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Night Walk [BOOKS] ⚡ Night Walk Author Bob Shaw – For 'refusing to co operate' the Emm Luther Special Police took out Earth agent Sam Tallon's eyes and imprisoned him on a dark and eerie swamp from which nobody ever escapedBut then Tallon invented a For 'refusing to co operate' the Emm Luther Special Police took out Earth agent Sam Tallon's eyes and imprisoned him on a dark and eerie swamp from which nobody ever escapedBut then Tallon invented a way of seeing ludicrous agonizing yet still a way to make escape possible He 'saw' through the eyes of a bird A dog a woman guard and later even saw himself through the eyes of his enraged Lutheran pursuers Madness and death were his constant companions as he schemed and fought and struggled for his life Any other man would have gladly given up but then Sam Tallon had no choice for he was the unfortunate possessor of the single most important secret in the universe a secret which had to be returned to Earth somehow.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 188 pages
  • Night Walk
  • Bob Shaw
  • English
  • 26 January 2014
  • 9780575039872

About the Author: Bob Shaw

Bob Shaw was born in Northern Ireland After working in structural engineering industrial public relations and journalism he became a full time science fiction writer in Shaw was noted for his originality and wit He was two time recipient in and of the Hugo Award for Best Fan Writer His short story Light of Other Days was a Hugo Award nominee in as was his novel The Rag.

10 thoughts on “Night Walk

  1. Ubik Ubik says:

    Ambitious and entertaining but I will admit actually uite silly and unbelievable in a lot of parts There are also things that just werent explained After being blinded by an enemy interstellar agent Sam Tallon our hero goes to a prison on the planet Emm Luther where he invents with the help of another blind prisoner a goggle set that will allow a blind person to see through another being's eyes read human bird dog rat anything with a set of working eyes The concept is extremely neato but doesnt make any scientific sense whatsoever What you do get is a lot of amusing scenarios involving the split screen vision of a pigeon extreme close up of his own ear and whatever else the pigeon is looking at with the other eye scenes where Sam has to hold a dog up to his face in order to get a line of sight on something and seeing his enemy looking through the line of sight on a gun aimed at himself It was a good read a good romp but dont expect to be enlightened by it Nevertheless I will be giving Bob Shaw at least one shot to get an overall idea of his capabilities

  2. Eggp Eggp says:

    Blind guy regains sightgets his friends and lovers killedremains a jackass

  3. Cathy Cathy says:

    Rating 25Read this book for the OWLs Magical Readathon in the prompt ArithmancyI liked the premise of the book however the final 13 and especially the end was rushed and not very credible in the story context

  4. David David says:

    'To see ourselves as others see us' was never interpreted literally or with greater narrative effect This is a science fiction thriller that shows Bob Shaw at his ingenious best deft characterisation strong plot intriguing ideas and that much prized moment of cosmic revelation at the end The idea of a blind man escaping from a very secure penal colony is so improbable that one suspects Shaw set himself a kind of ultimate challenge 'Can I make this credible?' He did

  5. Pete Pete says:

    This is a short book but not really a uick read Tallon an agent from Earth is imprisoned by the government of a former colony planet He has stolen the jump coordinates to a habitable world and the two planets are about to go to war because of the mechanics of FTL travel make finding new worlds incredibly difficult view spoilerDuring his capture Tallon is blinded by a sadistic government enforcer He is sent to a political prison that is considered escape proof because of the natural barrier of a swamp teaming with dangerous life forms Nevertheless he manages to escape mainly because he has invented electronic eyes that allow him to borrow the eyes of nearby animals He has several episodes on his escape trek but eventually finds himself on his own in a starship that has randomly jumped through hyperspace This circumstance should be euivalent to a life sentence because he has no way to control his hyperspace jumps However he realizes that his eyeset is conveying information about hyperspace Incredibly with the help of a rat he manages to invent a means to navigate hyperspace hide spoiler

  6. Luca Dofus Luca Dofus says:

    After a poorly written book this was a pleasure for the eyes and the mind Very descriptive without it ever getting overwhelming and occasionally leaving it to the reader to fill in gaps The events go uickly and I did late nights gripped to the pages Emotions develop a bit too uickly but albeit it's a small book I really liked it Personally I don't read science fiction uestioning the science of it all the time I am certainly in no position to do that So I try to just enjoy the ideas regardless of how 'possible' it might be The book read fast the events and descriptions captured my attention and I often if not all the time find myself right beside Tallon ps I bought this is in a bookstore that was piles on piles of old used books The yellowed crunchy pages and old book smell certainly took part in the atmosphere of it all

  7. Paul Paul says:

    35Initially interesting got a bit weird in the middle picked up again towards the end view spoilerNot convinced that Tallon would adapt so uickly to being able to move etc using eyes from another person animal etc ie another pov hide spoiler

  8. Peter Greenwell Peter Greenwell says:

    I read this years ago now just adding it This is one of Shaw's lesser efforts and while it works well as a man on the run story the idea of using a cat or any other animal to see for you never uite gelled with me

  9. B B says:

    Like most vintage science fiction a bit outdated and old mentality Aside from that if you can look past the macho BS it's a fun adventure story

  10. MIchael Werner MIchael Werner says:

    Dated but with some interesting twists

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