No Stars to Wish on PDF ã to Wish PDF/EPUB å No

  • Paperback
  • 176 pages
  • No Stars to Wish on
  • Zana Fraillon
  • English
  • 21 December 2014
  • 9781743315149

10 thoughts on “No Stars to Wish on

  1. Adele Broadbent Adele Broadbent says:

    Told in the viewpoint of a young boy this is a sad but also uplifting story of a family torn apart Poor but happy he lives with his mum and twin sister cousins and great aunts Then one day he is taken along with Baby Sal to a place ruled by nuns and angry voices His clothes are taken and he is given another boy’s clothes – He was called No49Waiting for the nuns to realise their mistake he is there for years but finds a way to overcome his fate He believes if he tells his jokes he will make the other children laugh breaking the sadness of the place and hopefully – eventually the nuns angry faces But why are some kids given medicine and others none? And why is the old No 49’s shoe in the compost?Between 1920 and 1970 in Australia children in poverty were torn from their families and put into government care ‘for their own good’ They were called the forgotten children

  2. Sally Flint Sally Flint says:

    I didn't enjoy this as much as other Zana Fraillon books perhaps because it is aimed at a slightly younger audience so has a little less depth Exploring the cruelty and hardship of being abandoned in Care Homes in Australia it gets its message across about what the 'Forgotten Generation' had to go through

  3. IfrahHreads IfrahHreads says:

    Almost perfect

  4. Kerryn Lawson Kerryn Lawson says:

    Intriguing sad and thought provoking

  5. Carmel Carmel says:

    Wow Tears and big lump in my throat A beautiful very special wonderful book It should be receiving much attention One of the best books about the stolen or as forgotten generation for Middle School students available It grabbed my heart and mind and I just loved the main character from page one It is an Australian story but I am sure it would speak internationally

  6. Ella Ella says:

    HAHA THIS BOOK IS REALLY GOOD At one stage I thought the main character had died and I was freaking out and stuff because I'm so attached to him but he hadn't Thankfully Yeah though It's really good read it

  7. Bren MacDibble Bren MacDibble says:

    Beautiful bitter sweet story of family separation and heavy handed authorities Amazingly compelling voice Adored the touches of surreal happenings throughout

  8. Tanya Grech Welden Tanya Grech Welden says:

    Check out my review for this spellbinding read

  9. Alison Alison says:

    A very confronting and painful episode in Australian history presented very sensitively

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No Stars to Wish on❮BOOKS❯ ⚡ No Stars to Wish on Author Zana Fraillon – A little boy's spirit shines amid some dark truths in this tender and memorable novel about being taken from home and put in an orphanageEach kid only has one pair of shoes here Number 49's shoes are A little boy's spirit shines amid some to Wish PDF/EPUB å dark truths in this tender and memorable novel about being taken from home and put in an orphanageEach kid only has one pair of shoes here Number 's shoes are a pretty good fit for me and I know they're new because they still No Stars PDF/EPUB ² have that plastic smell But the real Number is uite a bit bigger than I am because his pants keep falling down on me I wish he would come back so that I could go homeJack loves telling jokes but not many people laugh at them in the orphanage Will he Stars to Wish Kindle Ï ever be reunited with his mother and sister his great aunts and great grandmother back at homeA haunting fable like story.

About the Author: Zana Fraillon

Zana Fraillon was born in Melbourne but to Wish PDF/EPUB å spent her early childhood in San Francisco Zana has written two picture books for young children a series for middle readers and a novel for older readers based on research and accounts of survivors of the Forgotten Generation She spent a year in China No Stars PDF/EPUB ² teaching English and now lives in Melbourne with her three sons husband and two dogs When Zana isn't.