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  1. Calista Calista says:

    This is a story of one girls family and a day in the life of picking cotton They get to the fields before the sun comes up and then they pick cotton all day long until the sun goes down They stop for lunch and that is all That sounds like a tough day to meThe artwork is acrylic paintings and it is a little blurry but it does the job of getting the hot sunny days and the endless cotton rows across to the reader The book transports one into a difficult way of life We do see the beauty of the day through the eyes of the children They notice the sky and the clouds and the fact that in a day you spend working all day in the fields there is still beauty to be had It's lovely I think The niece couldn’t believe that people would work all day long like that I told her it happens in many places in this world She was shocked She said this was a sad story The nephew also thought this was a sad story There was nothing fun about it I told him that I agreed there was nothing fun about it The niece gave this 3 stars and the nephew gave this 2 stars

  2. Manybooks Manybooks says:

    With beauty and a sense of both pain and pleasure Sherley Anne Williams describes the typical backbreaking day of a family of African American iterant migrant farm workers who are harvesting cotton Narrator Shelan who is one of the children and all of the children except for baby Leanne must in fact help with the harvesting describes how the whole family arrives before dawn and labours until nightfall to fill their sacks with cotton with fluffy white clouds that might smell like morning and sweetness but still reuire much toil and effort to collect to glean Both poetic and at times also realistically harsh Shelan’s narration is entirely presented in her dialect her family’s vernacular and although especially the phrasing and the verb endings or rather the lack thereof may indeed reuire careful reading for not only children but potentially also for adults reading Working Cotton with or to children this most definitely and appreciatively adds necessary authenticity and colour as a difficult way of life is depicted However Sherley Ann Williams also does in not in any way pass a negative judgment here as while the work in the cotton field is difficult and arduous her characters sing and play are conscious of the beauty around them and are above all proud of a job well done that the father can fill his sacks not only in record time but that there is so much harvested cotton it takes a long time to empty into the waiting trailer Carol M Byard’s accompanying acrylic paintings capture not only the beauty of the land but also the struggle and intensity of manual farm work clearly demonstrating and showing for example that hand picking cotton all day is indeed hot and sweaty work And while some readers might well object to the mere concept of African Americans being depicted as picking cotton in a picture book geared towards younger children Shelan’s family has obviously embraced this way of life doing what it takes to make ends meet to earn a wage Recommended although personally I sure would appreciate and even rather reuire a bit in the author’s note with regard to manual farm labour and farming tasks in a general and pan global sense as this is really an international given and issue for example in many parts of Southern Germany and Austria children actually still get school holidays during the fall potato harvest as all hands are reuired on family farms and thus Sherley Ann Williams' supplemental note while definitely evocative important and educational is also for me rather too limited and not nearly international enough in scope

  3. Alexandra "Alec" Alexandra "Alec" says:

    When I first saw this book I thought it was going to be about slavery The first pages include pictures of school buses which really threw me off This is a great way to show this kind of culture to students who might judge this book by its cover as well The language might be hard to understand for some young children but this also relates back to culture This book could be read in a lesson involving Esperanza Rising and the subject of migrant farm workers especially in California

  4. Bessana Kendig Bessana Kendig says:

    Working Cotton written by Sherley Anne Williams and illustrated by Carole Byard tells the story of a young african american girl named Shelan who picks cotton in the fields with her parents and sisters Shelan arrives on a bus with her family to pick cotton and wonders if when she grows up she will be able to pick even cotton like her sisters The author depicts her own experiences in childhood picking the cotton fields The Author's note says Our shame as a nation is not that so many children work the fields but that so few of them have other options that the life chances of too many are defined by the cycle of the seasonsI give this book a four star rating mainly because it tells a personal narrative that is commonly overlooked by rowdier urban dwellers like myself who are uneducated on lower economic agricultural living situations Daddy say cotton blossoms like any growing thing only sometime cotton don't know when it be spring Cotton flower this late in the year bound to bring us luck nchokengtitiktitikchokeng This uote emphasizes that Shelan's living is dependent upon climate and serving the system in such a way that it takes away from her opportunity and limits her access to other possibilities because of her work I noticed the beautiful watercolor illustrations in this story conveyed a situation that feels very somber into something full of pride and resilience Shelan wants to pick cotton as uickly and proficiently as her daddy and she sees greatness in him This is accentuated in the glorious array of vibrant colors used to depict the people and nature This narrative provokes passion for building eual opportunities for education career advancement and overall survival for people who may feel trapped in predetermined lifestyles This book is about awareness of a community that connects the threads of America and yet are underpaid under appreciated and underrepresented This is not from my own personal story but this book reminded me of Cesar Chavez and his si se puede fight for hispanic union workers to get eual pay for working the fields He succeeded in his mission after a lifetime of peaceful boycotting and fasting but it was only possible because he used his voice to communicate social justice demands This story embodies a similar authority to educate readers on the realities of a very real community of people The classroom connection for this book is to bring awareness to a community of working individuals as a reality of contemporary America to not view it as a narrative from a distant past that has no relevance in political ideas and conversations today Whether a child would understand the political and social issues behind this narrative it is clear that it exposes them to a different type of lifestyle and accomplishes the task of diversification of personal narrative

  5. Kathy Davie Kathy Davie says:

    A standalone picture book that reflects Williams' early life as a child in the cotton fields in Fresno In 1993 Working Cotton won the Caldecott Honor and the Coretta Scott King Award for Illustrator Honor And I thoroughly understand whyMy TakeThere's a rhythmic uality to Williams' words as she remembers her childhood as she pulls you in with that dreamy uality in to Shelan's world to show you what a day in the fields was like The sense of competition between the sisters that need to be like each other and yet not Especially laughing as Shelan wishes to both grow up and be young enough to sit at the end of the row and watch the babyThe manner in which Williams manipulates the grammar and sentence structure is another way to pull you in and indicates Shelan's educational levelI know Byard's illustrations are in acrylics — it says so in the front of the book But there's a feel of pastels about these intense colors the soft smudgy feel of the graphics that make you feel the seriousness of it as well as that dreamy feel of Williams' memoriesIt's a beautifully illustrated and written story of a day in the life of a family picking cottonThe StoryIt's cold that early in the morning although the day will heat up fast enough Shelan notesI'm growing up but not enough yet to have my own sack while Daddy picks cotton so fast that you never see him do it while Mamma sings to while the day awayThe CharactersShelan is the young girl the storyteller; her sisters include Ruise Jesmarie and baby Leanne Mamma and Daddy are the kind of people who should have children God knows that's rare enoughThe Cover and TitleThe cover has an Impressionist feel to it with its hazy cotton blue summer sky and Shelan in her turuoise green dress and brown jacket The title is in a white serif font with an orange outlineThe title is what the day is all about Working Cotton

  6. Luisa Knight Luisa Knight says:

    A story about a working family in the South around the 70's Written in first person with a southern accent to make it life likeAges 5 10Like my reviews? Then you should follow me Because I have hundreds just like this one With each review I provide a Cleanliness Report mentioning any objectionable content I come across so that parents andor conscientious readers like me can determine beforehand whether they want to read a book or not Content surprises are super annoying especially when you’re 100 pages in so here’s my attempt to help you avoid that So Follow or Friend me here on GoodReads You’ll see my updates as I’m reading and know which books I’m liking and what I’m not finishing and why You’ll also be able to utilize my library for looking up titles to see whether the book you’re thinking about reading next has any objectionable content or not From swear words to romance to bad attitudes in children’s books I cover it all

  7. Beverly Beverly says:

    Good story although I wondered why the little girl didn't have dreams of leaving the cotton fields for something better I liked the impressionistic acrylic paintings but not my favorite style of art

  8. Mitchell Mitchell says:

    Caldecott Honor Picking cotton by hand from the perspective of a migrant worker child working with her family Text is okay Art is stunning vivid and big It's a long day and it's captured well enough here to make you tired

  9. Jenny Jenny says:

    A beautiful story of a young girl who works the field picking cotton with her family They are migrant workers

  10. NayDoubleU NayDoubleU says:

    I hated the way the child was speaking I felt offended being an African American Only thing that saved this book was the beautiful illustrationsNot exactly sure what the point of the book was

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Working Cotton ✯ [PDF] ❤ Working Cotton By Sherley Anne Williams ✼ – A 1993 Caldecott Honor Book This child’s view of the long day’s work in the cotton fields simply expressed in a poet’s resonant language is a fresh and stirring look at migrant family life “Wi A Caldecott Honor Book This child’s view of the long day’s work in the cotton fields simply expressed in a poet’s resonant language is a fresh and stirring look at migrant family life “With its restrained poetic text and impressionist paintings this is a picture book for older readers too” Booklist.