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The Great and Awful Summer Reading The Great And Awful Summer Author Mitzi Dale Sarah Is Spending The Summer Working At A Resort, Even Though It Means Missing Her Favorite Soap Opera, Willow Heights Things Get Exciting When They Find That The Star Of Willow Heights Lives On A Private Island Near The Resort Why Is Everyone So Tight Lipped When It Comes To The Famous Actor Sarah And Ellen Find Out Than They Ever Wanted To Know When They Sneak Onto Ellis S Island, And Sarah Discovers That Even The Immensely Wealthy Can Have Dark And Ugly Secrets.

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    I found this book lacking, in everything It didn t grab my attention, I found the main character boring, and the story was just ok I wouldn t recommend this to anyone wanting a good read.

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    Reviewed by Marta Morrison for TeensReadToo.comTHE GREAT AND AWFUL SUMMER by Mitzi Dale is a quick and interesting read The narrator of the story is Sarah Leanne Lockwood and she is fourteen She decides to get a summer job at CC Lodge in Canada There she will take care of the visitors children and do kitchen work The owners of the lodge are Cathy and Cliff Cathy is wonderful and Sarah likes her, but Cliff is a very angry man and is kind of crazy They have a daughter named Cate who is brooding and disappears for hours at a time There Sarah meets Ellen, who is also working at the lodge Now, Sarah and her mother watch a soap opera on TV called Willow Heights They mainly watch it because of the character of Ellis Bell, who is a dreamboat At the first bonfire, Sarah finds out that Ellis Bell and his wife own an island very close to the lodge Of course, Ellis Bell is actually Edgar Linton Through eavesdropping and the asking of questions, Sarah stumbles onto a mystery surrounding all of these characters One that helps her to grow up to be a thoughtful and considerate person Sarah is very believable and the guilt that she takes on, if not in excess, is very normal for a teen who is raised to be aware of other people s feelings I also enjoyed all of the references to WUTHERING HEIGHTS I think one would especially like this book if they had read WUTHERING HEIGHTS or will be reading that book for class I also enjoyed Mitzi ...

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    Entertaining read Reminding me of camps when I was a teenager shudder

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