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Allure of Deceit [Reading] ➸ Allure of Deceit By Susan Froetschel – A young inventor and his wife die in a car bombing leaving behind a will that surprises friends and parents by directing a vast fortune toward charities in the developing world On the ground in Afghan A young inventor and his wife die in a car bombing leaving behind a will that surprises friends and parents by directing a vast fortune toward charities in the developing world On the ground in Afghanistan international charities rapidly search for Afghan partners to compete for the attention of the new foundation including an orphanage and a health team supporting reproductive rights As part of their strategy to win the new funds the two groups try to focus attention on two particular women Allure of PDF/EPUB or in the village of Laashekoh a young mother imprisoned for murdering the village leader's oldest son and a woman who has a reputation for providing reproductive health care including abortions When they discover that the first woman abandoned her infant daughter and the second has no actual patients aid workers and lawyers scramble to enhance the stories Meanwhile most Laashekoh villagers do not want Western charity and are astounded to be regarded as potential recipients Then a group of orphanage workers visiting the village goes missing and foul play is immediately suspectedThe stakes are high the sums of money are huge and cultures clash All these are motivations for fraud and murder in Allure of Deceit.

  • Paperback
  • 300 pages
  • Allure of Deceit
  • Susan Froetschel
  • 20 October 2016
  • 9781616140175

About the Author: Susan Froetschel

Susan Froetschel is the author of five mystery books The most recent is Allure of Deceit set in rural Afghanistan about how charity can have a hidden agenda and lying is a form of self defense.

10 thoughts on “Allure of Deceit

  1. Jeff Dickison Jeff Dickison says:

    This book had a really bad case of book schizophrenia The parts of the book that took place in Afghanistan were interesting; the parts of the book that took place in the USA with Lydia were just high classed Harleuin The story of an international charity gone bad

  2. Lee Boyland Lee Boyland says:

    The first thing I discovered was Allure of Deceit is the seuel novel to Fear of Beauty and I recommend reading Fear of Beauty first in order to fully appreciate the storyLaashekoh a remote mountain village west of Kandahar in Afghanistan is the center of the story and apparently also the center of the first novel Laashekoh is uniue among Afghan villages because it is entirely self sufficient a village rooted in a centuries old tribal culture with minimal exposure to 21st Century western culture and technology Like all of Afghanistan Laashekoh is governed by Shariah law described as Islamic law by the author Laashekoh and its surrounding land was once owned by a powerful warlord who’s compound is located in a hidden canyon His daughter Zahira her blind husband and an older couple occupy the compound Zahira has studied medicine in Russia and almost completed her studies The author presents a clear picture of life in an Afghan village contrasted against Western valuesZahira has established a clinic in the compound to provide medical services and family planning Her clinic is funded by Paul Reichart a representative of GlobalConnect a charity established in the will of an extremely wealthy inventor Michael Sendry and run by his mother Lydia Sendry Tribal customs and taboos have thwarted Zahira’s good intentionsThe story is set in the post 911 era Afghanistan is a country devastated by the Soviet Afghanistan war the Taliban the US invasion after 911 and attempt to modernize a country that resists change US troops are withdrawing and the Taliban is attempting to rise again

  3. Hassan Siddiq Hassan Siddiq says:

    An excellent book that keeps your interest till the end Vivid descriptions make you feel as if you are visiting a remote village in Afghanistan A foreign educated doctor is sidelined by her community as she is suspected of carrying out abortions a no go area in Muslim countries and something conservative Americans can identify with Highly recommended

  4. Irene Irene says:

    What would you do to protect your family your home your job?Who can you really trust? With the eye of a reporter and the voice of a diplomat Froetschel compellingly unfolds the layers of decisions that bring ordinary people to make strategic decisions remain always on guardReturning to the remote Afghan area of her previous novel Fear of Beauty in this tale an American aide worker with her own agenda visits a secluded compound arousing suspicion Powerfully illustrating how much we are all truly the same with the characters' back stories the story forces us to suspend judgement Each character is fighting for survival protecting family community This way of life reuires cunning and well placed trustFroetschel reveals motives for each character's actions giving us uniue insight into this region its history and culture The reader is led to decide who each is really vying to do good for The agenda is personal the repercussions global The sad and dangerous conseuences of hate greed ignorance make the story one we know too well yet Froetschel masterfully gives a authentic face to the history we are living A beautifully told page turner

  5. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    Beginning in wealthy American society but smartly heading east this tale focuses on aid workers in Afghanistan and the village people who get by as they always have The tale is at times rich with action and tension as aid workers are suspected of stealing orphan children from village communities while a village patriarch is too polite to tell Westerners that they just want to be left alone Of course being left alone would mean that women would be kept ignorant and pregnant just as they always have been so the outside influences find welcome with some than with others A background issue the early death of a young tech firm owner is eventually resolved but the slight suspicions percolate through the ongoing story What I find depressing about all the stories set in such lands is the absolute lack of humour or anything light If a man gets upset we see that his way of expressing it is to run around firing a gun in the air and yelling Nobody ever laughs Humanity has from its early days enjoyed storytellers jugglers clowns and musicians; what has gone wrong with these people?

  6. Carl Brookins Carl Brookins says:

    Murder fraud and greed on a grand scale clashes of culture and intriguing misunderstandings litter the well trodden ground in this novel The strong and vibrant writing helps draw the reader in to a world long hidden from western understanding And even with the recent deluge of news focused on the wars in Ira Afghanistan and Pakistan western knowledge is rooted as much in lack of understanding of Muslim and tribal s Dissecting the motives and the perpetrators of these crimes and the application of justices is extremely problematicalAll of that reuires a carefully constructed well written narrative with characters that speak to us even through the veil of poorly understood history and culture And here it is Add the setting that mysterious –to Western sensibilities—culture of the Middle East and one has the makings of an enthralling novel And here it isThe writing is superb the tension almost unrelenting and the incisive eye of this author is everywhere available This is a fine novel and deserves every rave it will acuire

  7. Doug Olsen Doug Olsen says:

    This book really draws you in with depth of characters and their motivations All is not always as it seems and everyone the well meaning as well as those acting with malice deceives In Allure we see how what’s different and what’s the same about cultures plays out in the interactions of individuals and organizations It gives you a lot think about the place of charity in global affairs This book does a great job combining thought provoking ideas with good old fashioned page turner suspense

  8. Raymond Fischer Raymond Fischer says:

    Susan Froetschel's Allure of Deceit is far superior in believable plot and story telling of modern day Afghanistan than the trilogy by Khaled Hosseini Both her research and character development are also impeccable I am anxiously awaiting a follow up novel with the same characters Allure of Deceit provides great insight to Afghani society and family relationships that are found in all cultures The climaxdenouement is dynamite A page turner

  9. Zorymar Zorymar says:

    A month It took me to finish this book At one point I lost all interest on the storylinewell storylines ones that one could never know who's POV is until they mention the nameAlso I had the idea that it would give me a small insight on their culture and religion but they left it in the things one can learn by social media and newsPs The story line of NY Lydia was boring as hell

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