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  • Kindle Edition
  • 182 pages
  • A Determined Mind (Abducted #2)
  • Corinne Leigh Donovan
  • English
  • 06 September 2015

10 thoughts on “A Determined Mind (Abducted #2)

  1. Abbie Abbie says:

    This was about the same as the firstJosie was an okay character again although at times I thought she was annoying I liked this one about the same as the first It wasn't a bad read but it just didn't suck me in I could put the book down easily and not think of it at all until I picked it back up againOverall Alright but not great

  2. SB CS SB CS says:

    I love Josie She's a teen that fights for what she wants and she's determined to move on and make her own future This is the follow up in Josie's story We learn how she is determined to make things right and nothing is going to stop herI enjoy the mystery of the book and how the story really moved forward We learn about what happened to Josie and Jason Jay after 3 years of their escape and how an abduction leads them to remember and face what happened Life never goes as planed but they are strong and they can live life how they want The sex trafficking ring is still in operation and Josie and Jay aren't safe The story continues and it has action new and old characters and most of all a character development that I really enjoyedWhy 4 stars I'm a reader that has a thing for details I pay attention and when something is a little off I double check the book There are 2 things in the story like this Josie and Deanna she works with Josie at the library celebrate 1 month of Josie working then when she's talking to Jay she refers as she's worked only a week The second one is Paul's age he told Josie he's 19 then when she's talking about him she says he's 18 Those 2 things took a little from the story but above all I enjoy it I'll be looking forward to read what happens next with Josie and Jay

  3. Teresa Kander Teresa Kander says:

    I had many of the same issues with this book that I did with the first one I really wanted to like Josie but most of the time I just wanted to slap some sense into herThere are also still issues with editing in this book which sometimes made the story difficult for me to get through I like the IDEA behind this series just don't find the finished product as enthralling as it could beI was given a copy of this book by the author in exchange for an honest review All thoughts and opinions are entirely my own

  4. April April says:

    Book 2 of an abducted mind I couldnt wait to read this book I was taken in by book one just had to read book 2 IT was everything and I was expecting 3 years later it takes place Josie is now 16 and determine to capture her abductors she and Jay the boy who saves her life are still friends and she is making progress in her recovery another abducrion has taken place and she is determined to remember what the abductors looked like great YA thiller

  5. Katie Katie says:

    I had been looking forward to this seuel since I read the last page of the first book However I didn't enjoy this one as much It was still a good book just not what I anticipated I hope the third book is a little longer

  6. Stephanie Stephanie says:

    StrengthJosie demonstrates strength and courage as she looks to find closure to a horrible ordeal she had to overcome Can't wait to read the next book

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A Determined Mind (Abducted #2)❰Reading❯ ➹ A Determined Mind (Abducted #2) Author Corinne Leigh Donovan – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk What becomes of a victim of abduction How do they go onThese are uestions that Josie has had to think about since being the victim of an abduction over three years ago Not only is she known as the gir What becomes of a victim of abduction How do they go onThese are uestions that Josie has had to think about since being the victim of an abduction over three years ago Not only is she known as the girl who was abducted but she will forever be known as the girl that got away She is in the midst of trying to move forward but without her kidnappers behind bars she's forced to always watch her A Determined PDF \ backAnother young girl has been abducted flooding Josie with an array of emotions fear disbelief and anger But most of all determination Josie is determined to do whatever she can to help authorities find the victim and put the kidnappers away for good.

About the Author: Corinne Leigh Donovan

Corinne Leigh Donovan has always enjoyed reading but thrillers are her favorite genre Majoring in Social Work and minoring in Psychology Corinne has always been fascinated with the human psyche and what makes people tick In a college creative writing class she wrote a story of a serial killer who used everyday products to murder his victims While she enjoyed the assignment greatly and got hi.