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Finding His Treasure (Saving Earth #1) EPUB Finding His Treasure Saving Earth 1 Author Rebecca Lorino Pond Undercostruction.eu Earth Has Been At War With Itself For Seven Years Now And Meeks Is All Alone By Accident She Witnesses An Alien Spaceship Shot Down And When The Alien Emerges From The Crash He Is Not Happy Even Though He Is Not What She Expected To See Taken Prisoner By The Alien, She Now Faces A Life On Another Planet With An Incredibly Good Looking Man Who Sets Her On Fire, But Has Intentions Of Selling Her To Pay For A New Ship Is There A Way For Her To Remain With The One Man Who Has Found His Way Into Her Heart Saxon Came To Check On Earth For Thousands Of Years His People Have Been Traveling To Earth, Even Interacting With The Humans Instead Of Finding Earth In The Same Condition He Last Left It, He Is Shot Down By Humans At First He Believes It To Be The Female He Sees When He Emerges From His Smoking Ship He Takes Her As His Prisoner But Quickly Realizes She Is Something To Him And Has No Plans On Selling Her But, Once He Has Her Back On His Home Planet, Trouble Arises Within The Council He Leads One Man Stands In Saxon S Way Of Finding Happiness With The Human He Has Claimed For His Mate One Man Who Will Try To Stop Their Love From Developing By Taking Her From Him WARNING This Book Contains Sexually Explicit Situations That May Be Offensive To Some It Is Not Intended Doe Those Under The Age Of 18 Please Do Not Buy This Book If Such Things Are Offensive To You.

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    I had forgot I read this and as I reread it, the heroine got on my nerves with the idiot things she said, did, and didn t do The quickness of the intimacy made me roll my eyes The hero s crass thoughts and holding back important information increased my dislike of him T...

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    Good story butI enjoyed the story Saxon is one of the good guys although a little sadistic at times He wasn t afraid to admit he loved Meeka and was completely loyal to her The book is fast paced and there isn t a lot of lag time while everyone figures out what is happening The only thing that really bugged me and it has happened to me on my ...

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    Main Characters Meeka A human woman captured by an alienSaxon The alien who captured MeekaSynopsis Earth has been at war with itself for seven years now and Meeks is all alone By accident she witnesses an alien spaceship shot down and when the alien emerges from the crash he is not happy even though he is not what she expected to see Taken prisoner by the alien, she now faces a life on another planet with an incredibly good looking man who sets her on fire, but has intentions of selling her to pay for a new ship Is there a way for her to remain with the one man who has found his way into her heart Saxon came to check on Earth For thousands of years his people have been traveling to Earth, even interacting with the humans Instead of finding Earth in the same condition he last left it, he is shot down by humans At first he beli...

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    Fun space alienI liked this book Saxon is flying over Earth when he is shot down Furious he captures Meeka and plans to sell her to recoup the loss of his ship Earth has destroyed itself and the survivors are living in a wasteland On Saxon s planet the people believe they are superior to the barbaric humans, who t...

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    InterestingThis book has a good story line and interesting ideas of what could be the result of humanity if we can t get along The main idea starts off the story with a misunderstanding that turns into much It has danger and heartwarming moments The reason for four stars is that it needs a good ...

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    Alright, yeah this one sort of let me down The beginning seemed super promising then it went into run of the mill I was only going to give the book 2 stars but, the heroine grabs Outlander as one of her things she MUST take for survival And all I have to say is Amen girl, Amen

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    earth, torn apart by anarchy and never ending world warfires at a spaceshipthe captain captures a young woman and brings her back only to have her stolen and tortured by his racist uncle

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    Great read Really liked the characters and am interested to see where the story goes Be nice to have Danner and Hannah s story.

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    Good Book.I have really enjoyed reading this book I can t wait till the next one comes out I enjoy all of Rebecca Larino Pond s books.

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