My Father's Guru A Journey Through Spirituality and

My Father's Guru A Journey Through Spirituality and Disillusion ❴Epub❵ ➜ My Father's Guru A Journey Through Spirituality and Disillusion Author Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson – As a child growing up in the Hollywood Hills during the 1950s Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson thought it was perfectly normal that a guru named Paul Brunton lived with his family and dictated everything abo As a child growing Guru A MOBI ð up in the Hollywood Hills during the s Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson thought it was perfectly normal that a guru named Paul Brunton lived with his family and dictated everything about their daily rituals from their diet to their travel plans to his parents’ sex life But in this extraordinary memoir Masson reflects on just how bizarre everything about his childhood was–especially the relationship between his father and My Father's ePUB í the elusive eminent mystic he revered and supported for years Writing with candor and charm Masson describes how his father became convinced that Paul Brunton–PB to his familiars–was a living God who would fill his life with enlightenment and wonder As the Masson family’s personal guru Brunton freely discussed his life on other planets laid down strict rules on fasting and meditation and warned them all of the imminence of World War Father's Guru A PDF ✓ III For years young Jeffrey was as ardent a Father's Guru A Journey Through eBook ☆ disciple as his father–but with the onset of adolescence he staged a dramatic revolt against this domestic deity and everything he stood forFilled with absurdist humor and intimate confessions My Father’s Guru is the spellbinding coming of age story of one of our most brilliant writers.

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    This is remarkable tale about a childhood that would be impossbile to imagine were if not for Jeffrey Masson's writing skills and treasure of archival documents Who else in American grew up with a family guru well before the 1960s? It is hard to believe that anyone inlcuding his parents could throw their lot into with a guru in this way But that really means that I can't uite imagine the feeling that someone else would hold such important secrets and knowledge Masson's acomplishment is portraying his father's guru really the family guru in human terms that create some feeling of empathy about a man who really did I think exploit his family But I also felt the sense of outrage about the guru that came along with Masson's development of independent judgment in his college yearsThe afterword in the 2003 edition helps put some larger issues raised by this book into context I would have liked a bit of that And there is some limit to how interesting all of the details in this story can be to anyone outside that unusual family Then again it's a short book So in the end it's a head shaking thought provoking uick read

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    Many years ago when I first found my spiritual teacher she said to me one day;Don't idealize me Peter we all have feet of clayThis excellent book exposes every clay foot toe and toenail of Dr Paul Brunton and yet manages to do so with a certain amount of humour and respect for his spiritual ualities I doubt if there is anyone one knowledgeable on this subject than Jeffrey Masson who grew up with Doctor Paul Brunton living in his house as his own special spiritual adviser and family GuruPaul Brunton's first book ' A Search In Secret India' carried the profound honesty of a genuine seeker after spiritual knowledge in its pages even if the author's self granted 'Doctor' title was a complete fraud Yet sometime after this publication Paul Brunton's ego must have gone through the process of inflation that Jung mentions so that by the time the young Jeffrey Masson comes under his influence Brunton is constantly implying that he considers himself a Sage of 'two thousand incarnations'I nearly didn't write a review for this book because to comment on every issue that interests me would run this review to 15 pages but I would just like to say that when I was training as a medium four of us students did pump enough of our personal energy into a small table to make it dance around the room with us racing to keep up and to keep our fingers on top of the table as a power source see Candles On The Ganges To me it seemed there were no spirit entities involved just a transference of energy that is not yet understood by science The fact that when Brunton did this he insisted that everyone kept their eyes closed Masson opened his and caught Brunton with his hands underneath the table lifting it should not be allowed to detract from something that I know from personal experience is possibleThis is a must read book for any follower of Dr Paul Brunton's books

  4. Erica Verrillo Erica Verrillo says:

    I picked up this book not because I was interested in Paul Brunton I'm not that kind of girl but because I was intrigued by Jeffrey Masson After reading three of Jeffrey Masson's controversial books on psychology I wanted know what inspired him to challenge one of the legends of our time Sigmund Freud This book not only answered that uestion but several others I had not thought of askingThis book unlike Masson's others is a personal memoir It recounts the long strange relationship Masson's family maintained with their guru Paul Brunton For reasons that are not entirely clear though tantalizingly hinted at Masson's father adopted Brunton inviting him into their home and becoming his disciple Eventually every member of the family ended up walking Brunton's Path to Enlightenment Ultimately the family's association with Brunton proved disastrous involving financial loss a precipitous move to Uruguay to avoid WWIII and the permanent estrangement of Masson's uncle Bernard Although having Brunton as a live in guru was not ultimately as harmful as joining the Moonies or following Jim Jones to South America Masson does point out the similaritiesIn his Epilogue Masson writes To see deep into the structure of one tyranny is to understand something basic about all forms of oppression It is totalitarian Like other authoritarian systems it reuires a suspension and suppression of critical uestioning it demands unuestioning submission to a rigid hierarchical structure it centers on a cult of personality and it engenders personal intrusion and abuse This was the point of Masson's memoir and it completely explains why Masson joined the Freudian cult of psychoanalysis and why he ultimately rejected it In Freud Masson saw a reflection of Brunton's appeal but found himself unable to suppress his critical faculties yet again One charlatan in Masson's life was enoughWe can and should apply Masson's object lesson whenever we encounter anyone who reuires that we suppress inuiry whether he be a priest or a president Such gurus according to Masson always lead us down the primrose path to disaster It is a lesson worth bearing in mind and one which Masson's personal experience so amply demonstrates

  5. Stefan Meyer Stefan Meyer says:

    This story of the author's relationship to the celebrated mystic Paul Brunton is a masterful treatment of the gurumaster phenomenon in Western culture As the author says Brunton is not an egregious example of a false prophet and his book is not an exposé Rather it is the story of a clash between the romantic allure of Eastern mysticism and the inability of man to escape the imperfection of the human condition He concludes that all gurus promise access to a hidden reality if only you will follow their teaching and accept their authority but you must always subordinate yourself to the guru Certain uestions are off limits To ask is at best impolite at worst apostasy Every doubt about the guru is a reflection of your own unworthiness Like all other authoritarian systems this type of tyranny while often subtle centers on a cult of personality reuires suspension of critical uestioning and demands unuestioning submission to a hierarchical structure

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    An almost unbelievable true story Compelling

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