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Across a Green Ocean ❰Ebook❯ ➧ Across a Green Ocean Author Wendy Lee – In a powerful novel that captures the struggle of the immigrant experience Wendy Lee explores one family’s hidden history and unspoken hurts and the universal themes of identity family and finding a In a powerful novel that captures the struggle of the immigrant experience Wendy Lee explores one family’s hidden history and unspoken hurts and the universal themes of identity family and finding a place to call homeAfter his father's death Michael Tang finds a letter sent to his dad from a long ago friend in China Without a word to his mother or sister he decides to make the long journey to a remote part of that enormous country Once there he begins to learn about the man his father once was and how long ago choices continue Across a PDF \ to echo throughout all of their livesMichael’s sister Emily is an immigration lawyer living in Manhattan and married to a white American Her only connections to China are her family and her work But when a case ends horribly she starts to uestion the choices she’s made Their mother Ling worries that she's somehow driven her children away Though they are living the lives Ling and her husband sacrificed so much to give them all three must decide where their happiness truly lies.

10 thoughts on “Across a Green Ocean

  1. Carmen Blankenship Carmen Blankenship says:

    I'm sorry to say I just did not connect to the writing in this book I found that it did not give the subject matter the depth that it deserved It took me a very long timoe to get through I don't like to post negative reviews other than to say I didn't connect because reading preferences vary so much

  2. Melissa Melissa says:

    This story is told from the alternating perspectives of an immigrant Chinese mother her workaholic perfectionist daughter and her somewhat dissatisfied with life son The transitions between these characters works very well and never feels jarring or confusingFor me the best way to describe this book is Amy Tan light It has all of those things that I've come to expect from novels based on Chinese Americans China Chinese characters mother daughter tension travel to China and a need for first generation Chinese Americans to figure out exactly where they fit in culturally While this doesn't have uite the literary heft as Tan Lee writes in a style that feels much current and therefore I think it would be much digestible for those new to Chinese themed novels She adds details such as what it's like to travel today on a train across China how Chinese view ethnic minorities as well as the trouble with pick pockets and those offering to help you I've read many books based in China and for the most part they seem to focus on the past and give little thought to China in the here and now I hope authors chose to write contemporary Chinese stories As one of my Japanese friends told me Why do Americans only think of ninja and samurai when they think about Japan? Do they think we are still stuck in the Edo period? We are so much than that I think the same about China It's so rare to read anything about typical Chinese people outside of the huge cities unless the story is set in the past I hope the author will continue writing about contemporary Chinese issues because to a westerner it's all extremely fascinating and I would love to read

  3. Laura Laura says:

    Compelling book that recounts a few days in the lives of a ChineseAmerican family a mother daughter and son the year after the father in the family has died It accurately depicts a lot of the unspoken emotion and awkwardness that exists in immigrants families where the parents are of one culture and the children another As the child of immigrants myself I related to it a lot on that level particularly scenes where few words are spoken but so much is said The book also skillfully weaves in descriptions of China during the cultural revolution and now in this period of rapid development I found the descriptions of contemporary China and the reactions of the Chinese to Americans even Chinese Americans in the book totally relatable and often hilarious I'm Asian American and have had similar experiences while traveling in Asia Overall an enjoyable read that will take you to foreign lands back in history and across the very contemporary American landscape of the immigrant family

  4. Candice Candice says:

    I think Across A Green Ocean is uickly going to become a best seller It has all the makings of a big hit For me personally I just didnt feel that connected to these characters This kind of book is sort of out of my wheel house Im of a young adult type of lady and this is clearly meant for what i would call the over 30 book club crowd There is nothing wrong with that I in fact think this book is going to do really well Just for me personally it wasnt the greatest thing ive ever read It wont be going on the favorites shelf But it was still a good book Also it has the frayed pages thing going on and i friggin love frayed pages I hope that little detail makes it to the hardback version

  5. DeeDee Rice DeeDee Rice says:

    A very enjoyable story about an immigrant couple whose children were born in America Due to the father's rigidity and secrets that he kept when he passed away the family was left floundering This is a beautifully written and moving story about how they found themselves and discovered the secrets of the father

  6. Claire Claire says:

    This is a solid book I'm having trouble rating it though because I have a feeling it may have been better if the summary I read beforehand didn't give so much away The book may have had impact on me if I'd learned these plot points the natural way by reading the book

  7. Ann Ann says:

    Actually a 45 rating I really don't know why this novel has so many negative reviews It's a powerful story beautifully written in a reserved uiet voice

  8. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    I picked this book up at a store where it was back with the bargainclearance books It sounded interesting and when flipped through a few pages read wellI have to say and possibly because I had SUCH low expectations going into it it really knocked my socks offIt definitely wasn't a uick read but I found it very enjoyable and really really interesting to see each character with their separate struggles Death is difficult by itself but you get to watch not only how they deal with that death but all of their other things as well at the same time It's very combustible This is definitely a book that I'd want to re read in the near future to let it soak in a little and see if there were things I missed the first go roundI will say that the ending did leave me very unsatisfied I like neatly tied and tucked endings this just kind of let you see the very beginning of the end I felt like it could have maybe explored things a little further

  9. Briana Applin Briana Applin says:

    I loved this book It was hard to put down for me At first I was a little worried I would get confused with 3 perspectives instead of 1 or 2 that I was used to in a book But I feel like that made the book better To me the flashbacks were needed because it gave depth and personalities to the characters They all thought and viewed those flashbacks differently To me that made you have an emotion towards the characters The story was great as well as the character development The reason I gave 4 stars instead of 5 was because I felt like there should have been For example what happened when Michael came home? Did Emily and Julian work things out? How is Ling and Pastor Liu's relationship going to affect the church? Idk hopefully she makes another book about it to tie up the loose ends but overall great book

  10. Cheryl Dietr Cheryl Dietr says:

    A wonderful book about omissions and lies but importantly it is a book that describes the devastating effects that harsh and misunderstood words can have on a person as well as a family With vivid imagery the author tells a story which captures the spirit of today's China in transition as well as the spirit of her past while showcasing China's immigrants families who strived to create an Americanized life for their childrenI really enjoyed this well written book I received this book through the Goodreads Giveaways program Thanks Goodreads and Kensington Books

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