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  1. Jill Jill says:

    I loved this book so much that I kept wondering what the hell was wrong with me every couple of pages

  2. Roy Lotz Roy Lotz says:

    When this book was chosen for my book club I was a bit dismayed The title was not one that appealed to me; but trying to force myself to keep an open mind I resolved to read it anyways At first I was glad I did; after getting through the first story I thought “Well this could be worse” But now that I’m most of the way through this book I take it back this couldn’t be worse Contrary to what you might expect this book isn’t about necrophilia per se To describe it generously it is a kind of literary exploration of the connections between love and death To do this the author writes a succession of short stories all having love and death as primary themes The stories are on the whole rather short; but there are a lot of them It’s hard to know where to start Well for one the writings is awful I know such big blanket statements aren’t helpful so I will get specific To start the author is prone to overusing several mannerisms in his interior monologues; the most noticeable of these is to use three alliterative pairings in a rowWould sadness make her sexy? Grief make her gorgeous? Mourning make her magnificent?And againI wanted to retreat into that pipe dream of progress that illusion of improvement that hallucination of hopeOnce The public could detest my documentaries revile my reenactments gag on my game showsMore generally the prose tends to be flashy and empty To borrow one of the author’s mannerisms the writing is studiously stupid insistently idiotic persistently puerile But besides the sickening prose everything else is off too These stories have no character development hardly a plot to speak of and no drama The dialogue seems like it has been lifted from a bad comic book“I’m just being practical” I said “You can’t honestly tell me you’ll never get on a plane again”“But how can I? There’s not really any way you can prevent hijackings What are they going to do make people fly naked so they can’t hide any weapons on them?”“People could still hide things They could pack plastic explosives in their ass”All of the stories are in the first person; and all of the stories I managed to get through were narrated by young males Further the whole spirit and outlook of these stories is that of a young male—and I mean very young For instead of giving us actual stories the author—thinking himself much cleverer than he is—gives us concept motivated pieces Every story begins and ends with a premise; and these premises all sound as if they’re the product of a bored sixteen year old’s imagination who thinks of things just to gross out his other sixteen year old buddies during lunch breakConsider one of his stories “Terror Groupies” The title sums up the story entirely “What if suicide bombers had groupies just like rock stars?” The story goes nowhere from that thought; and the result is unsurprisingly unappealing Not only are these stories tasteless but they are tacky They have no appeal other than their shock value—and they aren’t even shocking It says a lot that a book promising to explore the connections between love and death managed to be so terrifically dull Consider further the author’s pen name “Supervert” an amalgam of “super pervert” Perhaps the author really is sixteen? If so these stories would actually be impressive—but that’s a big if I'm a bit sorry for writing such a negative review Normally I know better than to read books like this; but I was forced to in my book club and decided to keep as open a mind as possible Well the deed is done Don’t get me wrong this book is not bad because of anything “depraved” or “perverted” about the stories not even anything super perverted This book is bad because it is badly written

  3. Anita Dalton Anita Dalton says:

    You pick up a book that is called Necrophilia Variations and it is safe to assume all the stories are going to be about having sex with the dead But Necrophilia Variations while it does include tales of sex with dead people is a collection of stories of people dealing with the confluence between sex and death The notion of le petit mort is an idea that is not new yet the idea that the sex impulse is closely linked to death is hard for many to swallow Though visionaries and poets like Baudelaire Rimbaud and Mirbeau have tread this ground before it is refreshing to see these sorts of ideas written by a modern for moderns Heartbreaking sickening humorous – this short story collection pushes boundaries and does not just push them for the sake of pushing as I felt was the case when I read Bataille’s Story of the Eye a book I am willing now to say I simply did not get and likely never will Read the rest of the review here

  4. Joe Joe says:

    In parts it feels like an edgy college student taking creative writing wrote it Occasionally you'll find a gem I really do consider this to be a lost opportunity and the idea extremely interesting Two starts because 20% was worth reading

  5. Ted Ted says:

    There is one similarity between Necrophilia Variations and a good children's book a penchant for exuisite presentation The little black gem came wrapped in crisp cardboard with a notebookmark that introduces the reader to who or what Supervert is and does The elusive human behind Supervert 32C Inc was nice enough to sign the tome for me This book impresses from the first time you pick it up because it is very hefty dense compared to what you would expect from a little paperback Dressed in a tux it pops out in the retina of even the most casual of observers as my reading session on a park bench uickly confirmedThe textured black paper that reminds me of the charred walls of Saint Andrew's cave or the dried skin of a mummy is actually the dust cover protecting the white paper back Although I took excellent care of it the cover is destined for a rich patina just like a black paint Leica with white edges and dusty textures starting to show Similar to the subject matter this book needs to be fondled with care Inside my suspicions are confirmed when it is revealed that every aspect is under the creative shade of Supervert And he needs to be applauded for such an effort The paper is top notch with a thick ivory color texture vertical watermarks and a beautiful compact typeface a bit small for my liking but I guess one has to strain a bit for the privilege of reading NV I don't usually dwell on the way literature is presented but this is one instance when it is as much a part of the monograph as the stories themselves and it needs to be said that while this book may serve a lot of purposes a high profit margin at the expense of artistic vision isn't one of them Necrophilia Variations came at a right time for me Besides re igniting my passion for reading I had just kicked my 3 packday habit so the captivating read as well as the outre subject matter help take me away from my withdrawal Although I think I have developed ADD because this review was in the pipeline for months and now it's the first time I got enough mental focus to actually do itSo what is it? Well a simple answer would be 32 stories revolving around “death|desire|deviance” but also isolationdesperationjoyacceptancelossfulfillment the immoral and amoral with an esoteric sometimes philosophical approach and a healthy dose of black and almost every other kind of humor Those looking for a mindless gore fest that might be attracted by the bold title will be partially disappointed As they should be No refunds for twilight fags This book is not populated by one dimensional cartoonish characters that “are into dead chicks” or are trying to fulfill some crappy vampire fantasyalthough one belle has a thing for their furniture sets An urban book I might go as far as saying that it has a New York setting but this is because I haven't visited the place so my vision of it is Gotham with bicycles The characters that inhabit its Universe come across as intelligent and refined mostly introspective who act on lucid choice or accepted compulsion rather than desperation or animal lust They take on a mostly masculine persona and whilst a few are gender free there is no clear voice or depiction of “necro nimphs” although they are alluded to in “How would you like it?” and one can only imagine what the terror groupies do with their prized collectionLike the cover Necrophilia Variation has symmetry It begins with a light hearted necro manifesto A draft campaign who appeals to the narcissist in you;the kind of instance where you would like to be seen as sexy rather than repulsive and be ravaged instead of recycledalthoughin a way necrophilia is the ultimate form of recyclingthere should be a cash for clunkers where you send your dead spouse to be reused and get a voucher towards a high end sex dollbloody prudes But it ends with what I can only call as buyers remorse as the author goes through moral backlash only to resurface in a jokers grin confident in the fertility of the little necrodisiac seed that he so masterfully planted in your simple mind The first person narration is one of the greatest selling points for this book Supervert is able to slip in the POV of so many different minds and consciences ranging from the naive and mundane to the depraved and supernatural No doubt his work at Pervscan where he hand picked and provided brilliant commentary to some of the intriguing aspects of human behavior in the news has made him proficient in the deviant mind than most authors could or would ever want to beSpeaking of the naive and depraved “Suicide by strumpet” sent me in a myriad of cold sweats I've been that fucking guy This young and restless lifeand mind of mine has taken me down Desperation Road once or twice and in my first attempt I distinctly remembered having the same internal dialogue and this similar idea of a lastexecuted hoorah although mine was akin to Fedelein’s party in Downfall And this is why NV could beand by all accounts is so personal to so many because flipping through the available reviews will show that everyone has hisher own favoritesSo personal in fact that I can’t bring myself to craft a “review” of the individual stories I love em allor better said I dislike none which is why I find it next to impossible to comb each and every one and spurt non sense like ‘yeah dude girls do look hotter when their papa dies’But if an evil genie stuck a metal rod up my ass on a stormy day demanding to know mine then I would probably confess to Trauma Response Program which should have been made into a movie a long time ago with Scarlet johansonn as Bibi just so I can see her suirm in that bathtub And that ambulance crawl is etched deep into my mind When you add his on line essay “Perversion and Terror” to the mix you get a uniue viewpoint and attitude to what has to be the most spectacular event of the closing decadeDid I mention that I was and still am terrified of dead bodies? I love grand cemeteries with that air of solemn remebrance and peace but the sight of even a fresh one makes my skin crawl So it will sound odd when I tell you that I had a choice between NV and his other bookExtraterestrial sex fetishI went by name alone thinking that if the author had the cojones to splatter that bold title than it can either be brilliant or shite If you had the patience to read this text than you already know where I stand

  6. Fede Fede says:

    Beauty is relative right Do you realize that that if true is a veritable abyss? Maybe desire is not the conseuence of beauty maybe it's the cause What follows is uite logical if beauty is whatever uenches the hunger of the mind then it can take numberless shapes We ourselves are basically unaware of what could arouse or disgust us until we are given the chance to test our mind's reaction to a new kind of stimulus How many times have we surprised ourselves by doing something that suddenly puts in uestion all our certainties and convictions? Beauty is less in the eye than in the mind and let's face it in the pants of the beholder What Supervert deals with is an alternate dimension of beauty; the opening of a new track in the Terra Incognita of eroticism The finesse littéraire of this book starts with the title Necrophilia Variations improvised arias on the most unsettling and unfamiliar theme one could think of That's what it is indeed a collection of strange disuieting sometimes horrible often poetic stories focussing on the possibly ultimate sexual perversion One can choose between two slightly different viewpoints 1 necrophilia as the furthest extreme of erotic possibilities; 2 necrophilia as the depiction of today's alienation our attitude toward death as something utterly meaningless and cheap to be sold and bought and disposed of The characters are a bewildering bunch of sickos men obsessed by gory photos grave robbers the young necrophile showing an elderly 'rival' his cool ultra modern euipment is just hilarious husbands fantasising on long dead female writers ruthless morticians planning to install camcorders in his caskets for the benefit of the necrophile public all of them are fictional first person alter egos of an author who holds nothing back and never shies away The message these men are carrying comes from the depths of the psyche It's a revelation and a mystery at the same time desire is a labyrinth in which we're dying to get lost says Supervert sometimes we even wall ourselves in for good Beware these tales deal with morbidity and obsession Internet pornography terrorism frustrated eroticism idealised love echo throughout the book as a background a scenery we all are disturbingly familiar with Like it or not Supervert is an excellent storyteller whose merit goes far beyond the intellectual value of his work In fact all of these stories are masterfully written and the characters are perfectly developed; he needs no redundant psychology lesson to portray the cocoon of insanity and isolation they live in but also of deep satisfaction even optimism There's plenty of poetic lyricism too God forbid we should both go to heaven Its endlessness would make us hate each other Better for you to be in heaven and me in hell We would long for each other idealize each other You would rail against God since he was keeping you from consummating your love I would send smoke signals from my pit of brimstone love letters that smelled like sulfur and made you choke Maybe we would even try to sneak off to purgatory for illicit rendez vous Necrophilia Variations is an enjoyable reading experience weird as this might sound The truth is that Supervert is the spiritual offspring of the few genuinely post modern authors of the past decades I experienced a Stendhal's syndrome attack while reading Post Depravity his only novel to date a psychological tour de force as well as the ultimate triumph of po mo aesthetics in literature It took me a long time to recover that's for sure in the meantime I read it again and again and again Supervert's aim is neither to please nor to disgust for the sake of it his aim is to suggest And what he suggests is simple and tough at the same time to think about it To imagine what it must be like just imagine No strings attachedWhat are you afraid of? he asks Each of us knows the answer

  7. justme justme says:

    I've read and seen a lot of sick things and usually find that genre very fascinating even enjoyable so I thought that I could handle just about anythingbut lo and behold this book proved me wrongI read the first two chapters which are available online at the book's website and that was pretty much enough for meVery detailed very disturbing It's not the imagery of corpses that is unsettling it's the mentality and rationale of the narrator that is completely disturbing His way of explaining his attraction to cadavers is at the very least creepy But most sickening is the way he seems to revel in it all musing with a certain kind of delightI decided that the first two chapters were enough and have no interest in reading the rest This is a book that will seriously make you feel fcked up for lack of a better word I recall being almost angry afterwards wishing I hadn't read it because I felt like I had just carved out a chunk of my brain and replaced it with a chunk of crapRead this if you'd like to skew your view on reality morals and ethics

  8. Britta Britta says:

    For people who like all of the perversity of JG Ballard without all of the social commentary and philosophical insight there's Necrophilia Variations Don’t get me wrong— I enjoyed Necrophilia Variations but in the same way that I enjoy a perverse screwed up movie It’s a book filled with dirty fun morbid little tales a man calls in a hooker for his terminally ill friend and ends up with a dominatrix a morbid woman wants to make love in a coffin and ends up snagging her hair on the handle a would be rock star is locked in a mausoleum with his dead ex etc These short stories are punctuated by shorter essays packed with purple prose about the joys of various death fetishes and dreams of a day when no proclivity is labeled as a disease It’s a fun read a sort of joyous and sick meditation on the titular subject but doesn’t go much deeper than that There are times that it seems all the stories blur together all the 'protagonists' sound much the same with only a few small exceptions The book often takes on a luridly sexist tone as women are usually and repeatedly the passive object of unnatural desire incapable of desiring much themselves There's a sort of sly grin always when women are talking Still despite the book's many small faults it's an enjoyable readFor fans of this who want an upgrade to something a little substantive but eually provocative pick up JG Ballard’s Crash

  9. Michael Michael says:

    I can't really explain what it is that draws me to things that might shock my age generation blah blah but I'm far curious about people who aren't drawn to such things Those who speed up at car crash scenes What is wrong with them? A few of the reviews here reflect such a mentality suggesting that NV invaded a previously pure area of their brain and would be flying that black and white flag for the rest of their now corrupted lives But I didn't find any shock value in NV I found it harmonious and normalizing a recount of corpsly love rather than an escape into the brutal possibilities of getting off with a dead body It's not wrapped in latent misogyny It's not masturbation material In fact it is unusually elegant consistently beautiful prose that owes to the styles of pre modernist era and yet feels completely natural in the contemporary environment Just before reading NV a friend of mine sent me the work of John Duncan an amazing US artist expatriated to my favourite city Bologna Uh nb you might not want to click on that link if you have a brain fortress you feel is poorly defended against necrophilic ideas I think NV cracks open the relationship we have to death and to a lot of things that are outside of normal range of morality If something is within the normal range of morality then it is deemed to be free from sex including weirdly sex itself Lots of sexless sex happening out there But anything beyond that range it seems must be driven by sexual deviance Why else would you fuck around with corpses death music literature people of your own gender unless it was to satisfy some brute sexual urge that would otherwise become a monster I think NV is suggesting that somewhere there's to it than that Certainly in the example of homosexuality it's who you fall in love with right? And if you fall in love with a corpse then so be it And if you fall in love with the concept of death itself same The characters in each of the stories tend to stay with death before and after the fucking and the fucking doesn't even happen most of the time This is a magnificent exploration of death and sensuality two things which are unavoidable in all of our lives Not strange then that the reaction to NV seems to have been free from shock for the most part There's a lovely video of the alternative porn actress Stoya reading from its pages while being secretly Hitachied from under the table to the point of orgasm Very different from John Duncan who was vilified by the art community entirely and even had his close friends trying to extradite him to Mexico to face necrophilia charges Seems a bit absurd the violent schism between reality and fantasy but it's probably healthy in the endNV is clever in alluding constantly to its natural comfort zone; the literature of decadent Europe The concept of Dorian Gray consistently surfaces or twisted mutations of it as do references to Bataille Baudelaire and Huysmans This is not death splatter porn so don't bother there's mountains of that stuff It's not even the disturbing soundscape of John Duncan's self debasement It's worthy of its place in the decadent canon of the aforementioned aesthetes as well as its place in the canon of razor sharp cutting edge literature Corpsly Love

  10. Mirvan. Ereon Mirvan. Ereon says:

    This marks my 200th review here in GOODREADS PI am in love with this book I cannot comprehend how much I love this inanimate object Maybe it is a form of necrophilia itself loving a book made out of dead leaves and pulp I cannot stop reading this book Sometimes I force myself to literally stop this book from taking over my mind I read this book like the Bible only some parts at a time because I wanna savor everything it has to offer me I have never loved a book like this I always want to have some uiet time with this book and just read it fantasizing about the necrophile thingies that it describe and just feel tremendous orgasms rippling all over my body I think I am a certified necrophile and this book definitely fed my insanity and favorite fetish I would love to meet Supervert kiss him and let him do stuff on me because I simply love him so much He actually sent me this book because I am such a desperate whoreAnyway just to give you an idea why I am so in love with this book I am a frustrated necrophile i love death and I find beauty in its gore and violence and also in its peace and regal aura I love being strange and weird but definitely necrophilia is one of my most favorite secret joys in life I do not do it per se I just love reading about it and fantasizing of actually doing it for I do not think i can really do it in real life I even made a whole book of necrophiliac poetry because I love it so muchThat is why reading this book is such a life changing rare moments I have in my life I am so thankful that someone with the intellect and enough twisted mind decided to write a gem like this I feel so proud to have a copy because I do not think many people have this in my country I think I am the only one maybe But what I am proud is I love it I will continue to love it and will forever love it because literary wise the book is well written Very engaging filled with with and humor and of course creativity abounds I cannot comprehend that a mind like this exist still This is like a friendly 120 Days of Sodom Supervert if you are reading this please be my angel I want you to become my master because I would gladly be a slave to a writer with this capabilities P You can send me your other books too if you want and I will love them and be grateful to you forever Enough of this for now I am actually writing this review and I am just half way the book I am actually so afraid of finishing it because in my own twisted way I want to feed on the book every now and then because a story or two is enough to make me go into spasms

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Necrophilia Variations ❴Ebook❵ ➠ Necrophilia Variations Author Supervert – Necrophilia Variations is a literary monograph on the erotic attraction to corpses and death It consists of a series of texts that like musical phrases take up the theme and advance it by means of rep Necrophilia Variations is a literary monograph on the erotic attraction to corpses and death It consists of a series of texts that like musical phrases take up the theme and advance it by means of repetition contrast and variation To love someone dead is merely nostalgia but to make love with someone dead is necrophilia and this book is about thatAlthough a work of fiction.

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