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Taming My Prince Charming ➸ [Reading] ➺ Taming My Prince Charming By J.S. Cooper ➭ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When Lola met Xavier Prince of Romerius she was immediately attracted to his dark handsome good looks and sparkling green eyes She spent a whirlwind weekend with him and almost fell for his charm unti When Lola met Xavier Prince of Romerius she was immediately attracted to his dark handsome good looks and sparkling green Taming My PDF/EPUB ² eyes She spent a whirlwind weekend with him and almost fell for his charm until he humiliated her and she fled Lola wasn't prepared to find out that Xavier was her new professor and her new boss She also wasn't prepared for the sparks that flew every time they were together When Xavier takes her on a work trip she is shocked when they are mobbed by the paparazzi and agrees to go to Romerius with Xavier to pretend she is his fiancé Only Lola had no idea that Xavier had a master plan from the moment he met her He wanted a week to make her his so that he could get her out of his system Only Xavier had no idea that fate had another plan for him.

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  1. Pam Pam says:

    I'm really disappointed in this heroine I usually love J S Cooper's books but Lola has 100% descended into Harleuin hell I had hope for this moral young college student who seems smart I knew she was going to be taken with a smooth handsome alpha like Xavier but to allow him to so easily drag her into what he did left me with my mouth hanging open I was wondering if with all his money he cloned her and locked the nice girl in his dungeonHe does nothing but insult her prostitute names golddigger etc Then she still drops her panties on a dime At this point the story means nothing to me because with his existing attitude this uick change of his is not going to stick with the cliffhanger hanging we are left with Xavier has his issues but he is the worst kind of person Uses people for his own ends He sets Lola up over and over again He puts her in positions that harm her personally and her reputation just for his own pleasure and amusement So far in two books I can't find any redeeming ualities about Xavier I am fast losing any sympathy for Lola I can see going along with Xavier the first time but going back the second time when she knew what was going on???? You know the saying? You make your own bed

  2. Leila Maldo Leila Maldo says:

    Ok it was much better than Finding My Prince Charming but I have some issues 25 stars The thing is that I honestly couldn't be FRUSTRATED with the author even if I try If it's not the change of release dates on her books it's the uantity or format of the book Seriously This was going to be last book I was going to read from her because I was tired of this game And now there will be a THIRD BOOK? Really? I read the ex games the private club and everlasting sin and I was getting really exited with her releases But is too much Now The book was much better than the first one My expectations were uite high for the first one and they weren't met This one was much better It had feeling I felt it went Lola finally realizes that she's in love that was coming and everyone knew it Also I like Lola as a character on this one because she was able to take charge and just stand her ground It's ok to be ruled by feelings but in the first book it was like she had no backbone to stand on her own One of the reasons I had big expectations for Finding was one of the first few chapters when he insinuate that she was a 'whore' She stood up and walked away And I cheered her on and wanted to see how it would later developed So I was uite happy with this one up until the end when the author decide to make money and go from a standalone to a seuel to a trilogy Who does that???

  3. Katie Edmonds Katie Edmonds says:

    The next book should be titled Kicking Prince Charming to the Curb He is officially unredeemable after this one And I can't tolerate a heroine who overlooks a plethora of sins just because they managed to enjoy hanging out a time or two and have good physical chemistry So she will be unredeemable if she does manage to forgive him Also who lets a biatch bait them into doing a strip tease? Huh?What a train wreck

  4. Raj Raj says:

    JULY 29???DAMN I was sooooo damn excited to read FINDING MY PRINCEthen I peeked and saw the ending it was a cliff so I didn't read it and now I have to wait til July 29 to read book 2????5 DAYS LATERI read it I said I would wait I couldn'tI just had the urge to read it so I did the cliffwell it's okay not as bad as I thought I could wait thank god this is a duet

  5. taveena kade taveena kade says:

    4 starsHonestly there were times throughout the book where I wished Lola would somehow end up with Taruin I mean he’s so much nicer and he isn’t an ass like Xavier “I watched Taruin’s eyes widen as he stared at Lola in her dress His expression held the admiration and appreciation I’d felt when I’d seen her I hadn’t been prepared for the gamut of emotions that had hit me when I’d seen her in her dress and her small hopeful smile had frightened me I was not interested in falling for Lola I was not interested in love I didn’t want my heart to tighten when I stared at her Like now She was smiling at Taruin as if he were her fiancé It irritated me Didn’t she realize that Taruin might take her smile the wrong way? He might think she was interested in him I grew angry just thinking about it”

  6. Stacy Hahn Stacy Hahn says:

    Taming My Prince Charming will leave you speechless with your jaw on the floor And I absolutely fricking loved every minute of it The fake engagement continues with Lola holding her head high inspire of many less than stellar circumstances she has to endure Lola is trying so hard to fight her feelings for Xavier because she knows she's just going to get hurt in the endXavier is making it hard to like him in this book He has secrets and a vendetta that we don't yet know about He is having mixed feelings as to how he's using Lola in that Will he gain a conscience or is it too late and the damage done?This book ends in a WTF cliffhanger and I can't wait to read book 3

  7. Keri Keri says:

    I'm dying hereI wanna slap punch kick kiss and have my way with Xavier The man can drive you nuts in all ways Violeta is a real b# I would love to go rounds with her haha The ending is gonna drive me nuts until the next book comes out Who came into the room? What's going on? Please dear God don't let her be stupid enough to fall for Caspers lines and make the next book all about her trying to get Xavier to forgive her when he is the one needing forgiveness

  8. Zeba Zeba says:

    Seriously? Wtf Stupid fucking book I don't get this 9 chapter book He's trying to make an ex jealous Or what not by taking her to a sex castle where his ex is?? The one who cheated on him with his cousin who happens to be the Prince of the aformentioned castle??? He thinks he loves her at the last 2 pages when the other cousin has seuestered her in his bedroom?????? This sucked I am being extremely generous with 2 stars

  9. Madeleine Knutsson Madeleine Knutsson says:

    Note to myself Only read JS Coopers series when all off the books in the series are already out

  10. The Book Junkie Reads . . . The Book Junkie Reads . . . says:

    Lola has found herself in a world beyond her imagination She finds that she has been thrust in to a world that does not want her She finds that things are not what they seem Xavier in this installment seems like a wimp at times and then a scared little boy His alpah seems to have left the building Though it has brief visits This was a short read and the flip and flop of Xavier was the only real thing to count on Lola was too trusting I was disappointed upon hearing Xavier for the first time Listening to his parents and cousin There were no accents to go with the rich history that was suppose to revolve around these people And there were times when I was not sure if the person talking was male of female Not good

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