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Виновните се страхуват 80 ,.

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    Good story Thoroughly enjoyed The Guilty Are Afraid is a 1957 thriller novel by James Hadley Chase The novel is set against the foundation of a rich hoodlum ridden city on the Pacific Coast where Lew Brandon, the hero, searches for the executioner who discarded his accomplice Jack Sheppey

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    Its really difficult to comment on or rate any JHC book really But what i observed is that the books published till 1960 are greatest Those after 1960 till end are comparatively less interesting than earlier.

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    Lew Brandon, a smart private detective, solves the mystery of the murder of his colleague, in a city riven by crime, drug dealing and corruption at high places The killer turns out to be one whom one least suspects...

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    344 .

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    I Once left this book half read and after long time read it again to finish it, It Didn t disappoint me The remarkable feature of Chase is , He won t Disappoint you This book is no different, it s an absolute Page Turner.The story about a private detective finding the killer of his fellow partner who was dead when the former visits this beach city and how he does that is the plot Until the last chapter , the Author doesn t...

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    Typical police novel with drugs affairs, good looking women and some shooting and fights Easy to read and to forget after.Good to fill some available time.

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    Mara gaskiya ko a ruwa yayi jibi

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    A really awful private eye novel, completely predictable and full of noir clich s Well, it was written in the 1950s, and we ve come a long way since then, but still

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    This was a good read It became transparent after the first few chapter, no real plot twists Not one of his better works

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