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  • 308 pages
  • Crossing the Ice Ice #1
  • Jennifer Comeaux
  • 24 October 2014
  • 9780990434214

10 thoughts on “Crossing the Ice Ice #1

  1. Lynn Lynn says:

    I discovered Jennifer Comeuax by a happy accident when I stumbled upon her first book Life On The Edge She writes sweet and clean romances with New Adult aged characters that stand out differently than most other NA because her characters don't follow the same old tropes or issues so often found there Her romances center around strong athletic girls in the world of Figure Skating Crossing The Ice is a companion series to Jennifer Comeaux's Edge Series but can be read as a stand alone This story picks up years after the Edge series ends If you read that series then you will remember Courtney who was one of Emily's first young pair skaters to coach with Sergei Here she is all grown up and in her year leading up to the Olympics I won't restate the summary since it is written right under the book title aboveI have enjoyed all of this author's books but I think this one is my new favorite I liked the dynamics between the various characters and the unexpected twists thrown our way The problems are all realistic and the characters react in realistic ways that I felt right along side them No over the top manufactured angst here Instead you get a realistic emotions and events I was especially impressed with the way the book climax played out and how I felt everything Courtney felt right along side of herI highly recommend this book to anyone who is looking to read a clean romance that is of the sweet variety with empowered strong heroines Josh is a nice guy beta hero which for me was another thing that made this book stand out in a good way He is very uniue from a lot of heros in that he is uiet and even a bit shy I like diversity in my heros I am really tired of all those controlling dominating violent alpha guys New Adult keeps trying to pass off as heros so this was a breath of fresh air

  2. Laurence R. Laurence R. says:

    This is the perfect kind of cheer me up book believe me It has great romance an interesting plot and a passion shared by most of the characters which I love in books There's just something about passionate characters that I adore and I was than satisfied with this book While the characters in this particular novel are very intense sometimes a little bit too much about their Olympic dream it was refreshing to read about ambitious characters who take sports seriouslyI might as well be dead from all the feelings this book gave me The romance is swoon worthy and it's really well done I loved the chemistry between the characters and I do think that this is than your typical forbidden love storyThe only disappointment I had regarding this book is about the fact that it's part of a series I know it doesn't really make sense I should have known this beforehand but I didn't really look up this book before reading it It's not that I dislike series but I do prefer some types of books as stand alones rather than as series This novel could have been a stand alone in my opinion so I'm not entirely sure if I'll read the rest of the series even though it's probably really good It's just me being weird reallyI'd definitely recommend this novel especially if you're into ice skatingThank you NetGalley for providing me with a digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  3. Tracey (Life and Literature) Tracey (Life and Literature) says:

    I've only recently discovered the wonderful thing that is audiobooks Only a few months back I listened to my first one and was hooked However I do find that my enjoyment has a lot to do with the narrator If it's not how I imagined I can find my mind drifting a little while I'm reading But I didn't have that problem once with Crossing the Ice Emily Stokes did a wonderful job of alternating voices so that I was never in doubt over who was speaking I especially loved Sergei's voice She also expertly captured each characters different emotions and it was so easy to be swept away in the storyI'm not shy in admitting that I have a real thing for bad boys They're usually a little broken and I find myself really attracted to that But let me tell you the shy and uiet type may just be my new thing I adored the ease with which Josh's cheeks reddened but I also loved experiencing his comfort and Joy at being with Courtney Josh was just so so beautiful and sweet and caring and loving When a guy treats a girl the way that Josh treated Court it was impossible not to want to swoon at his feetI also really Liked Courtney She was competitive and dedicated and committed to her dream of getting to the olympics She was sweet and she loved completely and always tried her hardest to make everyone around her comfortable Although Crossing the Ice is listed as New Adult it had a real YA sweetness about it But don't get me wrong while there was no overly descriptive scenes in fact it was a very clean read there was lots and lots of kissing Lots of yummy kissingI absolutely loved the competition of the ice skating in this book There were times I was sitting on the edge of my seat just waiting for the scores to be revealed after a skate There was tension and joy and plenty of ups and downsI didn't realise until after I finished listening to this that it was a spin off of The Edge series But let me say that it in no way made any difference that I've jumped straight in with this one But I will definitely be going back and picking up the other series for a readI must make mention of one issue with the audiobook although it is no fault of the authors in one of the early chapters it kept backtracking and repeating lines over and over and it got to the point that I just had to skip forward past that chapter But that was the only issue with my whole listening experienceCrossing the Ice really snuck up on me and grabbed me It was sweet with touches of heat there was tension to hold my interest and a really beautiful romance I'm really excited to see what comes next for Court and Josh He's simply adorable I could put him on a cracker 45 Sweet Josh Tucker Stars

  4. Courtney Whittamore- The Moral of our Stories Courtney Whittamore- The Moral of our Stories says:

    I received a digital copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion To see the full post please go to my website at this link love – it’s a tale as old as time The heart has a funny way of choosing the one person we think we should stay away from and earnestly begin to yearn for Especially when the stakes are high and you have everything to lose This story revolves around the lives of pair ice skaters Courtney and Mark These two are dedicated athletes who have poured everything they have into their art and the refuse to let anything stop them including their arch rivals Stephanie and Josh are a force to be reckoned with both on and off the rink But as fate and love would have it Josh slowly begins to melt the ice around Courtney’s heart and she uickly finds herself in the direst place a driven woman can She is faced with the difficult decision of having to choose what is the most important to her and that struggle is perfectly depicted in this work I adored the way Jennifer Comeaux fashioned her characters Each one is filled with intense drive and purpose determined to reach their goals no matter what stands in their way Comeaux is inventively clever by weaving each of the individual’s paths together No path is clear and each member of this story must encounter obstacles to reach their desired destination More often than not these obstacles were people and even terrifying their feelings about the people they once thought they could mow over without a second thoughtThe voice of Courtney stood out to me immensely Of course her name is PERFECT I felt like I was in a book but so is her personality She thinks exactly like a real woman would especially one that is trying to sort out the mess her heart seems to have created of her professional career It always seems it is so much difficult for women to manage their professional and personal lives and my thoughts on that is because we never want to let anyone down including ourselves Courtney perfectly embodies this thought in a light and realistic way that I instantly fell in love withI also fell hard for Josh His tone and charisma swept me and my book counterpart off of our feet in a matter of mere pages it just took some time to realize it He is the perfect book boyfriend and I was so sad to have the book end as it meant my relationship with Josh was over by extension However I will let him live on in my heart long down the line and he has most certainly made my top book boyfriend list This book was a fast paced read and very light hearted It was an enjoyable read in which I could just melt into this world and leave my cares behind Comeaux has created a beautiful world to get lost in for a while and I plan on visiting again very soonI give this book 4 out of 5 stars This was a very sweet happy romance novel that was than well done It was structurally sound as well as exuisitely penned This was my first book by Comeaux but I know for certain it will not be my last

  5. Jillyn Jillyn says:

    I should go on the record I'm not a big user of audiobooks That being said I made an exception when I came across Crossing the Ice I helped take part in a book blitz for the book awhile back and was eagerly awaiting the chance to read or listen to it For reason unbeknownst to me I absolutely adore books with sports themes Ice skating falls snugly right into that category This is my first reading experience from Jennifer Comeaux but I hope it won't be the last This hit the spotI feel like this book is really well informed I have not ever been involved with ice skating than a just for fun skate at a rink set up here in Chicago for the Christmas season That said I'm relatively unversed in the topic save for what I have picked up from watching the Olympics over the years But I was never confused throughout this story set in the competitive skating world and honestly I probably walked away learning a thing or two about it It's clear to me that the author knows way about it than I do and did her research which makes for a better setting and deeper storyI also really liked the characters You feel for them whether you love or hate them and you will hate some I liked that Courtney stood her ground and went after what she wanted both on and off the ice I also loved Josh He's so sweet and coy and I would like to just carry him around in my pocket with meAnd then there's Stephanie glare That's all I'll say about that for fear of giving away spoilersAs for the audiobook itself it had its ups and downs I think the narrator's voice was pleasant enough and it held my attention throughout most of the story However there were a few times where it was awkwardly paused or stumbled over I felt Over all it was easy to listen to but it wasn't anything to necessarily write home about eitherI'd recommend this to anyone in the mood for a new adult romantic comedy or anyone who has an interest or affinity for ice skating or competition Thanks so much to YA Bound Book Tours and Jennifer Comeaux who provided me with an audiobook in exchange for my honest reviewThis review can also be found on my blog Bitches n Prose

  6. Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson Mandy (I Read Indie) Anderson says:

    “I’ve always wondered what it would be like to skate with someone you’re dating” I said “If there would be just this crazy amount of energy”Josh turned to me and held my gaze “I bet it would feel incredible” A few years have passed since we last left off and Courtney is all grown up and living her dream She is well on her way to the Olympics with her partner Mark at her side Then the unthinkable happens She is forced to work side by side with her competitorsday in and day out Soon feelings start developing between Josh and Court and there is nothing they can do to stop it How on earth could a relationship work with so much stacked against it? Courtney and Josh are about to find out the hard wayI love being back in Comeaux's world of skating The Edge series she wrote is one of my all time favorites ever and I got absolutely giddy when I started reading this one Seeing Emily and Sergei againseeing old characters get their own story experiencing some of the best and sweetest romance I have ever read beforeit was great to be backYou fall and you fall hard for these characters and soon you realize they are a part of you You care about them and want the best for them as well And seeing them go through the sweet stuff makes a reader’s heart melt But seeing them go through the rough spots hurts you too There was a scene towards the end of the book that had me tearing up I hurt for two characters and what they were dealing with And it wasn't what was happening between Court and Josh Actually it was happening between Court and Emily They've been through it all and in the end it just festered to a nasty head And I am not going to lieit hurt me as the reader to read that part But Comeaux handled it like a boss and gave us a story that everyone is going to love The romance was beautiful It had me excited to see new love emerging even if it was sort of forbidden Courtney and Josh have a long road ahead of them as they try to evade their feelings through most of the book and move on with their lives as if these feelings they were experiencing were not there But in the end I couldn't have asked for a real believable readMost definitely pick this book up and give it a go 5 Beautiful Stars

  7. Chrissy (The Every Free Chance Reader) Chrissy (The Every Free Chance Reader) says:

    Did I enjoy this book I did enjoy Crossing the Ice I loved Ms Comeaux’s Edge series and I couldn’t wait to read the first book in this spinoff seriesIt started off a bit slow It took me a bit to get into the story and I’m not exactly sure why That may have been a personal reading issue I’m not sure However once I got into the story I didn’t want to put it downCourtney and Mark are trying their best to achieve their dream You can’t help but root for them I wanted them to skate their best to do their best I was behind them immediately I didn’t like Mark’s attitude toward their training mates but I understood it They tried their best to make the most out of an awkward situationI loved Josh He was my favorite And I could just see he and Courtney together If only this were a movie it would be fantastic to watch unfold So romantic So sweet I’m jealous of Josh’s piano playing ability I have never been able to play by ear–put a piece of music in front me and I can play it; but play a piece of music and I cannot replicate it Anyway I love their friendship their past their wisheshopes and their futureI loved Emily’s and Sergei’s roles in this book Emily really grew up from the Edge series It made me happy to see them coaching together And their twins So cute Personal preference I don’t like reading baby talk I don’t speak it to my kids It is cute when relayed or heard from them but to read it it’s a bit awkward But there wasn’t that much of it So it was okayThe ending was fantastic I loved it I can’t wait for the next book I need to know what happensWould I recommend it Yes especially if you love romance and figure skating I can’t wait for the next bookDisclosure I received a complimentary copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewhttpeveryfreechancecom201408ch

  8. Jess (the cozy reader) Jess (the cozy reader) says:

    Big thanks to Jennifer for an ARC copy for reviewWhat a fun and delightful novel I must say that Jennifer Comeaux has really turned me into an avid skating fan just by reading her books I can always see her dedication and love for this sport come alive in her writing This was truly another treasure This book follows Courtney Foster one of Emily and Sergei's pair students who was also in the previous series We get to see her journey in trying to make it to the Olympics along with her along with her skating partner Mark but something inspires that she wasn't planning on Falling in love This has everything from friendships heartbreak competition forbidden romance and of course all things ice skating I really loved Courtney as a narrator She is fun smart and independent but my favorite thing about her was how she stuck up for herself She didn't let people walk all over her especially when it came to Stephanie and Kyle Now as I mentioned there is competition for Courtney and Mark A brother and sister pair skating team Josh and Stephanie that Sergei and Emily want to help train as well I didn't care for the sister at all She was rude and thought she was better than everybody basically a stuck up princess Now Josh was completely opposite He was sweet shy and caring and he always considered everybody's feelings before his own Seriously he was a sweetheart Even with all the tension on the ice you can't miss the attraction that forms between Courtney and Josh Those two have an instant connection and I love how open and honest they are with each other Though not everybody approves of them together and for the most part their relationship stays a secret But they share some electrifying kisses I leaned across then console and pressed my mouth to Josh's He responded immediately and curled his hand behind my neck pulling me closer His lips were hot and sweet and they erases all the ache all the longing God I wanted the kiss to last forever Courtney It was wonderful seeing Emily Sergei and their twins who are adorable As well as seeing the close bond that Courtney and Liza have There was a nice surprise glimpse of Chris and Aubrey at a certain event I won't spoil it so you'll have to read to find out I loved the way Jennifer ended Courtney's story and couldn't have asked for anything betterMy review also posted atJess Time To Read

  9. Valerie Valerie says:

    Since I listened to this one I'll start with the narrator Emily Stokes is the narrator I thought the narration was fine Some of her voices seemed dramatic but there is was nothing that had me wanting to stop listening I'm not sure the uality of the audio was as good as it could have been There were just some odd places with strange sounds and pauses This book is super sweet Courtney and Josh may be in their early twenties but they have the feel of much younger characters I think the reason for this is the their skating careers It's stopped them from participating in a lot of things that average young adults would experience This makes this the book feel YA than NA I still enjoyed itJosh has been crushing on Cort ever since he met her Their seven minutes of heaven wasn't even close so Cortney didn't think Josh liked her He became her competition on the ice She didn't pay attention after that But when Josh and his sister come to train with Cortney and Mark she notices alright She notices that his sister Steph is a royal B She notices that Josh is shy and sweet Adorable actually She just can't resist him even though she triesI really enjoyed how they took things slow and really fell in love before things got serious Lots of romance combined with lots of patience on Josh's part to make this one sweet and yummy And kisses? Yes lots and lots of kisses I so love kissesI think this one would appeal to those who really enjoy sweet YA books Though it's not YA it reads that way

  10. Tiana Tiana says:

    I read this as part of the Xpresso Book Tours and received a copy from NetGalley I think the tour ended right after I received my copy but that's not going to stop me from leaving a review because I was so swept away with this bookWho doesn't love a good figure skating love story? I mean I definitely watched the Cutting Edge a few times in a row when I was younger This book has it's own uniue take on the pairs skating competition an the romance that blooms on and off the ice I felt like the details were well researched but also placed in a way that added to the story rather than detracting from it I was fully immersedIt pushed the boundaries of the clean genre so if you like sueaky clean you might be uncomfortable with where the hands and lips go in this book

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Crossing the Ice Ice #1[Reading] ➶ Crossing the Ice Ice #1 ➽ Jennifer Comeaux – Falling hard never felt so goodPair skaters Courtney and Mark have one shot left at their Olympic dream They vow not to let anything get in their way especially not Josh and Stephanie the wealthy and Falling hard never Ice Ice MOBI ñ felt so goodPair skaters Courtney and Mark have one shot left at their Olympic dream They vow not to let anything get in their way especially not Josh and Stephanie the wealthy and talented brother and sister teamThe heart doesn’t always listen to reason thoughThe time Courtney spends Crossing the PDF/EPUB or with sweet shy Josh the harder she falls for him But they are on opposite sides of the competition and their futures are headed in opposite directions Will their friendship blossom into or are their paths too different to crossAfter you finish the book read the bonus epilogue here.

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