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  • 08 August 2016
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10 thoughts on “Small Victories

  1. Bill Kerwin Bill Kerwin says:

    Somewhere in this volume of personal essays Anne Lamott remarks that she has always wanted to write a book entitled People I Still Hate a Christian Perspective This comment embodies many of the virtues of Lamott's writing witty ironic honest self deprecatory and filled with the knowledge that grace flows from our encounters with people—each as fallible and infuriating as ourselves—and that we through humility and forgiveness must prepare ourselves to receive that graceThe first two thirds of this book “Companions” and “Families” could have been published under the title Lamott suggested She narrates in clear apparently effortless prose—another of Lamott's virtues—stories about her encounters with friends and relatives and what those encounters tell us about human and divine love She is never self righteous or preachy and she is always specific it is precisely in the details of everyday life that the miracle of love occursI like every essay in this section of the book but my favorites are the two about her parents In “Dad” years after the death of a father she loved Ann is confronted with a diary of his last days in which he wrote unkind things about her In “Mom” Ann eventually makes peace with her difficult mother's spirit when she gathers together with family to spread her mother's ashes The essay has two parts their headings reflecting the movement from resentment to forgiveness The first part is entitled “Noraht” after the mis spelled version of her mother's name affixed to the box from the crematory and the second is called “Nikki” her mother Norah's favorite nicknameThe last two sections of the four ”Airborne” and “Ground” contain accounts of spiritual experiences high and low not necessarily related to forgiveness They are filled with fine essays but not uite as good as those in the first two sectionsAnne Lamott although she never uses the word—delights in the “sacramentality” of daily life Her writing is filled with the everyday things that shape our personal encounters—the hugs we give the food we share the ashes we scatter—and she shows us how grace uses them to move our hearts toward Love

  2. Taryn Taryn says:

    I'm not sure how exactly to classify Anne Lamott's nonfiction books they're part memoir part religious reflection part pep talk All I know is I love them and I'm always thrilled to find out she's publishing another one I highly recommend any and all of them and you definitely don't need to read them in any certain orderBasically Anne Lamott is the only Christian writer I can read even when I'm completely disillusioned with the church and the people in it No matter how jaded I am no matter how despairing I feel at the way our human failings are destroying this precious world around us I can always find a shred of peace in her essays She never ever resorts to platitudes Tired of well meaning but clueless people saying that God has a plan and everything happens for a reason after something terrible has happened to you? Yeah Anne Lamott doesn't say shit like that I got to meet Anne Lamott on her book tour See the full post hereMore book recommendations by me at wwwreadingwithhipposcom

  3. Lane Willson Lane Willson says:

    Anne Lamott’s latest work Small Victories Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace is beautifully written combining honesty and vulnerability to create an inspiring strength This is the DNA in all her writing However Small Victories brings with it a truth about Ms Lamott that I found so disappointing Her perception of the world has in it’s lens a political litmus test that filters her entire life It first becomes visible in her essay about dating and grows stronger and virulent as the book progresses Each person that crosses the pages is uickly judged and deemed left wing or right wing and uickly accepted or rejected To be fair to Ms Lamott my sensitivity may spring from the fact that I’m a conservative and admiring her writing am disappointed in my potential rejection The male ego is never far away when rejection is at the door Ms Lamott is one of the rare people whose beauty is like light in that it not only shines and draws one’s attention but illuminates and adds uality and clarity to the world around it It is ever so much than just being just or smart or any other adjective that hides the limitation it places on it’s recipient with a polite compliment I’m uite sad when I think about the friends I would lose were I to filter them based on their politics theology or any single aspect of who they are They are the folks who force me to look at who I am and what I believe In the process I either grow stronger in my understanding of the things I believe or change Those friends who share my beliefs are dear and caring to be sure but rarely do they offer new opportunities for personal exploration They offer compassion understanding and grace making that exploration safe I will continue to read Ms Lamott’s work and relish in it’s insight and understanding I just won’t use her ideas as a part of my political platform Regardless of your platform read anything Ms Lamott has written and you will be blessed

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This collection has a mixture of new and classic “Barn Raising” and “Ham of God” essays The thematic divisions don’t make all that much sense but never mind More so than in previous books we get Lamott’s thoughts on aging and her changing family dynamic As usual there is a recurrent emphasis on both being kind to oneself and learning the art of forgiveness Sometimes it seems like her every friend or relative has cancer but this makes her sensitive to common human failings “Bodies are so messy and disappointing I didn’t know that wounds and scars were what we find welcoming because they are like ours”What’s this is a gorgeous book it’s in an interesting font that has these fantastic curlicue uestion marks; the type is in dark blue rather than black with gold initial letters to tie in with the cover’s turuoise and gold motif; and “AL” is embossed on the cover beneath the dust jacket I always appreciate it when a book has been produced with obvious care Lamott is worth it I would recommend this as a place to start for people who are new to her writingA few favorite uotes“All those years I fell for the great palace lie that grief should be gotten over as uickly and as privately as possible But what I’ve discovered since is that the lifelong fear of grief keeps us in a barren isolated place and that only grieving can heal grief; the passage of time will lessen the acuteness but time alone without the direct experience of grief will not heal it”“Jesus was soft on crime He’d never have been elected anything”“when you do give up hope a lot can happen When it’s not pinned wriggling onto a shiny image or expectation it sometimes floats forth and opens like one of those fluted Japanese blossoms flimsy and spastic bright and warm This almost always seems to happen in community”

  5. Erica Erica says:

    I’m not a Lamott fan I know I KNOW ok? but I’d also only ever read the articles my friends mostly women post on Facebook because they found those articles inspiring and uplifting I never do I’m always left with a bad taste in my mind after reading whatever it is she’s written However I’ve never given her an actual shot and when Overdrive told me I’d probably like this based on my listening habits I figured may as well give her a tryIn this compendium she starts most of her essays by making herself seem unlikeable and awful they call it self deprecating humor but I'm not sure that's what it really is and then ending them with a “But I was human all along” twist so that we can see she’s not awful we’re not awful and it’s ok for us all of us to be human Either that or she learns a lesson and sees a truthAlso she has a lot of first world problemsThis book focuses heavily on illness dying and death It's supposed to illustrate the small lights and moments of grace see title found in all the dark places but to me it sounded like she is trying to come to terms with the things that burden her like pain and grief love that doesn’t last and love that is overwhelming More than anything she seems to highlight her unhappiness with so many things Especially George Bush To me it all seemed less like noticing little bits of grace and like a laundry list of miseries with the I suppose it could be worse tagged onto the endThis is how I felt most of the time while listening There was a point in each essay I strongly thought “Shut up Anne Lamott” I don’t really want her to shut up she makes so many of my friends who feel broken lost off kilter wounded and on edge feel better terribly understood and safe I just won’t be able to listen to her myself after this partially because I'm not a fan and also because her sleepy afterparty hangover I'm not saying she was hungover I'm saying she sounded hungover voice grates on my nervesBeyond the cut are the thoughts I had while listening to each essay In them I'm as judgemental and snarky as she is but without the self deprecating humor so there's really no need for you to read any further They're here for my future use than anything view spoilerCompanions She’s thankful for friendship I think I have a misunderstanding with need and Lamott often seems to write from a place of need a need she no longer has maybe but the need for acceptance for space to be herself for as she says Welcome I can’t identify with this because these aren’t needs with which I’ve ever struggled not really That probably makes me a very lucky person but I also realize that it alienates me from others who do have this need because I never understand it and I probably end up diminishing those who do because I can’t recognize what they’re sayingLaddersGrief Her best friend died of breast cancer and she and her boyfriend broke upHer experience with grief is different from mine That's fine Everyone does it differently but I'm not getting anything from hearing about how her grief workedForgivenAbout forgiving I’m not so good at this myself I go to forgetting insteadI don’t relate to her parenting stories They definitely seem part of the club She portrays herself as the catty bitch who hates the perfect skinny mom but then ha ha That's how humans work and it's all ok in the end I'll chalk this up to me not being a parent and also not trying to keep up with anyone sociologicallyTrail DucksHer friend commits himself because he can’t stop thinking about suicide even though he loves his friends and family She and Jeanine decide to visit him in a half way house The friend’s wife finds out and lets Anne know she’s glad they’re supporting her husband but she’s hurt she wasn’t invited alongto see HER HUSBAND And Anne says “Oh it was spur of the moment” Who is this woman?They get lost a lot before they get where they need to be and then they’re given a private room to chit chat Getting lost is fine especially when you get found so wellJoice to the worldShe and her friend Nashama go a prison to facilitate a writing and storytelling workshop Anne thinks she’ll be well received but expects less for Nashama and says she’d only brought her along because she Anne thought it would make her experience enjoyable I suppose this could be her way of highlighting others saying she thought she'd be the one who shone but the audience loved the other person diminishing herself to make others shine but man it gets oldMatchesShe’s done a lot of stuff and decides she’s ready to date again She reinforces the stereotypes between men and women in marriages women don’t want sex men snore too much women hate internet porn etc and while those may or may not ring true with me I know that’s now how marriages work probably not even half of the marriages Anyway she gets on MatchCom and goes on dates and doesn't meet her matchFamiliesShe regrets that her mom got fat because she loved to cook but wasn’t happy and that her father became an alcoholic Both of her parents had addictions and used their wants to keep away from each other She uses excess to cover her pain too until she learns about loveDadShe likes hating but as she grows older she lets go and forgives her mom for not being the perfect mom and her dad for everything and everyone else who has ever pissed her off for being human She adores her dad so very much She did so much to make her dad love her back and he didn’t appreciate it according to the journal he wrote while he had brain cancer And then she had to forgive him too for being a humanAshesParenting vs religious observations Also the ashes of dead people are clingy I'm not a parent and I'm not religious so this went way over my headThe Dog’s Life Losing dogs hurts How was she allowed to put her own dog down? That’s not a thing here I have such a hard time when people shield children from death It creates so many problems later on She didn’t want her son to see the dog’s dead body but that’s not her decision “To spare me from Sam’s loss” that’s what’s really behind itThis is the one story in which I understand the grace she’s trying to show All the friends and family gathering knowingly or unknowingly to help Anne and her son with goodbye and grief it's beautifulMom Pts 1 2She’s carried her anger toward her mother around for a longass timeMan if she was that angry about George W Bush being president she must be raging over TrumpShe’s got a thing about ashes sticking to youBrothermanThis lady has some serious problems with her family Is she really this petty and bitter jealous and spiteful though trying to get past it? Or is this hyperbole in order to illustrate that even the most base of us are redeemable and that human nature is what it is and it shouldn’t be judged? Because she is so snotty in regard to her older brother John He doesn’t sound all that great but she’s inordinately jealous of the little effort he puts in but the many rewards he reaps from her perspective But it all works out really well in the end and they all love each other like family shouldAirbornSkiing She gets in a bad place after jumpfalling off the lift chair but trusts that help is on the way because help is always on the way God always intercedes even if it isn’t when we’d like him to I hate that message And sure enough help is on the way but it still isn’t delivered exactly how she’d have wanted itKnocking on Heaven’s DoorHer thoughts on a particularly long plane trip that start with a delay She sits between a right wing Christian and a LatvianKorean woman who says “Ack” all the time And she judges them both Then the plane stops on the runway to let people off and the compartment has to be searched for bombs Then they hit a lot of turbulence and she’s pretty sure she’s gonna die but the ACK lady and the right wing Christian just sit through it like NBD Then she thought of her church people and how Ken is dying of AIDs and he’s already lost his partner but another parishioner Renola doesn’t like him because he’s gay until she sees him joining in with hymns while everyone is standing but he can’t and Renola breaks down and lifts him up LIFTS HIM UPDear Old FriendAunt Gertrude the family friend the survivor Anne can’t even celebrate the people she loves can’t lift them up without taking them down also Except Sam He’s perfect apparently Aunt Gertrude is old and irritating because of her age Oldness is a disease We should probably fear it I dunno I think Aunt Gertrude sounds pretty amazing to be around I have some old people like that in my life and I aspire to be like that when I'm oldBarn RaisingOlivia a daughter of a family friend was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis This is getting depressing Everyone is sick or dying or deadAgain this is about the power of friendship family and community but this one didn’t touch me By now I’m just sighing and hoping this can be over soonFalling BetterHer delightful younger friend is dying of cancer but she has a great attitude You sure were a great person in this one AnneGroundMore on oldness and being on the brink of death She hears a voice whingingly mockingly calling her name when she’s in moments of uiet with no family war on her mind It comes from the bookshelf It was a parrot in a talking wooden puzzle from Germany The battery was dying so it was making an “Annie” sound Ah ha hah Ham of GodOn her birthday she’s upset because of Bush’s war on Ira She doesn’t know how to go on She asks God but always gets frustrated because God never answers right away Why is she NEVER grateful? WHY? She won a ham at the grocery store on her birthday and thinks “I had asked for help not a ham This was very disturbing” Then she bitches about how she wants to get home to help suffering people I just blinked But don’t worry she was able to do a good deed by giving the ham and some money to a needy friendThe Last WaltzHer friend Carol with the curly hair got leukemia This is getting oldCarol throws her own thank youmemorial service Carol is thankful that dying of cancer gives her time to put everything to rightsPiratesShe starts with “Not everything is going to be ok” No shit Sherlock You’ve mentioned that a few times now She hates a person Uton whom she can’t call lying scum because the person is precious to God so she calls Uton a “devious two faced lying child of God” Really?? One of Uton’s friends Tammy finds way to cut in line at the movie theater gasp Though she's a grown ass woman Anne has a meltdown when Tammy teases her before they all go to their separate moviesGotta get that last word in She and Tammy make up and she makes a snarky comment regarding Tammy’s pirate teethMarket StreetHer bulbs didn’t bloom She still hates George Bush She’s like a conservative with Obama Anyway she’s part of some thing some where with people and I’ve stopped listening Then her bulbs bloomedAnd now we're done Hooray I did it and I can now confirm I am not a fan of Anne Lamott hide spoiler

  6. Kelly Hager Kelly Hager says:

    I am a huge fan of Anne Lamott There are a ton of reasons for this but they can generally be boiled down to this she makes me want to be a better person especially a kinder person and she makes me feel like it's incredibly possible for that to happenShe's very open about the fact that she's not always a kind person herself but she continually strives to do better and from where I sit it seems like she's succeededI'm loving her recent books all slim volumes on faith this is the third; it started with Help Thanks Wow which I cannot recommend hard enoughThese are books for people who are a little leery of Christianity and who think that maybe every Christian is only a little bit kinder than the Westboro Baptist people They make me smile and cry and have faith that maybe at some point we'll start to get it right And that maybe if the human race as a whole gets it right we as individuals can tooHighly recommended

  7. Diane Barnes Diane Barnes says:

    I wasn't all that thrilled with Anne Lamott ' s last two books it seemed like she had lost her edge just not as funny and honest as usual almost like she was holding something back But this one has her trademark mixture of humor and despair mixed with a hard but real honesty This is a mixture of old and new essays and yes she still hates George W Bush as much as ever Yay she's back

  8. Charlotte Charlotte says:

    Only made it through the preface and first essay Do we eventually get tired of being so tirelessly inspired? Lamott is such a wonderful character always so warm and flawed and funny and utterly lovable—certainly that hasn't changed But neither has anything else changed there's no sense of progression or challenge There are totally uotable marvelously written blurbs but what holds it all together just reads like a lot of filler

  9. Karla Karla says:

    This is a collection of essays by Lamott Some were good some were not I happen to agree with most of Lamott's very liberal political views but I have a problem with the disdain she seems to hold for those who do not I also didn't like the superficial criticism of her mother's weight makeup and clothes the horror of clothes bought at Monkey Wards

  10. Annie Annie says:

    This was my first Anne Lamott book and I have to say that I hated almost every minute of reading this book I really wanted to like this book because Anne is actually a very engaging writer which is why I gave it 2 stars instead of one However I was constantly annoyed by the author throughout this entire book Some may call it self depreciating humor but it came off like I'm a mean and judgmental person and I just didn't find that funny Anne prides herself in being a different kind of Christian Democratic at peace with saying the F word over and over and disarming spiritual sincerity like the back of the book say Half the book is about how much she hates George W Bush and Conservatives It felt like she was trying too hard to say Look at me Not all Christians are those awful homophobic misogynistic Republicans who refuse to curse or uestion God's will It came off like she was trying to show off too much that she is a cool Christian and that was just annoying Again the back of the book talks about Anne's disarming spiritual sincerity I wholeheartedly appreciate sincerity when it comes to being vulnerable and transparent about what's really going on in our lives and our doubts and uestions about God However Anne's constant sarcasm felt sacrilegious and bitter to me I feel as if Anne took the things she likes out of the Bible like grace and forgiveness and left the things she doesn't to form her own kind of distorted view of Christianity This felt very misleading to me Finally the book is called Small Victories Spotting Improbable Moments of Grace yet the entire book feels of a rant letter about Anne complaining about life The book has a heavy focus on death disease and family and while I found her writing to be very engaging and made me stop and think I was constantly annoyed by her discouraging bitter complaints about life Overall I wanted to like this book SO badly But I found myself constantly forcing myself to finish the book because I just couldn't deal with Anne's self centered mean bitter tone I'm disappointed to say this will definitely be my last Anne Lamott book

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Small Victories✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Small Victories By Anne Lamott ✸ – The New York Times bestseller from the author of Help Thanks Wow Hallelujah Anyway and Almost Everything Lamott's long awaited collection of new and selected essays on hope joy and graceAnne Lamott wr The New York Times bestseller from the author of Help Thanks Wow Hallelujah Anyway and Almost Everything Lamott's long awaited collection of new and selected essays on hope joy and graceAnne Lamott writes about faith family and community in essays that are both wise and irreverent It’s an approach that has become her trademark Now in Small Victories Lamott offers a new message of hope that celebrates the triumph of light over the darkness in our lives Our victories over hardship and pain may seem small she writes but they change us—our perceptions our perspectives and our lives Lamott writes of forgiveness restoration and transformation how we can turn toward love even in the most hopeless situations how we find the joy in getting lost and our amazement in finally being foundProfound and hilarious honest and unexpected the stories in Small Victories are proof that the human spirit is irrepressible.

About the Author: Anne Lamott

Anne Lamott is an author of several novels and works of non fiction Based in the San Francisco Bay Area her non fiction works are largely autobiographical with strong doses of self deprecating humor and covering such subjects as alcoholism single motherhood and Christianity She appeals to her fans because of her sense of humor her deeply felt insights and her outspoken views on topics such.