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Melt for Him (Fighting Fire, #2) [Download] ➵ Melt for Him (Fighting Fire, #2) Author Lauren Blakely – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk He knows exactly how to make her burnFire captain and bar owner Becker Thomas usually spends his nights alone trying to escape painful memories from his past When he meets a sexy free spirited brunett He knows exactly how to make her burnFire captain and bar owner Becker Thomas usually spends his nights alone trying to escape painful memories from his past When he meets a sexy free spirited brunette outside his bar he knows he’s found the perfect way to forget for one night But when he later discovers the woman he’s itching for another night with is his best friend’s sister everything comes to a haltJust out of a toxic relationship Megan Jansen is only in Hidden Oaks to visit Melt for PDF or her brother photograph the firemen’s calendar and then slip off to another adventure The brooding man who gave her the best sex ever is an unexpected surprise The problem is he’s her brother’s friend and a fellow fireman and Megan’s rule is no firemen She knows she’s going to get burned but keeping their hands off each other is easier said than done.

  • ebook
  • 193 pages
  • Melt for Him (Fighting Fire, #2)
  • Lauren Blakely
  • English
  • 23 July 2014
  • 9781633750784

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10 thoughts on “Melt for Him (Fighting Fire, #2)

  1. Mikki _At_A Bookish Escape Mikki _At_A Bookish Escape says:

    Eeeeeeep Becker ''Panty Soaker'' ThomasSomebody call 9 1 1 Becker got me meltin' on my room floor TeeheeHoly hot mamma Melt for Him which is the second installment in the Fighting Fire Series is a totally BLAZZZZZZZING HOT read I'm still fanning myself Lauren Blakely knows how to write a sexy dirty talker that will leave you in a state of mushI was super excited to find out that Becker was getting his story next We meet him for the first time in Burn for Me which is Jamie and Smith's story I was very intrigued by Becker He had a mysterious vibes that kept me glued to the pages to see if I could find out about him through Jamie's eyes Burn for Me definitely left me wanting of Becker and I was happy to see that Megan was the lucky lady who would turn his world upside down Megan is Jamie's best friend and we get a bit of her story in Burn for Me I love when I start building my connection with the characters even before I read their story Melt for Him is Megan and Becker's story Both these characters have been emotionally scared by past events Megan is in town to shoot the annual firemen's calendar of Hidden Oaks lucky chikie Spending time with her mom brother Travis and best friend Jamie is exactly what she needs after all the trouble she went through with her ex What she did not expect was to stumble upon a mysterious stranger who knows exactly what to say and how to touch her to ignite her entire world After they share an unforgettable night of passion they can't get enough of each other But what happens when you find out that the man that rocked your world the night before is none other than your brother's good friend and a firemen? Will Megan and Becker be able to find a way to be together?Melt for Him was everything I expected it to be Becker and Megan completely stole my heart I love it when a book leaves me with a huge smile on my face and a happy heart This book had not only scorching hot moments but tender and emotional ones as well I loved how Becker came out of his shell Megan gave him a reason to smile The little cartoon references that Lauren Blakely included in their story were ADORABLE Megan and Becker's chemistry was intense Megan knew that she was playing with fire by getting close to Becker She got burned but it was Ohhhhh so worth itLauren Blakely has created an electrifying new series and I highly recommend it Her writing style is amazing and her characters are all charming and unforgettable I love the connection between the main characters and their family and friends It makes me want to jump into the story and become a character as well Add the Fighting Fire Series to your TBR list you won't be disappointedAhem Travis is next Eeeeeeep So excited for his story Can he be Mr October?? That's my birthday wish lol ;I give Melt for Him 45 seductive torrid intense stars

  2. Lauren Blakely Lauren Blakely says:

    I wrote this book It's sexy and emotional and I hope you fall in love with Becker and Megan too xoxo Lauren

  3. Robin (Bridge Four) Robin (Bridge Four) says:

    This review was originally posted on Books of My Heart  He was a wizard with his tongue a gentleman with his actions and a swoon maker with his words Melt for Him is a solid one handed read I listened to the audio so I had two hands available which was all the better This was my first Lauren Blakely book and DANG the steamy parts were scorching She paints a sex scene well and I was impressed with the build of sexual tension which went along with some very nice creativity and inventiveness High marks for a smoldering hot read but wait there is there was actually a cute story happening as well “I live two blocks away Let me undress you Let me spread you out on my bed Let me taste you” Becker was a great male lead He is all man with a pretty sensitive and smart side happening He was not the over the top alpha man I’m used to in a read like this and that was a solid change up for me He was smart funny and uick with a line Megan is also incredibly likeable with a cute ownership of who she is She is a bit klutzy on occasion and never is embarrassed by it she just rolls with whatever the moment brings her Becker had tall dark and brooding down pat but then he chased it with a touch of smart ass and a full dose of kindness” Megan and Becker meet one night behind his bar and the chemistry is electric from the start They get in a single night of extraordinary passion before finding out that she is the sister of one of his Fireman Buddies and that means she is totally off limits Megan too wants nothing to do with a Firefighter in her love life since she lost her father to the job at a young age and she is just passing through town Still the they try not give into the attraction between them the the tension builds until it was just bound to breakOverall I liked the plot of the story It wasn’t overly spectacular or anything but it was pretty solid and there wasn’t a lot of filler added in just to be there which I appreciate as a reader The real gem of this read was the sex and near sex for me That was the most enjoyable aspect of the book and sometimes that is all I really need an okay easy read story with some great sexy timesI liked how the book ended and even though Becker was a little too perfect in places; that is okay a girl can dream men are really like that who knows maybe they are somewhere in a small town and you just have to stumble into oneI’ll be checking out a few of LB’s catalogue in the near future for sureNarrationI always appreciate having multiple narrators for changing PoVs it really adds something to the story Both Erin Mallon and Joe Arden had great performances and made the smoldering parts even sexier I listened to this at my normal 15x speedListen to a clip Review copy was received from Publisher This does not affect my opinion of the book or the content of my review

  4. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    375 Just Can't Stay Away Stars 34 Spoiler Free LIMITED TIME FREEI have been lucky in my life I had an older brother but because he was 8 years older than me and off being married so he never interfered with my dating or love life such as it was so the storyline of don't mess with my sister is something I have no personal experience withThat is not to say I don't understand it Lauren Blakely uses this and another obstacle to flesh out her second installment of the Fighting Fire series Megan is the sister in uestion and Becker is the man who's supposed to stay awayonly there is one little problem They both meet randomly; both are restless and wanting to escape what has been the focus of their lives both connect innocently enough and nature takes its courseSlamming hot orgasm inducing euphoria with desires on both sides to have a go of it again the next nightYou could call it an extended one nighter that actually had some depth no pun intended for the both of themThe only problem is there is a shit load of problemsFirst Megan does not want to have anything to do with firefighters Her father was one and she lost him to the job She saw her mother disappear from grief; she and her brother Travis had to raise themselves up while being young children She saw what heroic careers can do and even though her brother followed in the same footsteps of their dad she swore she would never put herself in the position of loving someone who could be taken at any time Second Becker is new to town and Travis Megan's big brother has become the bestie Becker needs Becker is the captain of the voluntary fire department He came from Chicago had experienced the loss of men during a fire and feels responsible He is tortured by it and Travis understands all too well surviving with his sis the death of his dad Becker will not do anything to lose this friendship and brotherhood with Travis So what is to happen you have chemistry which could set off nuclear warfare desire tasted and wanted from both parties and the need for both of them to interact together because she is the photographer of the upcoming Fireman's calendarWell what happens is what happened earlier Smouldering Hot Sexy times which are a testimony to the author's creativity Blakely understands what works; she knows just how far to push it in these tales and achieves the goal in this bookThis book also gave each of the leads real storylines They were full and complete in allowing us to understand their issues It touched on how serious it is to be in a relationship with an addict; to see when it is time to cut yourself away from the toxic and move on She showed the reader how our public service people leave their homes every day with the intention of coming back to their loved ones but never really knowing if they willand most importantly she showed how all of us should take what love we can hold on to it and never be sorry to have lovedI felt this was a much stronger entry to the Fighting Fire series There was a completion and merging of these characters which made sense the story jelled and from the crew was hinted for future books Lauren Blakely has a style and way with Entangled Brazen which really works when she is on target this time it was on the mark A gifted copy was provided by authorpublisher for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  5. Michelle Michelle says:

    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review☆☆☆☆4 Melting Stars ☆☆☆☆Ring the alarm because Lauren Blakely has done it again and turned up the heat with her newest release Melt for Him A Fighting Fire Novel Ms Blakely does not give us any ordinary romance but she gave us one hot scorching love story So what happens when two strangers are met with temptation lust desire and sexual tension? Why of course you got yourself a sizzling romance Be prepared to get burned So when Fire Captain and Bar Owner Becker Thomas meets sassy and artsy Megan Jansen sparks fly and instant sexual chemistry ignites One night filled with sizzling and sweltering sex was all it took for two strangers to get hooked and addicted Becker thought Megan was the perfect hook up since she didn’t plan to stay long while visiting the city of Hidden Oaks And most importantly Becker doesn’t do relationships For Megan Becker was her perfect distraction while she’s visiting her hometown No attachments since she has plans to move to Portland Oregon Becker and Megan thought their arrangement of no strings attached was perfect till they discover one problem Becker worked with Megan’s brother Travis And Megan doesn't date FIREFIGHTERS Becker and Megan tried staying away from each other but like a moth to a flame they were ready to get burned And so begins a torrid and steamy romance between Becker and Megan Instant chemistry and compatibility is palpable between the two There is no denying it that in a short time these two were falling hard for each other But there is one thing stopping them Megan is only visiting Hidden Oaks and doesn't plan to stay long So will this whirlwind romance come to a standstill and burn to the ashes? Or will it be a love story that cannot be extinguished? Ms Blakely will definitely have you melting and wanting to get hose down once you meet Captain Becker Thomas So if you are looking for a romance that will have your kindle incinerating with the playfulness and sexiness between Becker and Megan then I suggest you go read Melt For Him Be prepared for the temperatures to rise as Lauren Blakely will treat her readers and lead them on a blazing scorching HEA Lauren Blakely

  6. Three Chicks Three Chicks says:

    5 Alarm Sizzlin' StarsReview by Allison East He was a wizard with his tongue a gentleman with his actions and a swoon maker with his wordsBecker has issues ghosts from his past that continue to haunt him when he moves from the big city to a smaller one He isn't into relationships because he can't seem to let past mistakes go to let go of the blame he feels Becker is extremely hot alpha and just down right good in every sense of the word but he gets caught up in his own head Becker literally falls into Megan but little does he know this firecracker is his best friend's sister Megan has just gotten out of a terrible relationship and coasts into town not looking for love but hoping to work on her photography before moving on to Portland to become a tattoo artist Little does she know that when she meets Becker in that alley for one night she would get than what she bargained for I love Megan she is a stand up character with all the sass and moxie you can imagine a lead should have Only she doesn't do relationships and especially not with firefighters because you only get burned The fact was she had a dry sort of charm and a bit of an edge like she was the kind of woman who didn't take shit from anyone And there was something else too Almost a distance as if she had walls up He understood walls They made sense to him They protected him from getting too closeOne night that's all it is until it isn't enough any The pull towards one another is too great even the fact that Travis is Megan's brother doesn't stop them and it should But I am so glad it didn't Let me�You think I was going to stop you?�I don't know Just don't Don't stop me�Don't you get it? I can't stop with you Megan I can'tThis book is filled with so many great things fantastic main characters the secondary character development is on point and the plot couldn't have been better Again people will say this is insta love but don't you understand this is FICTION it's meant to play out that way I want the fantasy of this happening in real life even if it very well couldn't Lauren has a way of making you forget holy crap these people just met and boom they are falling for each other I really loved the way it was told With themes of regret remorse and finally redemption it makes for an angsty read But the characters never fully give up on each other and that's what I love I also love it has an HEA and it ends well with no cliffhanger I can't wait for and I hope this is just the beginning and ALL the steamy firefighters get to have a chance on love I LOVE Lauren Blakely and she is an auto 1 click author of mine

  7. Claire Robinson Claire Robinson says:

    3 Let me undress you Let me spread you out on my bed Let me taste you StarsBook 2 in Lauren Blakely’s Fighting Fire series literally starts with a bang and the smoldering and fizzing between Becker and Megan doesn’t really stop right up until the endI don’t want to talk about me What I want is to see all of you”Becker and Megan aren’t entirely honest with each other at their first meeting and although both are happy to dive into bed together for a bit of non committed between the sheets action what was supposed to be a one night stand uickly turns into a bit of a one night revelation for them both when they next meet upBeing owner of the Panting Dog as well as Hidden Oaks Fire Captain Becker has moved into town for a uieter pace of life struggling with survivor’s guilt from his last post he is a man battling a few demons and with very low expectations of himself Megan has her own demons that she is dealing with after moving on from a bad relationship foremost and due to the loss of someone she loves to the Fire Department in the past She has sworn off involvement with firemen because of it So when she meets up with Becker again in conjunction with her photographing the Hidden Oaks Fire Department Charity Calendar she is reluctant to take things any further with the guy who not only fights fire but as it turns out is also one of her brother Travis’ best friendsThe she liked him the likely she’d be hurt A man like that driven by danger could ruin a woman’s heartMelt for Him is an easygoing sexy read There aren’t any huge surprises in the storyline but it is well written the characters are engaging and the drama isn’t too heavy or repetitive This couple sizzles between the sheets and are pretty combustible everywhere else too It also offers further development to the series pretty well as a whole and I look forward to seeing where in Hidden Oaks Lauren takes us next”Let’s keep falling together”ARC generously provided by Entangled in exchange for the above honest review

  8. Alaina Alaina says:

    Okay this was MUCH better than the first book Melt for Him introduces us to Becker and Megan Now they were someone I could get behind They had such great chemistry and no one annoyed me So yeah I liked them I'm also slightly jealous that a bar or winery doesn't name their drinks after animals? If this is a thing though trust me I will find it The winery though not a big beer drink at allOther than that I just really enjoyed this book I'm a bit disappointed with how short it was but I will somehow learn to deal with it all Definitely got carried away with all the romance between these two and I'm just happy overall Now I'm off to see what the next book will be like

  9. Ashley (Red-Haired Ash Reads) Ashley (Red-Haired Ash Reads) says:

    This was a uick and steamy read Megan a freelance artist and photographer meets Becker a bar owner and fire chief at his bar Sparks fly instantly and they spend the night together The next day secrets are revealed that they weren't expecting and makes them put a stop to their relationship They can't keep away from each other though and eventually learn to work things out This was a steamy uick read that hit the spot I liked both of them the romance between them and their relationship Overall a good book Romanceopoly Firestation

  10. Nicola Nicola says:

    Reviewed for Read Your Writes Book Reviews Melt for Him is unlike any of the Brazen offerings I've read before and in fairness I've read a lot But I don't mind different Different keeps thing fresh And different brings those unexpected reads that you'd likely read again If you like a romance with an endearing couple and sizzling bedroom and outdoor antics then Lauren Blakely certainly brings us that “I’m Megan I’m kind of a klutz sometimes” “I’m Becker I happen to be a big fan of klutzes” There is nothing klutzy when these two get up close and personal Becker Thomas is delicious; for a start he's a firefighter and he's smart sexy and honourable with it but he's somewhat of a loner and thinks he's broken Megan Jansen is a sweet natured thoughtful and independent woman with an I know what I want and am going for it attitude in life And when she meets a stranger behind a bar the fireworks are instant “I live two blocks away Let me undress you Let me spread you out on my bed Let me taste you” What I loved about this couple was how they guarded their hearts around their friends and with valid realistic reason to but together they opened up to one another it was this which brought the many heartfelt moments My heart ached for Becker's torment and he was one of those men that has you wanting to dive into the book to hug and do many very very naughty things to He was a delight and one of the most sensitive men of the Brazen world yet incredibly hot with it “I can’t get you out of my head and you’re the only thing that makes me feel like a human being again and not like some ghost stuck in the past” Having read Burn for Me the preceding novella in the series the emotional depth of the story and character traits of this were nothing like I expected I love a hero who falls hard and whilst I must confess it held no huge surprises and there was a lull in the middle it was an enjoyable read Here's hoping Megan's brother Travis gets his chance to woo us Copy received courtesy of Entangled Publishing in exchange for an honest review

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