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Child of Silence Padgett S Gritty And Absorbing Debut Novel Featuring A San Diego Child Abuse Investigator Evokes The Emotional And Psychological Intensity Of Jonathan Kellerman S Bestselling Alex Delaware Books Bo Bradley Loves Her Job As An Abuse Investigator, But A Troubling New Case Threatens Not Only A Child S Life But Her Own.

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    Gritty and fantasticQ She could sit on the floor and chat calmly with three year olds about unusual sexual practices She could photograph burns left by lit cigarettes on the genitals of babies She could even observe an occasional autopsy without popping Valium or gaining fifty pounds of buffering flesh as so many of her peers did.Years of psychiatric treatment notwithstanding, she really lay the credit for her equanimity at the feet of Bach that hypnotic sanity of sound her violinist mother had taught her to love c

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    I noticed that the majority reviewers seemed to really like this booksadly, I was not one of them.I didn t particularly like the author s writing style but having said that I think she did a great job of describing the Bipolar protagonist s thoughts and reasons for doing things they way she does Unfortunately, it was still not enough for me to be interested in reading any of the Bo Bradley series.

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    One of my very favorite mystery writers and this series she has 2 is my favorite of hers Terrific well written first book in a relatively short series, and Padgett s first book The likeable sleuth protagonist has bipolar disorder and is a child abuse investigator Takes place in southern California and includes interesting Native American characters Unique and exceptional mystery series.

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    In a complex world of the juvenile court system in San Diego County, bureaucrats and individual social workers struggle daily to save the children in danger For one social worker, Bo Bradley, the daily battle is enhanced because of her own condition of manic depression bipolar disorder Only one person with whom she works knows of this condition her friend and colleague, Estella Benedict But whenever the symptoms begin to reappear, a difficult job becomes almost impossible.When one day a four year old boy, tied to a mattress in an old shack on an Indian reservation, is rescued by an old Indian woman, life just got a whole lot harder Saving the boy, who turns out to be deaf, from whoever hurt him and is still trying to kill him, becomes a full time obsession for Bo Bradley Like a one woman army on a hunt and capture mission, she digs into the clues at hand, flies to a neighborhood in Houston, Texas, and begins to realize that the only way to save the boy is to hide him.Intermingled with the tale of rescuing the boy called Weppo, the author weaves a bit of Bo s history, including the loss of her own sister also deaf and plagued with manic depression many years ago A Native American theme casts Child of Silence and its characters into a tapestry of mysticism and spiritualism that lends beauty and hope to the story of one child and one woman on a collision course with danger.Five stars

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    Bo Bradley, a social worker with the San Diego s Children s Protective Services, finds than expected as she investigates the case of a boy found tied to a mattress in an abandoned building on a Paiute Reservation Because he doesn t communicate or seem to understand what is said to him, he is labeled retarded and the system proceeds to institutionalize him Because of her family history, Bo realizes the boy, who calls himself Weppo is not retarded He is deaf Apparently, no one has attempted to teach him to speak or use sign language As she tries to locate his family, she encounters the powerful Rowe family who seem to be willing to do anything to keep her from resolving the case She also has to deal with her own bipolar health condition, trying to balance the benefits of using lithium with the side effects it causes The book explains how the system works, the effect of bureaucracy, the roles of the supervisors, and what a dedicated social worker has to do to best serve her client s interests It also tells about the Paiute culture The first of a series of Bo Bradley books, CHILD OF SILENCE was well written and kept my interest I found the main characters believable and cared about them.

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    I found this a bit of a departure from Padgett s two Blue books that I ve enjoyed, though this series comes with higher recommendations It s a traditional mystery story, though the main character is still a far cry from your average sleuth.Bo Bradley is an investigator into child abuse with the social services but her main characteristic is that she suffers from manic depression I think Padgett did a pretty good job of portraying someone with a mental illness without making them out to be a complete loony I liked Bo a lot and though I thought the story was a bit thin on the ground at times I ll be looking for the next book in the series It seemed that Bo had too much of a personal connection to the case she was investigating in this book it seemed as if the author put all their cards on the table in one book.

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    Bo Bradley is quite the character Riddled with her own issues the CPS investigator is one brave and quirky woman Child of Silence features a young, deaf boy, which brings an interesting intrigue to the mystery Why does someone one want that little boy dead

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    Child of SilenceFrom the BookA wise old Paiute woman finds a four year old boy tied to a mattress in an abandoned shack in the hills above San Diego Child abuse investigator Bo Bradley gets the case Staff at St Mary s Hospital for Children assume the boy is mentally impaired because he cannot talk, but Bo remembers a little sister named Laurie She knows that the boy, like Laurie, is deaf.Complicating things is Bo s manic depressive disorder, a troubling but occasionally valuable problem for which she always, well sometimes, takes her meds The prime directive in Bo s job is Don t become emotionally involved with the child But the little boy is so bright inside his silence, and so alone Bo feels the ominous first ripples of an oncoming manic episode and grabs her meds, but they won t have much effect for weeks and the child is in danger now Risking her job and ultimately her life in a perhaps delusional race to protect a four year old whose only word is his own name Weppo Bo finds herself alone with the child in a desert night fraught with terrors as she tries to reach an imagined safety among the Paiute But political intrigue, desperate secrets and a relentless evil lurk in every shadow of a moonlit landscape in which Bo has only her own intense and uncanny perceptions as guide She knows she s crazy, but sometimes crazy sees what rational cannot And crazy is now Weppo s only chance for a life My ReviewI had this strange series in my Kindle library and I just happened to pick this to read The Social Worker Bo is manic depressive and the series allows you to see into the mind of how someone with the condition thinks I don t know how realistic it is because I ve only had periphery exposure to people with this condition Following this thought, to me the story was all over the place Trying to follow the quirks of her mental illness while following the story of the little boy was at some points confusing However, the author was able to bring it together into a chilling but exciting story I read this rather quickly because it captivated me for several reasons 1 that unfortunate truth that people are evil 2 The fact that good wins in the end and 3 the fact that there is a lot of discomfort in between I would recommend this book to the mature young adult and up, definitely not a book for the young reader From a Christian PerspectiveThis is obviously not a book in the Christian genre However there are brief references to an abandoned faith Catholicism This always makes me sad Yes times do get hard, yes evil does affect our lives everyday and yes our loved ones get hurt But there is a God that loves us forever, He will never leave us or forsake us Deut 3 16 , we are not alone Whether we face mental illness, the loss of a dear one, or just dealing with evil, we are NOT alone I pray that you remember this as you go through each day This is a book from my personal collection, all opinions expressed are my own Love and blessings Margaret

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    An elderly Native American Woman finds an abandoned boy on the Barona Ranch Indian Reservation he is tied up and unconscious In the first mystery written and published by author Abigail Padgett, Bo Bradley, Juvenile Court Investigator working for Child Protective Services in San Diego, is assigned the case What is supposed to be a slam dunk case turns into a race for the little boy s life as well as her own as Bo tries to unravel the mystery of who the boy is and where he came from with two hit man hot on her heels and the mania that is beginning to set in As it happens, Bo also suffers from Bipolar Disorder, and in her mind, her medication cannot kick in fast enough.Although I cannot remember how I first learned about Abigail Padgett s social worker series, I made it my mission to track down all of the books in the series Of the five books, four are out of print Thanks to E Bay and Half.com, I was able to get my hands on copies of all the books Unfortunately, I was not able to read them in order, and I was reminded as I read Child of Silence why I like to start from the beginning of a series, if only to get to know a character from the very beginning This is the fourth of this series I have read I also have read two books from her other series about a social psychologist It has been a while since I have read the other books in the series, but I have to say that I enjoyed Child of Silence the most The book is short enough to read in one sitting, and I had trouble putting it down when it came time to deal with the laundry From the first page, the race against time was on and I wanted to know what would happen next Ms Padgett was able to weave Bo s mental disorder in with the story in a very real way I felt I was right there, experiencing exactly what Bo was going through Ms Padgett s own experiences as a court investigator were very evident throughout the book Having been a court investigator myself in a very similar capacity as Bo Bradley, I felt a kinship to the character I could easily relate to her frustrations, feelings and thoughts in regards to her chosen profession I found myself nodding and agreeing at times she painted a realistic picture of what many of us in the profession face day in and day out.

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    Bo is a social worker who is bipolar and gets very involved with one of her cases an abandoned deaf child.First sentences 1 3 00 a.m Fog Wisps of fog drifting through the open balcony doors of Bo Bradley s San Diego beach apartment wafted aimlessly and then evaporated But not before settling damply on her unruly mane of silvery auburn hair And not before capturing the attention of an almond shaped structure called the amygdala, nestled deep within Bo s brain More highly evolved in dogs than in people, the amygdala responds to scent In the imaginative, it can create whole movies out of a whiff of yeast muffin or a hint of perfume And prone toward the manic end of a manic depressive disorder, Bo Bradley was never short of imagination, even in sleep Irritated, she stretched her lanky forty year old frame beneath the Black Watch plaid sheets she d found on sale at a linen outlet just last week She pulled the edge of the top sheet over her nose Too late Images called by the scent of fog from inaccessible memory crowded into other landscapes and became mutations Bo began to dream It was the old cottage at Chequesset Neck on Cape Cod Bay where she d gone every summer as a child The salt breezy cottage with its ships prow porch where her grandmother told stories of Billingsgate sea witches and Gypsy fortune tellers Except in the dream the cottage was in ruins, its clapboard roof fallen in on hollow rooms strewn with broken glass There was no one in the ravaged rooms but her sister, Laurie, screaming that eerie, croaking scream of hers A child Laurie, screaming alone in the ruined cottage And she was wearing the dress Gray velvet with the Carrickmacross lace collar that had belonged to their grandmother The dress Laurie had really worn at twenty The dress she would wear forever Padgett, Abigail 2011 02 07 Child of Silence Bo Bradley Mysteries, Book One Kindle Locations 59 74 Kindle Edition.