 1970s and the thought of treatment resistant chemical dependency was and is something while acknowledged ill considered and under reported todayno matter how much Drew Pinsky natters on about it What Laurie Pepper enabled was a behaviorally difficult emotionally stunted genius to take root and flower late producing art of enduring beauty and significance This book has Art Pepper mentioned in it but it is not about him It is about Laurie Pepper and what she has to teach us about life on its own terms and that one does not merely wish to endure but ultimately prevail Laurie Miller's story begins with a Sylvia Plath suicide attempt that did not progress fast as desired This ultimately led to her track to Synanon where she was to meet the elephant in the room that would eclipse her in Straight Life What Laurie Pepper adds in her present memoir are glimpses of her Russian Jewish heritage and parents with a serious Trotsky bent when such would have not been so popular Revealed is her daughter Maggie and her abandonment and an ex husband and a slightly off new wife offering the dirty paucity that life often offers as its consolation to an exiled mother who ultimate prevails It is a sweetness that cannot be properly enjoyed but Laurie Pepper puts it into such perfect perspective that it is easy to believe her conclusions later in the book Regarding the Art Pepper sections Laurie Pepper concentrates here on her motivations and fears and how these influenced her decisions and they can be read in parallel with the same events accounted for in Straight Life Her writing is strikingly different from that in Straight Life Again this is because of a change in focus to the person behind the curtain in Oz rather than Oz himself and nearly near 40 years of experience between then and now Casual honesty is the best way to describe Laurie Pepper's delivery of the conflict the frustration and triumph of 1975 to 1982 But there is no end there Damaged men cannot write this way no matter how bad the politically correct wish it were so Laurie Pepper's descriptions of the aftermath of the saxophonist's death are heartbreaking but not as powerful her all too brief description of her own mother's evaporation to Alzheimer's disease After caring for Art Pepper at the end of his life Laurie Pepper sounds rightly prepared for the desolation of her mother's passing Is Laurie Pepper's book about music? Yes Musicand life But Laurie Pepper brings the reader to a level of empathy and understanding that is both personable and amiable and lacking in any competing account It is as if we are having tea with her one afternoon sharing similar experiences in some synergistic way that only like kind souls can During her cathartic coda Laurie Pepper again becomes nakedly candid about her feelings and motivations Reader I'm going to tell you here point blank what ought to be implicit in all the rambling pages that have gone before Everything that has happened to me what I saw and heard and all the ways I felt if I will try to remember them completely that is my wealth The so called good experiences and the so called bad ones are what I have What I am trying to say is that when I write I find my life in memory multifaceted complete waiting to amaze me my own treasure In between the ellipses she shares both an incredibly painful and stark life episode juxtaposed against a youthful innocent and sensual experience finally euating the two experiences in a summation of her troubled and brilliant husband At his best Art found beauty in everything even in harshness pain and violence And in his music if you pay attention you can hear the promise The promise is the moment of a held breath when you know you know it is all beauty and you are reconciled with your existence in this world It is all beauty and you are reconciled with your existence in this world indeed That fair reader is perfect humility and acceptance No amount of pop psychology or 12 step syllogism will bring one there Only self realization The photograph of Laurie Pepper taken in April 2014 by one Hugh Kenny who is a story unto himself if briefly in this memoir that closes is tome shows a graceful beauty still youthful in short hair and overalls reflecting the joy of a satisfied spirit with shining eyes and an easy smilereconciled with her existence in this world

  2. Michael Finocchiaro Michael Finocchiaro says:

    Straight Life which I also reviewed here is one of the greatest jazz autobiographies of all time and this recently published autobiography from Art's last wife and the person who recorded what Art said and actually wrote it down in Straight Life is a marvellous companion to it Laurie truly believed in Art despite his many many many many faults and saw his as a musical genius he was truly one of the greatest players of alto and soprano sax of all time This book offers insight of course into how they met and a different albeit subjective perspective on Art's rough and tumble life and into the various rehab communities in the LA area I imagine that DFW would have loved this had he lived long enough to read it and compare these experiences to those he invented for Enfield In any case a fantastic book to read after you finish Straight Life

  3. C B C B says:

    I'll admit it I sometimes buy re issues of Art Pepper material I already own if I learn that Laurie Pepper has written new notes for them This is almost 400 pages of the same and that's a great thing her writing is fresh intelligent insightful and it reads beautifully She has a true writer's eye for telling detail and conveys events wonderfully She has been talking on Facebook about writing a book about her life without Art and I'll gladly read it too I may have come into her work because of Art's music which I still treasure dearly but I've continued to seek her work out because she's truly got a gift

  4. John Marr John Marr says:

    An incredible companion piece to Straight Life perhaps the definitive jazz autobiography Laurie Pepper tells her side of the story and what a story it was A must for anyone with even a middling interest in jazz or Art Pepper

  5. Darlene Cruz Darlene Cruz says:

    First off the author is telling her story so this type of story is a hard one to give a review so personal on so many different levels but I will try to give you what I truly felt when I read this storyThe author tales of addictions of all sorts to the music of his not hers to the life they lead to the many encounters of fans and friends constant grueling tours schedules recording sessions and don't forget the drugs the next high to high No recreational drugging hmm A saxophonists' career revive the author's pure diligence to accomplish it Art is the saxophonist the talented world renowned saxophonist Laurie breathes Art breathes in her love for him but there's to this story This book opened the doors to a courage take of life the traps and pitfalls but yet the guts to stick in there and make it happen The writing style of wit and humor mixed in the compassion made me turn page after page why? I knew attainable intrigue will follow undoubting depression Come on New York just the name itself you know what will follow for this couple Reading this book will fulfill your mind with an over abundance of drug and music and the arts Jazz session swing session every kind of sessions you can imagine but her perseverance to follow through and continue to follow through is something to be admired Thank you Darlene Cruz I won this book on Goodreads First Read Giveaway

  6. Nic Adams Nic Adams says:

    A wonderful easy to read story of a love that conuered the very many diverse challenges thrown at ittwo people who were made to share the time they did together A story of a genius musician who was also an alcoholic a drug addict and a very needy person and a woman who loved him for who he was all his faults and his needs and wants and the time they sharedA story of their highs and their lows their joys and their despairsall from her perspectivehis perspective is detailed in the book Straight LifeEngrossing from the first page a book that holds your attention throughoutA brilliantly crafted book Laurie Pepper

  7. Sheila Powell Sheila Powell says:

    On the outside looking in we often ask why Why would someone stay? Laurie gives us than a glimpse behind the closed door of the dysfunctional relationship that defined her Brilliance often comes from a tortured soul Laurie Pepper's pure and honest in telling her story

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