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Stumbling Toward the Buddha ➿ Stumbling Toward the Buddha Free ➶ Author Dawn Downey – In this collection of autobiographical essays Dawn Downey chronicles a spiritual journey that leads her from revelations at a Buddhist monastery to transcendence at a Baptist church The author loses h In this collection of autobiographical essays Dawn Downey chronicles a spiritual journey that leads her from revelations at a Buddhist monastery to transcendence at a Baptist church The author loses her way in the foothills of California and discovers oneness in the high desert of Colorado En route she struggles to make sense of a depression that rises from sources lost to her memory and years later uncovers the hidden cause childhood abuse Neither mysticism nor meditation Stumbling Toward eBook Ð delivers up enlightenment but they push her dangerously close to self actualization Downey confesses to feelings she's not proud of but she finds redemption in the middle of the muck A book for readers who love inspiration with a pinch of humor.

About the Author: Dawn Downey

Dawn Downey is the author of the essay collections Searching for My Heart From Dawn to Daylight and Stumbling toward the Buddha Her work has also been published in Noteworthy the Journal Blog; Persimmon Tree; punctuate; River Blood and Corn Literary Journal; The Resilient Activist; and ZORA A Downey day begins with meditation followed by yoga—which moved from studio to dining room after.

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  1. Dawn Downey Dawn Downey says:

    Reviewed By Janelle Fila for Readers’ Favorite5 stars I appreciated the humor in Stumbling Toward the Buddha Stories about Tripping over My Principles on the Road to Transformation by Dawn Downey I am on a spiritual journey and was intrigued to read what was suggested in the pages of this book I wasn't prepared for the humor and the fact that the book basically made fun of all of the aspects that make us human aspects that so many spiritual books tell us to get rid of Like the compulsion to shop Or that we feel better if we own nice things Our jealous tendencies The fact that we really don't want nice things to happen to other people because we want them to happen to us instead Reading all of this and having someone say it in a loud honest in your face kind of way was very refreshing and surprising but in a very nice wayI also loved the personalized stories within this book I think other readers will really relate to the stories the author shares about her own issues in giving up what so many self help books say we have to give up in order to achieve bliss peace and long term happiness The fact that she can so honestly admit that she was jealous and wanted to shop and buy things and not love her neighbor made me feel like I am not the only person struggling with some of these issues and I think readers will appreciate that

  2. Terra Terra says:

    Exuisite writing Dawn Downey’s humanism shines through What a wonderful memoir this is told with insight and humor I laughed cried uestioned and looked deeply within myself I wanted to read this book in one sitting because I was deeply engaged Instead I read slowly and gave myself time to pause and reflect because some of Dawn’s growing up experiences mirror mine Collectively the essays evoke the pathos joy discovery loss and enduring love conveying universal experiences in a simple and touching language “Stumbling Toward the Buddha Tripping Over my Principles on the Road to Transformation” illuminates afresh large and small discoveries that are transferable for anyone on any spiritual path A thoughtful book for thoughtful readers

  3. Marcia Meier Marcia Meier says:

    Dawn Downey's memoir Stumbling Toward the Buddha Tripping Over my Principles on the Road to Transformation is a lovely collection of linked essays that explore her search for meaning in her life What is enlightenment anyway? Dawn asks as she sits meditation on retreat and struggles with her fears and doubts Fears of driving and getting lost a perfect metaphor perhaps Doubts about who her parents were and whether she can trust her own muddled memories of growing up amid family violence and neglectAnyone who has ever sought to understand him or herself will find Stumbling Toward the Buddha both familiar and enlightening

  4. Amber Amber says:

    I won this book through the goodreads first reads program back in May but didn't start reading it until this week I think I put it off because like meditation I thought it would be good but challenging I was wrong It wasn't good it was great And it wasn't a challenge to read It read like memoir short stories I loved it The author's honesty was so refreshing What a treat to get to read such a genuine book Thanks so much to the author for giving this book out through the giveaways program

  5. Johnathan Johnathan says:

    Dawn Downey is an absolute gem She managed gracefully to capture what every artist wishes to express Her thoughts clearly and concisely unadulterated If you read through the lines and relax your focus you may find yourself behind the pen of this deeply touching collection of essays I sincerely recommend this for most anyone There are truths hidden in this book for anyone looking for anything at all but those seeking openly will immediately appreciate our authors profound and humble insights Perhaps the aspens perceive us as we do them

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    Downey's collection of short essays has the perfect blend of humor insight and light I was worried I wouldn't connect as I know nothing about Buddhism but my worry was completely unfounded Downey does a great job of showing humanity

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