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  1. Chris The Story Reading Ape Chris The Story Reading Ape says:

    I am totally in awe of the diversity of these short snippet like stories each one a tiny gemThe author certainly used her time well by taking up the challengeRecommended uick reads See my review also at

  2. Cherrie Cherrie says:

    4 starsSuch lovely short stories I liked that you get told what inspired each story as well before you read them I'd definitely recommend this to anyone that likes short stories there's a mix of genres as well so great for all I can't wait to read by Elizabeth Tyree

  3. Lorraine Montgomery Lorraine Montgomery says:

    Short Story Sundays is a by author Elizabeth S Tyree If you've ever wanted to be an author are an author or just enjoy reading fiction you'll probably enjoy these stories Writing is a discipline It's important to keep a schedule and write no matter what Sometimes that page just sits there as blank as the look in your eyes Sometimes it only takes a single thought to spark a story Sometimes the blank sheet is the prompt What matters is that you keep to that scheduleIn this set of 18 short stories all were written on consecutive Sundays — hence the title They are based on a supposition attributed to Ray Bradbury of science fiction fame where he says that you should write a short story every week because It's not possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row Each one of these stories is introduced by the author explaining the idea which sparked the storyThe themes of these short stories range from friends exploring a fixer upper to time travel to points of view of inanimate objects to original fairy tales Some are extremely short some not so short most of them light hearted and only a little bit spooky at times I think most importantly these show struggling authors the process others went through and how every author has days where nothing comes and perhaps that is all you can write about and it truly isn't possible to write 52 bad short stories in a row

  4. Joanie Chevalier Joanie Chevalier says:

    This is a book with a four month compilation of short stories some only a few paragraphs long I really liked how the author made it personal by placing a short summary in front of each story telling us why she wrote it or where she got the idea My favorite were two stories opposite each other One was written in the view point of a ball of yard and one in the viewpoint of a cat Very insightful Thoughts from the yarn being played with by the cat This is not what I am meant for this terrifying spin that leaves me spread thin and tangled on the floor Thoughts from the cat playing with the yarn My best friend is a big fluffy ball We have so much fun Then the kicker Yarn She is making me into something special A catI can't believe my life Cat Mommy made him into a toy for meand he sueaks And then my second favorite Leaving There's an abrupt surprise in the last sentence that threw me for a loop Fascinating If you like to read short stories then you will enjoy this book The stories will make you think and want to look for titles from this talented author

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