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  1. Petra-X Petra-X says:

    This book is frustrating me and making me angry I want to throw it at the ghostwriter for elevating herself to co author and giving her opinion and thoughts constantly You aren't interesting your thoughts aren't relevant I wanted to read the biography of Sara Bernstein who survived one of very few the women's concentration camp in RavensbrukThe constant reminders from a woman who should have taken a back seat as the ghostwriter that her input is Important and that she needs to tell us about it can be illustrated by just one sentenceSara wants a particular title to the book but the ghostwriter doesn't like it as the next sentence is Hmmm I answered stalling for time Do you think that perhaps it sounds too much like the soap opera 'All my Children' Eventually she gets Sara to compromise on the titleThat is pretty much constant that and telling us how strong wonderful and amazing Sara was I think that was for the reader to judge not the ghostwriter to tell usSo I gave it up I remain interested in Sara Bernstein not only were there very few survivors of Ravensbruk but also there are very few accounts of Romanian Jews during the Holocaust and even fewer of 13 year old girls who are bullied out of school by teachers because they are Jewish and decide to make their own way in the world All of it interesting Just the wrong writerI seem to be in an absolute minority here Almost everyone loves the book view spoiler'Almost' I say because there is one review that along with the comments says that is fiction couldn't be true that there is no proof that Sara ever lived Google her she did plenty of photos etc and then plays the race card about Jews some of her best friends etc as well at this point sigh only saying that they could understand the Black experience they can't really What has that got to do with it? I hate people who play the race card My family are Black East Indian Vietnamese Malay and probably I've forgotten as well as white We marry anyone on both my side and ex's side I really hate people who bring up race hide spoiler

  2. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    Finished A very good holocaust book different from others maybe because you follow the main character from her youth You follow Seren through many years She is feisty It is also very interesting to know that Sara did not tell the author everything The missing bits are revealing The reader knows of them because Seren's daughter has added information and interesting comments about what it is like to be the daughter of two parents who have survived the holocaust Through page 273 these pages have been almost impossible to read HorrificNow I am on page 190 There is so much to think about For example what leads to survival? Mental health Strength of your mind leads to physical strength It is amazing what the human being is capable of surmounting Whiners really should remember this Art and beauty seeing a beautiful landscape hearing a song and the art of laughter Note it is not the big pieces of art in museums or an opera in a music hall that are reuired to uplift us from misery Actually it is the ability to keep one's eyes open to everything around us and to appreciate the small stuff Philosophical jabber I know but important to remember Seren is strong and always has been strong stubborn one might even say We know who she is because we know of the years before the worst times Even as a child she was a fighter even a troublemaker She was born that way Her next younger sister Zipporah was also a troublemaker but in a completely different way Their mother understands the importance of accepting her children and others for what they are with all their faults She doesn't show anger toward Zipporah That IS Zipporah An acceptance of the reality that people are just born different Sure we can try to change but one can only go so far to change how we are born Seren wanted this book to be published because people continue to deny that the holocaust ever happened In Sweden right now the papers are filled with people's anger that a man high up in the church says that the Jews are just exaggerating what happened to make us feel sorry for them Seren died before her book was published and that is sad Even as a child she wanted to be somebody Well I think she WAS somebody She helped others friends and family Without her strength they would have gone under Many went under anyway but she shared small experiences and laughter with them That is not to be forgotten I'm on page 84 of The Seamstress Well written Extremely moving You are there with SaraSeren Somehow this is different from other holocaust books

  3. Elyse Walters Elyse Walters says:

    Wow I saw a Goodreads member a new friend I hope marked that she had read this book She only gave it two stars which is fine she read it I didn't even realize anyone knew of this book my fun surprise to see others have read it I'll have to read those reviews I have a special connection with Sara's son plus wife kids Great family Once considered our closest friends people we spent the most time withlike every week end I've cherish this book loved reading about Sara's life from birth premature to her 'not' typical Holocaust memoir Amazing person she was And so is her sonalso mentioned in the book I cherish the wonderful verbal storytelling from her son a great extension and association for me with this book withholding the son's real name as he's an author too but uses a pen name I read this years ago before Goodreads was created I still own and treasure it won't give my copy away I know this wonderful family their great uniue stories some stories had me laughing crying at the same time Storytelling is like breathing air for some of those Bernsteins Great historical fiction family saga Sara's daughter Marleen is sure to be credited she helped her mother write this book Few had examined the concept of spiritual survival People would often ask my mother 'Well how did you live for so long when so many people died?'For the most part it seems they considered only how her physical being clung to life Not enough attention had been devoted to considering mental strength and emotional stamina and the role of help and the tramp over such horrific evil Special book to me Andan extraordinary story of Sara's strength determination resilience and humanity

  4. Cathy Cathy says:

    I thought this was a great Holocaust memoir and definitely worth reading I think it is very important to never forget the Holocaust though it is hard to enjoy these types of book They are always disturbing but I think that it is good for us to feel disturbed and remember The Holocaust should never be swept under the rug because it is too unpleasant to think about We need to feel uncomfortable about what happened It was true it was real it was unbelievably horrific Seren was a real survivor and she helped others survive along the way I can't even imagine what I would have done in her situation but I admire her greatly I think this was a great book for adults and teenagers to better understand happened during the Holocaust I have visited Dakau a different place but I will never forget the cold sad feeling I felt there I've read many Holocaust books The Hiding Place Night The Boy in Striped Pajamas come to mind Even though each account was very different I feel like these perspectives on such a terrible event in human history have taught me important lessons that I hope I never forget or don't want to learn

  5. Claire Grasse Claire Grasse says:

    A Holocaust survivor's story sometimes graphic sometimes horrifying and in a word depressing The problem is the first book I ever read about the Holocaust was Corrie ten Boom's The Hiding Place which deals with the horrors of Hitler's regime in the light of God's love That book itself is a masterpiece of grace This becomes a problem for me because I unconsciously want every book on the subject matter to measure up to that I realize the Holocaust will never be something that we read about for entertainment or to feel good But to view it from any other paradigm than God's is to come away feeling tainted I realize not everyone will agree with me so spiritual considerations aside the author simply does not make an emotional connection with the reader None of the characters seemed real to me None of their experiences drew me in The author mentions details like the fact that she weighed 44 lbs when rescued by the Allies or that her best friend died in her arms as though she were discussing a grocery list It was like listening to someone read a love sonnet in a flat bored monotone it just left me cold I gave it an extra star for the historical account but I'm not really recommending it to anyone Stick with Corrie ten Boom or even Anne Frank

  6. Karen Karen says:

    One of the best holocaust memoirs I have read a story of true triumph When Sara was finally rescued in the closing days of WWII she weighed forty four pounds I felt myself being lifted up in two arms I opened my eyes One of the American soldiers was carrying me I closed my eyes again Drops of water began splashing on my cheeks and running down my neckI realized that the soldier carrying me was crying his tears falling on my face She and two of her companions survived in camps where 99 out of 100 women died through sheer will mental strength emotional stamina an incredible sense of humor and great hope She survived with her spirit intact

  7. April April says:

    The Holocaust is one of the darkest moments of human history if not the darkest moment The Seamstress by Sarah Tuvel Bernstein is poignant coming of age memoir showcasing the indomitable human spirit Sarah Tuvel Bernstein herein referred to as Seren Tuvel was a Romanian Jew Much of Seren’s story is shaped around her large family; she was one of nine Her father was a lumber mill manager and was what we could consider lower middle class today Her formal education ended at elementary school yet she continued to learn as she became an apprenticed seamstress Tuvel’s memoir opens with the story of her birth and closes with an epilogue by her daughter Marlene Bernstein about Tuvel’s life in America and her subseuent death As with many Holocaust survivors Seren Tuvel did not emerge from the Holocaust without emotional scars to bear As Romania is an Eastern European country and Seren’s family is Jewish the Tuvel family has had to endure a long history of persecution from pogroms to accusations of being “Christ killers” Seren with blonde hair and blue eyes is able to achieve much success through her sewing because many perceived her to be Gentile Without her Gentile features she would have been barred entry from the homes of those who were among the upper echelon of society In 1941 Seren and her father Abram Tuvel were arrested by the Hungarian Government for being spies their only true crime was being Jewish and living very near the Romanian Hungarian border In the early World War II years the Romanian Hungarian border was elastic which presented a problem for the Tuvels Seren was eventually released; her father never procured freedom and was ruthlessly shot for losing his mind during an air raid Upon return Seren and her remaining family are forced into ghettos Seren sneaks out and continues to sew for Gentile households She is then conscripted into a women’s labor army with friends and family The army brings Seren to a labor camp Ravensbruick In Ravensbruick Seren her best friends and niece survive by sheer cunning When liberation forces come too close to Ravensbruick Seren and her group are brought to Auschwitz Eventually they were liberated from Auschwitz Seren stayed in a hospital for a few months because of her poor health She went to a refugee center taught a sewing class and met her husband The Seamstress gracefully showcases Seren Tuvel’s wide spectrum of emotions within its pages Empathy for Tuvel naturally occurs while reading her story Perhaps most surprising of all of Seren’s emotions was her bitterness towards the Polish Jews within Auschwitz She describes them as a ruthless motley group with compassion only for their own I had a hard time understanding why Seren felt such disdain for the Polish Jews because with all the persecution and hate she suffered why continue the cycle of hate Perhaps the most recurrent emotion throughout The Seamstress was optimism By retaining hope through the horrors heaped upon her Seren emerged from the Holocaust physically and mentally intact Many were not as lucky as Seren as evidenced by the grief she describes from losing a vast amount of loved ones By learning about the Holocaust one may feel pity for the victims but perhaps not empathy “A single death is a tragedy; a million is a statistic” Reading a Holocaust memoir puts a human face on the catastrophe allowing for someone with no personal connection to the event to feel compassion for those who survived as well as those who did not As someone who has never experienced anything even close to what Seren endured it is hard for me to understand the Holocaust Through Tuvel’s words I learned of the plight of the Romanian Jew before and even directly after the Holocaust My eyes were opened to the existence of camps beyond Auschwitz Bergen Belson and Chelmno and that each of these camps destroyed the lives of millions real people with real lives and real families It was and still is hard to comprehend the amount of destruction Hitler and the Nazis wrought upon the Jews and the other “undesirables” Even shocking to me was how the Jews were treated directly afterwards I had always believed that following the Holocaust the Germans treated the Jews with kindness because they felt guilty about what had happened such was not the case Tuvel writes about post war Germans feeling that because the Fuhrer was so adamant in destroying the European Jewry there must have been some sort of logical reasoning behind it However it seems that so many years of ingrained antisemitism it was probably a hard thing for the Europeans to let go of Seren wrote this memoir as a testament to the existence of her family as well as to tell her story in its entirety The Seamstress is intended for young adults There are graphic descriptions of the violence inflicted upon the Jews including one section where Tuvel describes observing prominent Jewish men hung on meat hooks Sexual violence is alluded to as well The book is not suitable for a younger reader The Seamstress isn’t Pulitzer Prize uality but it is not a book to be easily dismissed This is an elouently written memoir a fluid read The grace dignity and perseverance shown by Seren Tuvel during the Holocaust moved me The Seamstress is perhaps best suited for a rainy or snowy day free of distraction where one may be transported to Seren Tuvel’s world

  8. George Lichman George Lichman says:

    The Seamstress is the memoir of author Seren Sara Tuvel Bernstein a Romanian Jew who came of age during the rise of the Third Reich was expelled from Romania arrested and beaten by Hungarian Guard forced into a temporary labor camp where her sister was shot and killed before her eyes and eventually ended up on a concentration camp before escapingliberated by American forces while being transported likely for execution What was somewhat uniue about The Seamstress is that the book was about Ms Bernstein's entire life not just her experience with the Holocaust To me it made her experiences much personal because they were happening to a person a felt I knew She talked of her premature birth childhood family schooling and how she learned her trade Knowing that make Ms Bernstein much real My only complaint about the book was that although Ms Bernstein was very descriptive about the atrocities of others during her experience she seemed to minimize her own ordeal Don't get me wrong she starved was abused she was nearly killed and witnessed awful things But in the forward her daughter in law who helped write the book spoke of her being beaten so badly her leg was broken and there were other permanent deformities but none of that appeared in the book I don't think it is out of character for survivors of that time to minimize their experience and perhaps that's what happened here The Seamstress is a well told story of a woman who lived and survived as a Jew in Eastern Europe during the build up and Second World War It and similar memoirs should be reuired reading for young people around the world

  9. Sharon Sharon says:

    An extraordinary unsentimental story by an extraordinary woman This is powerful truth akin to horror at some points and heartwarming at others with a strong female hero Seren is a hero by any account She's a tough woman who shouldn't have survived but did using intelligence and determination Although Seren's young life involved the Holocaust the book is about her family and her own wisdom and grit in every situation It's part of Seren's journey to a life she must have cherished every day Although she surely had post traumatic stress disorder she was a loving and loved person who gave her best to her family and friends Out the other side of trauma Seren made choices Perhaps there are lessons here for all of us The Seamstress is a compelling story with some photos scattered throughout The story should lift any reader above their own trials It's also a history lesson with some details I'd never read before Here Seren recounts her early life with family how insidiously changes happened how much people didn't know or understand and events that happened to her and some of her family and friends Highly recommend

  10. Jess Jess says:

    Since beginning this book I have pondered much on the wickedness of mankind There is so much hatred I have never experienced pure hatred due to who I am based on religion color creed whatever I am thankful to have been raised by parents who taught me to love all to follow the example of my Saviour and to strive to be like Him perfectly loving in all things Although I am far from His perfection I am thankful that love not hate is natural for meI cannot recommend this book highly enough It is an incredibly inspiring story It has taught me to love fully and fully appreciate all the many blessings I have My heart breaks for those who suffer due to the hatred of others I find peace knowing God in His infinite wisdom will judge all Those who cause others to suffer will ultimately receive their reward

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The Seamstress ❴Reading❵ ➻ The Seamstress Author Sara Tuvel Bernstein – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk From its opening pages in which she recounts her own premature birth triggered by terrifying rumors of an incipient pogrom Bernstein's tale is clearly not a typical memoir of the Holocaust She was bor From its opening pages in which she recounts her own premature birth triggered by terrifying rumors of an incipient pogrom Bernstein's tale is clearly not a typical memoir of the Holocaust She was born into a large family in rural Romania and grew up feisty and willing to fight back physically against anti Semitism from other schoolchildren She defied her father's orders to turn down a scholarship that took her to Bucharest and got herself expelled from that school when she responded to a priestteacher's vicious diatribe against the Jews by hurling a bottle of ink at him After a series of incidents that ranged from dramatic escapes to a year in a forced labor detachment Sara ended up in Ravensbruck a women's concentration camp and managed to survive She tells this story with style and power Kirkus Reviews.