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    Tiffany AchingAbsolutely thrilling and entertaining and thought provoking and side splitting at timeslove the little blue men So interested to read what a REAL witch isI like Pratchett s take on it very, very much She is a healer She is a doer of things for people that other people forget to do or never thought to do in the first place, like cut the toenails of the ancient old man who lives alone outside of town and can t do it himself She is a carer Tiffany is an admirable hero who fixes the problems she creates and saves the world too I would recommend these books to anyone older than twelve EXCEPT for I Shall Wear Midnight It is very raw for a minute at the beginning, detailing Tiffany cleaning up the mess after a horrible instance of a father beating his teen daughter It s not pretty It s important to the story, but a little too much for my 12 year old, anyway I haven t yet read even a 1 4 of Pratchett s work, but so far he s 1 hilarious 2 cares very much about people 3 is very observant about our often troubled race 4 is v...

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    These books are all so amazing A wonderful little aside in the Discworld Saga Great characters with some fun cameos by guards, witches, and gods that we have met in other books Also a great stand alone series, but you ll want to read them in order It gets confusing otherwise.

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    I want to OWN this one and hug it.

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    I just re read this entire four book series and I still love them all Oh, to be a witch.

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    These books are decent and have some really great moments but also can be really irritating at times They re kind of like that one sibling who you love a lot and who is sometimes really smart but thinks that they re better than you.The language is funny, and there are some pretty great characters and settings They also have a good range as you can kind of see the main character grow up which does mean that the last best book is a lot darker than the first HOWEVER, they are cursed the same way all of Terry Pratchett s books are cursed they re snobby and pretentious The bigger lessons that you re supposed to take away from these books often turn out to be look how stupid ordinary people are If you re rude it means you have personality Uneducated people are really stupid and racist People are violent unless they re special magical witches who ar...

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    One of my favorite cast of characters maybe my favorite from Terry Pratchett It s been wonderful listening to the audiobooks on road trips with the kid.

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    This series consider this a broad review of the whole Tiffany Aching series up to this point was recommended by a friend is he a goodreads friend I don t know as part of a thank you and tribute to Terry Pratchett at the time of Pratchett s death The friend, who like me works as a pastor minister church leadership type, wrote about the Tiffany Aching series as his single favourite metaphor for ministry piece of literature I was intrigued I read the whole series during the month of May and could not agree with him Such a beautiful, tender, passionate, wise account of what it is for one deeply caring, not quite fitting in kid to take on a caring vocation with all its joys and costs I am a sucker for a coming of age story anyway, but this series had me laughing and weeping and highlighting and nodding along in sometimes rueful recognition I can see that it has faults, and I can t guess how it would go for someone for whom it did not feel like such a perfect encapsulation of their own ...

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    I so love this series Other Discworld books by Pratchett leave me cold, but this has such wisdom sprinkled throughout Much of what he describes as witchy training is really true to modern Paganism Clearly, Pratchett knew some real...

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    Terry Pratchett is amazing I love his imagination His humor is deep and yet clean There are jokes that you cannot explain to anyone who hasn t read his books He is so clever the world lost someone great when he died These books are great for young adults and I enjoyed them greatly.

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    Excellent sub series on DiscWorld Read separately, though searched and found all four Classic Terry Pratchett, his writing style draws you in with a balance of description and plot The audio versions are so well read, I also look for the narrator and sample the books he s done.

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Tiffany Aching 4-Book Collection EPUB Tiffany Aching 4 Book Collection Author Terry Pratchett Jwdfitness.co.uk This Collection Includes All Four Tiffany Aching Novels In Terry Pratchett S Beloved And Bestselling Discworld Series.The Wee Free Men Armed With Only A Frying Pan And Her Common Sense, Young Witch To Be Tiffany Aching Must Defend Her Home Against The Monsters Of Fairyland Luckily She Has Some Very Unusual Help The Local Nac Mac Feegle Aka The Wee Free Men A Clan Of Fierce, Sheep Stealing, Sword Wielding, Six Inch High Blue Men Together They Must Face Headless Horsemen, Ferocious Grimhounds, Terrifying Dreams Come True, And Ultimately The Sinister Queen Of The Elves Herself A Hat Full Of Sky Tiffany Aching Is Ready To Begin Her Apprenticeship In Magic She Expects Spells And Magic Not Chores And Ill Tempered Nanny Goats Surely There Must Be To Witchcraft Than This What Tiffany Doesn T Know Is That An Insidious, Disembodied Creature Is Pursuing Her In The End, It Will Take All Of Tiffany S Inner Strength To Save Herself If It Can Be Done At All.Wintersmith When The Spirit Of Winter Takes A Fancy To Tiffany Aching, He Wants Her To Stay In His Gleaming, Frozen World Forever It Will Take The Young Witch S Skill And Cunning, As Well As Help From The Legendary Granny Weatherwax And The Irrepressible Wee Free Men, To Survive Until Spring Because If Tiffany Doesn T Make It To Spring Spring Won T Come.I Shall Wear Midnight As The Witch Of The Chalk, Tiffany Aching Performs The Distinctly Unglamorous Work Of Caring For The Needy But Someone Or Something Is Inciting Fear, Generating Dark Thoughts And Angry Murmurs Against Witches Tiffany Must Find The Source Of Unrest And Defeat The Evil At Its Root Aided By The Tiny But Tough Wee Free Men, Tiffany Faces A Dire Challenge, For If She Falls, The Whole Chalk Falls With Her