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Everybody Sees the Ants Lucky Linderman Didn T Ask For His Life He Didn T Ask His Grandfather Not To Come Home From The Vietnam War He Didn T Ask For A Father Who Never Got Over It He Didn T Ask For A Mother Who Keeps Pretending Their Dysfunctional Family Is Fine And He Didn T Ask To Be The Target Of Nader McMillan S Relentless Bullying, Which Has Finally Gone Too Far But Lucky Has A Secret One That Helps Him Wade Through The Daily Mundane Torture Of His Life In His Dreams, Lucky Escapes To The War Ridden Jungles Of Laos The Prison His Grandfather Couldn T Escape Where Lucky Can Be A Real Man, An Adventurer, And A Hero It S Dangerous And Wild, And It S A Place Where His Life Just Might Be Worth Living But How Long Can Lucky Keep Hiding In His Dreams Before Reality Forces Its Way Inside Michael L Printz Honor Recipient A.S King S Smart, Funny And Boldly Original Writing Shines In This Powerful Novel About Learning To Cope With The Shrapnel Life Throws At You And Taking A Stand Against It.

  • ebook
  • 283 pages
  • Everybody Sees the Ants
  • A.S. King
  • English
  • 03 July 2018
  • 9781306764988

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    I am not exaggerating or being dramatic when I say that this is now one of my favourite books.It was so unbelievably poignant, and I have not loved the main character so much in a really long time.I want everyone to read this book.

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    A.S King Everybody Sees the Ants originated from an idea that we are all prisoners An idea that bullying is a widely ignored form of torture An idea that only we can choose to escape from our own prisons An idea that no one can take something from us if we don t give it This is a very powerful novel It is a story for everyone because it s true that everyone has to had to face some form of shit in their lives in one way or another Every day all over the world people are being hurt, sexually abused, put down, bullied friends and family members die, or change, or leave, or join the army and never come back This book is Lucky Linderman s story Lucky Linderman is a boy who has been bullied constantly since he was seven, a boy who s grandad never returned from Vietnam and who s dad never got over it His mum spends her time swimming to avoid facing their dysfunctional homelife, his uncle has numerous affairs while his aunt battles her need for pills, and Lucky escapes to the only place he can be the man he s always wanted to be his dreams At first glance, Lucky Linderman is probably nothing like you, his life may even sound to you like any typical piece of melodramatic fiction but as this novel progresse...

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    Of course we are You are They are Now what are we doing to change that, tell me Let s clear the air right away Each and every one of the characters is complex and believable, from the teenagers to the adults in their lives As it is, they re flawed They re realistic Once again I have to say that in my book that s the most important in a contemporary I don t care about perfect people, otherwise I would read old fairytales, you know, those where the girl is waiting for her perfect guy to step in to save the day pukes A.S King created such a believable and relatable voice for Lucky I mean relatable in the I talk 2659 words in a minute way because strangely, while reading the book I couldn t help but feel like Lucky spoke in a really fast fashion Am I weird Tell me Anyway I talk like that Well, I learned to talk slower because, DUH, it s better for a teacher when your pupils actually UNDERSTAND what you say but in my personal life Ask my boyfriend, he ll tell you I m exhausting But moving on Apparently, Evelyn Schwartz went blabbing to the guidance counselor about my questionnaire She said it was morbid and creepy Evelyn Schwartz has a T shirt that says HE DIED FOR ME with a picture of a dead guy nailed to a cross on it Oh, the irony Moreover...

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    re read in 2019I m always a bit nervous to re read old favourites from my younger days, because what if they don t hold up What if I only loved it because I was 17 and it was the perfect time in my life to read it But this book this book will always be amazing It packs so many punches into 280 pages, and it tells such an important, relatable, dark, and hilarious story Highly recommend to everyone always first read in 2012FREAKING AMAZING, YOU GUYS...

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    3.5 stars Everybody Sees the Ants deals with the subject of bullying in quite a thorough way Ever since he was a little boy, Lucky Linderman has been terrorised by Nader McMillan, who seems to have made it his life goal to bring Lucky down, down, down to the ground.After the school faculty expresses concerns about Lucky, since he asked his classmates how they would commit suicide, if they wanted to commit suicide, for a school project, everybody thinks Lucky is at risk of hurting himself.But don t they know someone else is already constantly hurting him As thought provoking and emotional as it was, I cannot bring myself to give it a full 4 star rating My impressions are that there were a couple of loose ends at the end of the story, especially regarding Ginny What happens to her, to her parents, to her future And there was a lack of conversation about Lucky s uncle s deeds after work But it is a captivating story in its ugliness It s a lot about gathering the strength within yourself to face your fears AKA, in this case, bullies It s also about acceptance Lucky desperately wants to save his granddad who is a soldier presumed dead So he has t...

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    I m so, so glad I decided to give King another try despite my mixed feelings over her Printz Honor, Please Ignore Vera Dietz Everybody Sees the Ants is an astonishingly wonderful gift to young adult literature, one that I feel extremely fortunate to have read Since the age of seven, Lucky Linderman has been having dreams in which he visits his grandfather in the prison camp where he s resided since being listed as MIA in the Vietnam War back in 1972 When his grandmother died, she asked Lucky to get her husband back, and the dreams started that very night Coincidentally, this was also the same day Lucky began being bullied by Nader McMillan So are these dreams really a way to get his grandfather back and hopefully heal the wound Lucky s father s always had from having never met his own father, or are they just a way to escape the harsh reality that is Lucky s life Another escape comes in the form of a summer vacation with his mother in Tempe, Arizona There, Lucky bonds with his Uncle Dave, dodges an unnecessary intervention orchestrated by his pill popping Aunt Jodi, and meets a beautiful older girl who shows him another side of life Everybody Sees the Ants is a masterpiece that should not be overlooked...

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    Actual rating Is it lame to say 4.5 stars So this review is long, inadequate, and perhaps a bit rambling and confusing It doesn t really have plot spoilers this is a quiet book where not a lot happens, action wise , but it does have thematic spoilers, so read at your own peril It s always harder to write about the books that really mean something to me, as opposed to the books I merely like a whole lot, and I can t do it without that If you want to avoid even the thematic spoilers, just read the first five paragraphs including this one, of course As a 30 something adult reading young adult literature, I m going to come to these books from a different place than someone who is 12, or 16, or even 20 I do have many keen memories of those times in my life, and I do work with teenagers, and I sometimes feel like a 15 year old tom boy at least, I do when I geek out over video games and anime and science fiction and horror and other adults look at me that way, like they can t believe I m a functioning member of society , but I can never fully put myself back in that place, not really Some books get me close, really, really close others books, I can see the appeal for its target audience, even if I can t connect to it myself.Obviously, this is a no duh realization, but it became a really important one for this book Sometimes, a book like this one...

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    So much of growing up is just strung together moments of disillusionment, isn t it As a parent, I want to shelter my children from as much as possible, but as a former child, I have to say that I wish that I had learned certain things a bit sooner For example, I think that if there were some sort of instruction manual issued at birth, item one, paragraph one would read 1 On Parents i The adults in your life may think that they know everything, but in reality, they are just people And the general rule with people is, we re all messed up yes, including you it s inevitable No matter how much they care about you, they will make colossal mistakes.Boy do I wish that I had gotten that manual In this affecting novel, A.S King portrays one young boy s coming to terms with the knowledge that I think most of us have memorably earned that the adults who have cared for us are far from infallible and may in fact be damaged than we are It s a scary discovery, but it can also be freeing This book contains so much than just that, though Like her other novels, it is inventive and original Lucky carries so much painful knowledge on his shoulders He knows that many of his classmates are suicidal, thanks to an unfortunate choice of social studies project...

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    4.5 out of 5 I don t think I can even express the way this book moved me.

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