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Lucifer: Revelation (Blake's 7) ➵ [Reading] ➷ Lucifer: Revelation (Blake's 7) By Paul Darrow ➪ – A Chinese empress head of a formidable space fleet and keeper of dark secretsA beautiful killer known as 'the Huntress' on a deadly mission fuelled by money and revengeA figure from the past still fig A Chinese empress head of a formidable space fleet and keeper of dark secretsA beautiful killer known as 'the Huntress' on a deadly mission fuelled by money and revengeA figure from the past still fighting the system and desperate for helpAvon is back and there's trouble brewing Look out for old friends new enemies and startling revelations in the second part of Paul Darrow's epic trilogy Lucifer Revelation telling the story of Avon's life in the far future beyond the events of the TV episodesMany years have passed since the death of his companions on Gauda Prime but Avon is still very much on the minds – and a thorn in the sides – of those in power On the run in a stolen spaceship Avon has world leaders warlords aliens bandits and hitmen on his trail all hoping to seize control of the super computer Orac and to be rid of Avon once and for allBut those who underestimate Avon do so at their own peril.

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  1. P. Susan P. Susan says:

    What did I think of Paul Darrow's Lucifer Revelation? Not much if you ask me Mr Darrow has written a few books in his life but none as badly written and tedious as Lucifer Revelation His earlier forays into Blake's 7 inspired fiction were dodgy at best Avon A Terrible Aspect was badly written and the science of it was laughable but he persisted and now with his three book deal with Big Finish he is at it again writing stories which have no basis in the Blake's 7 universe He takes an interesting and compelling character from the series and turns him into an amoral psychopathic mass murderer with no redeeming ualities He has made Avon a sort of a no name cowboy who kills easily even to the point of letting his supposed lover in the first Lucifer book and his friendcolleague Grant be tortured and killed by the 'enemy' and then photographed for all to see on meat hooks of all things This is not the man from the Blake's 7 series even after decades of hard living and abuse this is not the character we have come to know which is perverse in a way as the author was the actor who played the character Avon for 4 years in Blake's 7 You'd think he would know the character the best but obviously he does not at all The science again is poor as is all the references to our modern world which would not be mentioned in the world of the Federation in Blake's 7 Examples which come to mind are as follows the Federation being taken over somehow on Earth by the Empire of Cathay China and Pandora Ess being Russian If these people were of the Federation then there would be no country affiliation but only one Federated peoples as in the series Blake's 7 There are references to heliplanes submarines Bowie knives pump action shot guns and leagues instead of spatials as it was described in the series The most laughable part is the continual scenes with either ex Federation or uartet or Duet or any of the various thugs or Grey Aliens repeatedly stopping to uaff champagne out of crystal flutes and smoking the obligatory cheroot for effect it seems The first scene with the submarine is laugh out loud funny The craft rises out of the Arctic sea breaking ice to do so only to have Gabriella Travis yes daughter of Travis in the series sitting there on the ice as if on her veranda again sipping champagne and smoking a cheroot Priceless it is not Another minor niggle is that the author uses the phrase Wellnow one that the character Avon used only on occasion in the series ten times in this book and twelve times in the first Lucifer book Enough already I think the main problem of the entire series of books by the author is that we are led to believe that the stories are about Blake's 7 and its characters but in reality they are all set in a universe of his own making which jars terribly with the known universe of the television series What characters he does use for his books are used in name alone as they do not match with what we know of the characters from the series Sad I for one would not recommend this book if you are a Blake's 7 or Avon fan It would be like comparing apples to not oranges but apples to orangutans By that I mean there is no visible comparison It's a mockery of all things good and interesting about the Blake's 7 series Pass on it

  2. Robert Butler Robert Butler says:

    I was bought this book and the first in the series as a gift being a long time fan of Blake's 7 I thought it would be interesting to know what happened after the series endedTo be honest this isn't the best of books The pace of the book is extremely uick with very little time given to character development or the subtleties of telling a story The story just goes bang bang bang through the plot written like an essay by a school pupil I also found much of the plot unbelievable if you can find Sci fi unbelieveable as everything is fixed with a bit of stealth mode and Orac's vastly improved superpowers Orac is no longer in character with the rude arrogant Orac we know from the TV series and Avon has lost the hidden humanity he displayed in the TV series Disappointing on the basis of this book I won't be getting the last in the series

  3. Lucy Takeda Lucy Takeda says:

    So Avon is on the run as usual Everyone wants him dead so they can access Orac Everyone and every group is double crossing everyone else Lots of killing I find it disconcerting that Orac is the most compassionate character

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    Overall it's better than the last one of the Lucifer books Since it's a little shorter I'm going to go with Paul Darrow must have gotten an editor He still has a lot of issues with telling instead of showingThe other thing is that Avon is coming off as fairly Mary Sue ish He's suddenly become a much better fighter than he ever was in the series Granted it's not like he had a lot else to do being marooned on a planetoid for 20 years Every time he goes and does these supposedly very dangerous things against people much younger and professionally trained he has no problems wiping them out Not even a little hint of trouble Then there's Orac He's much humanish than he ever has before He's downright chatty and generally seems out of character as well

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