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Deranged The Fleischer Series #2 ➩ Deranged The Fleischer Series #2 Ebook ➯ Author Wendi Starusnak – I’m Caroline Anne Fleischer and this book written by me is not the only one of its kind I know this because I found and read the book that my sister Emily wrote I’m not really much of a reader or I’m Caroline Anne Fleischer and Fleischer Series MOBI ð this book written by me is not the only one of its kind I know this because I found and read the book that my sister Emily wrote I’m not really much of a reader or writer but I will do the best that I can because I want my part of the story to be heard too before these ideas that I fight with in my head win and there is no story to be told I’ll try to pick up where my sister left off Deranged The PDF/EPUB ² after the terrible things that she did Now I know the truth about all of it and I’ll fill you in on the horrible stuff that has happened even since then And I’m Julie just Julie Emily needed me to help her do what needed to be done and she needs me even now because she can’t deal with the memories of what we did Now I’m simply doing the things that need to be done to continue to survive and make some sort of a life for Emily or myself Survival of The Fleischer Series PDF º the fittest as they say.

  • Paperback
  • Deranged The Fleischer Series #2
  • Wendi Starusnak
  • English
  • 15 July 2016

About the Author: Wendi Starusnak

Wendi Starusnak leads a full Fleischer Series MOBI ð life in the small town of Phoenix New York with her husband three of their eight children and their dog Whenever she gets the chance Wendi enjoys writing the darker stuff and hopes to break the silence about abuse through her work A portion of each of her book’s sales goes to Vera House a local agency whose mission is to prevent respond to and partner to end do.

10 thoughts on “Deranged The Fleischer Series #2

  1. Pamela Pamela says:

    The morbid shocking tale that began with book 1 now continues with book 2 Disturbing to say the least Without giving anything away I can see what's happening and makes me wonder just how bad things will be in book 3

  2. Chandra Eastwold Chandra Eastwold says:

    Another horrific tale couldn't stop readingThe first was better but this one kept me hanging on every word too Grisly and horrible tale Too short Getting the third one now

  3. Renata Ess Renata Ess says:

    Completely derangednot sure where this lady comes us with such horrors but couldn't put it down

  4. Brian Brian says:

    Where does one begin to describe the context of this book which is so twisted that it goes way outside the norms of family; of acceptable sexual behavior; of infantcide revenge mass murder and killing your siblings andor parents Then one must also take in account psychological manifestations due to inbreeding incestuous behavior of fatherson upon daughtersister in an orgy type arena I think that just about covers it? But wait there is the doll The doll A personality of it's own Maybe not? Could it be a second 2nd personality within the same person Or just the the true feelings that a girl has repressed her whole life? You must've read the first book to take all this in Now add in a younger sister who is aware and has been an unwilling participant in so much can she handle it? Could you?So much happens in this book Twist become twisted and sickAs for the writing I find that the author has built marvelous if despicable characters Each having their on personality maybe two The setting are vividly described but the reader is not overwhelmed Itty bits The interplay between characters is clear clean and straightforward And the story is well plotted even though it is bizarreI recommend you read Book 1 then jump into this book It is as the title states deranged

  5. Charlotte Isaac Charlotte Isaac says:

    This is the second book to The Fleischer SeriesThis book is after a few years from DetachedThis is in Caroline Fleischer's point of view and JulieJulie has now taken over Emily's body after the killing of their dad and has turned into a spiteful woman and always nasty to Johnny and Caroline Julie meets Rufus who works at the state fair what comes to town He is part of the Freak Show They cause havoc between themselves and plan to live with the State FairCaroline feels lonely and does not know what to do with herself since her father supposedly ran away with another woman and her mum has gone into her head We follow her part of the story and how she copes with the storyThis is a dark book with disturbing scenes and acts I really enjoyed this after reading Detached

  6. Terra James Terra James says:

    I can't believe that Emily let Julia take over but this book just continues to show how abuse effects the psyche I like this series I didn't like a few of the things that happened in the story because I get to attached to the characters If you like psychological thrillers this is a good series for you but warning it's not for people who can't tolerate abuse of any kind

  7. Jessica Hinton Jessica Hinton says:

    After reading Detached I couldn't wait to get Deranged I finished Deranged in one night I couldn't put it down The way these books are written it is really heart felt and you feel like you're living there right along side Emily the main character The horrifying life she lives makes you want to find her and help her to change her ways and better her life Amazing books

  8. Kelsey Kelsey says:

    Not uite as gripping as the first book but I was still compelled to keep on reading My only real gripe is that it was too short

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