Southern Secrets MOBI Ê Paperback

  • Paperback
  • 368 pages
  • Southern Secrets (Det. Annie Avants, #3)
  • Renee Benzaim
  • English
  • 14 February 2016
  • 9781499581126

13 thoughts on “Southern Secrets (Det. Annie Avants, #3)

  1. Quillracer Quillracer says:

    This was a Goodreads First Read bookIt had an interesting plot – an amateur historian uncovers three journals that both the FBI and descendants of members of the KGC want – and plenty of twists and turns For that I’d give it four starsThe story is told in simple sentences with somewhat stiff narrative and dialog and much repetition of information As a result it read as if it was written for the pre or young teen market Or as if English was a second language to Ms BenzaimSome chapter’s ‘high points’ happen not at the end of the chapter as is usual but in the middle And any danger the characters were in – except for two incidents – turned out to be nothing as if Benzaim wanted to put her characters in threatening situations but just couldn’t bring herself to actually endanger or harm themGang member dialog was not realistic Except for a few lines they spoke like college graduates One example a gang member would have called the fancy wheels on a vehicle ‘rims’ or ‘dubs’It was hard to keep track of the speakers in some scenes because Benzaim used too few tags to inform the reader who said what and when she did it was often late in the conversation That she also often broke what should have been a single paragraph of dialog into two or only added to the confusionFinally the ending was incomplete There was no resolution with the real bad guy forced to pay for his crimes just a uick wrap up of the major characters going back to their livesAll those things dropped Southern Secrets to a 2 star book and that only because of the interesting plot Otherwise it would have merited at best 1½ starsI won’t be back for any Annie Avants adventures

  2. Kay (Brigidsmomma) Compton Kay (Brigidsmomma) Compton says:

    This was really good and full of all kinds of things I'm interested in besides murder mysteries The story is about some private journals from the early 1900's 1919 1921 that detail some activity within the post Civil War South with regards to stashes of money and other treasures intended to help finance a second Civil War andor a Pro slavery regime Word leeks out about the journals and the FBI and the group that are responsible for gathering and guarding the treasures or their descendants want them and will do nearly anything to get them including murder Annie gets involved when it's her cousin who finds the journals and a childhood friend is killed in the ensuing mayhem Really gripping and moving

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Southern Secrets (Det. Annie Avants, #3)[KINDLE] ❄ Southern Secrets (Det. Annie Avants, #3) Author Renee Benzaim – SECRET SOCIETY HIDDEN TREASURE REBEL GOLD MURDERDet Annie Avants' cousin Zack lives in Mena Arkansas and has come into possession of three hidden journals written by one of his ancestors who was deepl SECRET SOCIETY HIDDEN TREASURE REBEL GOLD MURDERDet Annie Avants' cousin Zack lives in Mena Arkansas and has come into possession of three hidden journals written by one of his ancestors who was deeply involved with the Knights of the Golden Circle a secret society active before and during the Civil War The journals spell out the locations of some of the biggest caches of 'rebel gold' hidden by the KGC to fund a second Civil War Zachary Isom Avants is a history buff and an avid genealogist who searches throughout Arkansas for the ruins of the many abandoned cabins and homesteads left behind by his ancestors For years he has been tracking down these abandoned homesteads looking for artifacts and information on the lives of his long dead relativesDeep in the Ouachita forests he comes across a caved in pit that is the cellar of what's left of a cabin that hasn't been touched for almost years The site is covered with brush and vines He almost misses seeing itZack sets up camp next to the pit and begins clearing away the brush It was a small cabin but not the typical sentinel outpost shack that the KGC used to guard their secret hoards When he can safely climb down into the pit he finds an indentation in the far wall of the root cellar He carefully digs and finds hidden inside a small opening a cast iron skillet with a lid that has been sealed with pitchExcited he takes the skillet to his makeshift table outside and unseals the lid Inside wrapped in many layers of oil cloth he finds three journals One is a copy of a daybook kept by someone high up in the KGC during the Civil War The only signature is 'Avants' The other two journals were penned by Zack's great grandfather Orris AvantsUnknown to Zack the leadership of the modern KGC is aware that these journals still exist but have never been able to find them When he and his friend Luke discuss the journals at a local cafe in Hatfield their conversation is overheard by a local old timer who calls the KGC The KGC is determined to recover the Journals Why They don't know what caches the journals expose and they don't want treasure seekers finding their hidden treasuresThe American government is also interested in the KGC and the millions of dollars they stole and hid FBI Special Agent Connor Smith also receives a phone call from the old timer about the conversation he overheard in the Hatfield cafe Agent Smith goes on full alert determined to get his hands on the journals and recover as much of the stolen loot as possibleZack finally realizes the significance of his find and mails the journals to his cousin Annie in California He knows he is being followed and that he his family and his friends are in danger.