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The Guru Gita This Is A A Scriptural Commentary Of Lahiri Mahasaya On The Guru Gita In The Light Of Kriya Lahiri Mahasaya Is A Polestar Of Kriya Yoga, A Direct Disciple Of Mahavataar Babaji In Previous Birth, He Was Kabir He Is The Sadguru Of Saint Shirdi Sai Baba Guru Gita Is A Part Of Biswasar Tantra Divine Mother, Parvati, Was Sitting With Lord Siva, Her Divine Husband, On Kailas Mountain In The Himalayas When She Requested Him To Impart The Great Teaching Of Guru Gita To Her This Important Scripture Will Help The Seekers Of Truth To Better Understand And Clarify The Kriya Path In Their Pursuit Of Truth Who Is Guru What Is Guruseva Service To Guru How Does One Meditate Upon Guru Who Is Qualified To Have Kriya