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Tiger Tail Soup ➜ [KINDLE] ❆ Tiger Tail Soup By Nicki Chen ➦ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When the first bombs fall An Lee is pregnant and her husband is missing He won't be home to stay for another seven years It's up to An Lee to protect her mother mother in law young daughter and soon t When the first bombs fall An Lee is pregnant and her husband is missing He won't be home to stay for another seven years It's up to An Lee to protect her mother mother in law young daughter and soon to be born son Surrounded by the Japanese military An Lee struggles to survive enduring hunger loneliness and fear Then on December the enemy invades and occupies their little island on the coast of China and An Lee's strength is put to the test In this lyrical and emotionally charged Tiger Tail PDF \ novel Nicki Chen paints a fascinating portrait of love and resilience in a time of war.

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  1. Melinda Melinda says:

    A fascinating portrait of love and resilience in a time of warI enjoyed the fact this novel exposes the reader through the eyes of a young woman thrust into the harshness during wartime as opposed to concentrating solely on the war itself Yet we were made fully aware of the dire circumstances faced danger starvation the unknown lack of medical treatment and services not to mention being vulnerable without the presence of a male in the householdAn Lee took me by surprise At first I uestioned her strength as the story progresses An Lee came into her own You find yourself downright proud of the way she handled herself her composure never waning her strength unleashed her fears slowly diminishing her doubts scant guilt lessened An Lee is left to fend for her pregnant self along with her small child her mother mother in law and their band of servants All three women rise above the challenges as their small village faces Japanese occupation The three women pull together using their smarts planing ahead for the inevitable An Lee is a follower but soon falls into the role of leader Frustrated with feeling helpless as her country is bullied she joins a resistance group this bold move took me by surprise Willing to take risks An Lee will do anything for her loved ones “All my heroes has horses and armor a double bladed sword or an eighteen foot spear They had their blood brothers to save the day And I? My spindly arms fell to my sides I should have been a man” Affecting story of surviving war a woman's strength tested as she is forced to serve as provider protector with her life and that of her family's hanging in the balance Sweeping glimpse into the Japanese occupation of China through the bombing of Pearl Harbor to Japan's defeat

  2. Maddie (HedgehogBookReviews) Maddie (HedgehogBookReviews) says:

    35 stars but bumping it up to 4 on GRYou can also find this review on Hedgehog Book Reviews All my heroes has horses and armor a double bladed sword or an eighteen foot spear They had their blood brothers to save the day And I? My spindly arms fell to my sides I should have been a man I received an e book copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewAn Lee is pregnant with her second child when the Japanese begin bombing her town in China Her husband is off fighting in a war that seemingly never ends leaving her in care of her mother step mother and children Through the food shortages and enforced curfews she finds herself joining an anti Japanese group something her husband would never approve of An Lee sees death war and hatred all around her but must keep it together for the sake of her family and husband if he ever returns I really wish I could say that this book was fantastic because the ideas behind it were well thought out and intracate Unfortunately Tiger Tail Soup read like a series of events than like a book with an actual plot Once I reached the halfway point I realized that there still was no major climax or central issueconflict This was definitely an interesting readbut I didn't really get the point of the novelThat being said I also felt like the author was telling me things instead of showing me I don't feel like I got to know An Lee very well because her actions were merely described to me For example Nicki Chen writes about how much An Lee misses her husband throughout the entire book but I never got any proof of that other than the author's word I wish this what I imagine to be intense longing and grief over a missing husband had been shown instead of told to me I still enjoyed reading Tiger Tail Soup and learning about what the war was like for people living in China circa 1940 Nicki Chen definitely played with my emotions with the novel I found myself both grieving and celebrating along with An Lee

  3. Sally Stiles Sally Stiles says:

    For days I have been putting off finishing this book Thirty pages twenty then ten to go I did not want to leave the world I had entered the complex and impeccably described world of An Lee holding herself and her family together when the Japanese invaded and occupied her island off the coast of China The Goodreads reviewers before me have already said as elouently as I can say how special this book is The settings the characters the emotions the details are impeccable There are paragraphs pages even that you want to mark to memorize Most books are written in months; the important ones like Tiger Tail Soup reuire painstaking years Some are written for profit; great books like Tiger Tail Soup are written out of love Only a few books tell stories we would not otherwise hear Only a few books like Tiger Tail Soup become part of who we will be for the rest of our lives Thank you Nicole Chen for giving me An Lee Thank you for giving me a chance to sip and gulp down and savor in all its richness Tiger Tale Soup

  4. Paddy Eger Paddy Eger says:

    Nick Chen takes the reader on an impressive journey beside An Lee a young mother in 1930s wartime China We move behind the Bamboo Curtain to experience the daily life of her family cultural events and watch her simple life become tragic as Japan invades the peacefulness of KulangsuThe amazing details Nicki shares to create Ann Lee's world will inspire you to learn about that seldom mentioned period of Japanese occupation in China The lyrical descriptions will carry you through the story and leave you with rich images long after you close the book

  5. Clare O& Clare O& says:

    A wonderfully evocative story of a Chinese family and island community under occupation in the 1940s The tensions and trials within the all female household make gripping reading and the richly imagined cutural detail is fascinating Amazing sense of place With her lyrical style Chen brings the reader into another world of tastes smells textures customs and relationships The voice of the main character An Lee never falters

  6. Ray Ray says:

    Tiger Tail Soup by Nicki Chen is a historical novel of the Pacific War from the point of view of a Chinese woman Author Nicki Chen is an American who gained a Chinese surname by way of marriage and any reader will fully sense her fascination with China She has done the proper research for such a novel She takes the voice of An Lee a strong willed woman who gets left behind to raise children and live with her mother in law when her husband goes off to warThe novel opens in 1946 then jumps back to 1938 and slowly goes through the war years until the epilogue rounds out back to the original year Full of fanciful language and observations on gender roles in traditional societies – from the ing Dynasty to the Republic era – and conflicts start off with simple things like getting a perm to look modern and soon grow to horrifying proportionsBasically the narrative takes place within the mind of the introspective narrator Early on darkness looms from afar She carries a son in the Year of the Tiger and is given fortunes of greatness Then her engineer husband Yu ming is conscripted as an officer and most of the novel is about what happens to the war weary women who are left behindAt times the narrator gets too lost in her own thoughts endlessly reflecting and repeating herself as she dwells on her family and lot in life The flow suffers for it but that is the nature of this kind of storyWhen the bombs begin to drop the tone changes dramatically The violence becomes very real and that is of course the nature of warThe chapters of the book are divided into seasons and year and tales of pregnancy and childbirths and contrasted against the distant war Themes of life and death A son is born a father seldom seen There are attempts to let life go on as schools remain open An Lee’s husband's letters are very important describing being in the midst of the war Yet overall it’s still a tale of women And the emotions always outweigh any action Time moves on and children age with snippets of tragedy throughout Some of the most powerful imagery in the novel concerns simply going to the beach and seeing Japanese battleships And the suffering growsTiger Tail Soup is not an objective overview of the war but simply one deep character’s perspective The hatred against the Japanese even seems one sided although in this context it is certainly well deserved The reader must remember that it is first person narrated novel not a textbook The historical aspect stays interesting as the book goes on with references that range from the Gone With the Wind film to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941 Halfway through the plot does thicken and An Lee joins a resistance league which engages in street theater performances There are arguments politics conflict When she does finally meet her husband again and one son meets for the first time war has changed and hardened the man Hardened everyoneBringing another child into this war torn world proves to be the greatest tragedy of all in the end When the worst most possible violence happens near the end of the novel it is very jarringThe theme above all is survival and is best summed up this uote “It was my fate to live in a time of war and I bloody well was going to be one of the survivors”Tiger Tail Soup comes recommended for readers interested in this period of China and for anyone who might wish to learn about the human cost of war

  7. Sheri Sheri says:

    Tiger Tail Soup A Novel of China at WarThis is the story of Young An Lee during the time Japan invades China Her husband goes off to war and it is up to An Lee to protect her children Mother and Mother in Law until her husband comes home Spanning four years of war An Lee becomes brave strong and must hold her family togetherAn emotional story of one brave woman An Lee is young brave and will do what ever it takes to protect her family The plot is complex with attention to detail of the horrors of war The characters are well developed and told through An Lee's voice I really felt every emotion from happy to sad to fear Tiger Tail Soup A novel of China at war is page turning emotional look at one families life during war I highly recommend to all

  8. Jeanette Jeanette says:

    Firstly I would like to thank the Nicki Chen for sending me an e copy of 'Tiger Tail Soup A Novel of China at War' in exchange for an honest reviewI can honestly say that this has to be one of my favourite novels that I have read for some time It is beautifully written and has the ability to bring her characters to life Where the story started to grip me was when An Lee visited the hairdressers and got herself a new look I loved the character of An Lee and what amazing strength did she have If you enjoy novels based around wartime China I would highly recommend this book

  9. Jennifer Chow Jennifer Chow says:

    This is an amazing book At first I was worried that it would be too heavy for me since it's a war novel However Chen does an excellent job of weaving historical detail with a huge emotional premise It's a literary work that uses exuisite language to explore the inner turmoil and tugging of An Lee as she experiences wartime and the absence of her husband I also admire the amount of research that Chen put into work and how she revealed a facet of history previously unknown to me A beautiful and enriching novel

  10. Francesca D& Francesca D& says:

    Many great books narrate the lives of people who have to cope with a world at war but this novel offers a very peculiar point of view that of An Lee I reckon that you can always say whether an author is truly passionate about what he or she is writing and let me tell you this woman is This beautifully written work of historical fiction will tear you apart just to slowly put your pieces back togetherDISCLAIMER I received this book for free through Goodreads First Reads

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