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10 thoughts on “Grace Blood

  1. Carol (StarAngel& Carol (StarAngel& says:

    35 Is there anyone you haven't had sex with StarsUmmmmOKthat was a total what the hell did I just read moment Crammed into 29 pages is gore grotesueness sex murder ghosts horror and sexThanks to my buddy Jahy I spent a 12 hour shaking my head and wondering whythe book was goodit held my attention and thankfully I didn't cringe too much There was really just one part that had totally grossed outThis is not for the faint of heart

  2. Carla ☺Did I Say That☺ Carla ☺Did I Say That☺ says:

    4 Damn StarsStill in shockcan't believe all of that was packed into just 29 pages

  3. Mindy (Naughty Book Snitch) Mindy (Naughty Book Snitch) says:

    Heat Level 3 out of 4 flamesOverall 4 out of 5 starsReviewed by Naughty Book Snitch Mindy See Mindy’s Blog Review Here Word of warning Some of these characters express ideas and use words that may make you uncomfortable Seriously proceed with caution For those of you with heart conditions a sueamish stomach a strong aversion to blood and guts dread the evil side of demonic paranormal refuse to tolerate the idea of sexual taboo or feel it's their mission in life to rid the world of literature that is not all unicorns and rainbows then this book is not meant for your eyes or mind Stop reading here For those of you who are willing to dip your toe into the dark side and skirt the edge of taboo who don't mind blood and guts and are okay with being grossed out and possibly turned on at the same time then this book may be for youFor those of you who are willing to dive in head first into the naughty dirty closet masturbation bloody horror erotica tastic with a lick of taboo while backstroking through a vat of evil and cum and don't mind the dark shadows in the corners then this book is DEFINITELY for youReally I think my warning pretty much sums it up But if you still want then let me try to fill you in without giving anything awayEighteen year old Gracie babysits for Kevin and Liz Gracie seems like any normal girl her age on the outside but she has a dark and twisted side to her especially after she meets Katie Gracie has the hots for Kevin and will do whatever it takes to fulfill her lust for him Gracie is only concerned about herself and what she wantsSex blood cum incest and demons oh my From the very beginning I was hooked This is a well paced short story filled with cringing moments that makes me want to read with my eyes shut This story is NOT for everyone Again read my warning This is not my first horror and this is not my first erotica however this is my first horror erotica I wasn't really sure what to expect and it turns out that I'm a twisted little fucker because I loved itThere are a couple moments in here where it felt porn like to me For example view spoilerShoot your cum on my face I shouted I want to feel your spunk running all over me hide spoiler

  4. Dee Dee says:

    Description Erotic HorrorHorror definitely Erotic not to me maybe to othersMost of this short story had me going True to its word this story if full of horrific events and is not for the sueamish Erotic? yes there is sex but I found nothing erotic about the sex scenes I am a lover of both genres but the combination of both in this story did not work for meThe blood and guts turned my stomach less than the scenes involving the heroine and her mother but then this is no ordinary story view spoiler Gracie spying on her mother22% I'm no home wrecker said my mom to the married man I lusted after as she wiped his semen off her face hide spoiler

  5. Jenna Fox Jenna Fox says:

    This is the first title that I've read from Eric Keys I was given a copy of Grace and Blood from the author for an honest reviewAs a fan of horror I can say this book has everything you could expect from the genre Lots of blood evil characters and of course murder Sex was very prevalent in the story so prevalent I feel like this should be tagged as erotic horror even though the sex wasn't entirely written to titillate and stimulate The author's tactics were 'fearless' in shocking the reader including matricide which I won't go into detail for spoiling the story You'll have to read it for the full effectIt is a fast paced read and can be completed on a lunch hour or waiting to board your next flight Just don't slip and fall in the blood

  6. Clare Lune Clare Lune says:

    This is the first Eric Keys piece I've read and I'm already trying not to fangirl too muchGrace is one wild chick and Keys seems to know how to get inside this character's head which disturbs me but in a good wayEric are you really a dude? Weird voyeurism blood violence hot sex and creepiness abound in this little gem It's very fast paced so if you're looking for something that's a page turner check it outReally enjoyed

  7. Billierosie Billierosie Billierosie Billierosie says:

    Sex and death; sex as life affirming sex as death affirming Grace and Blood; Eric Keys’ blood saturated story will shock arouse despairThere’s murder in these pages; there’s blood and guts If you want depravity you will find it here Gracie’s seduction of her boss Kevin is sensual arousing; outrageous It’s perhaps how we would like to behave; if only we had Gracie’s nerve There’s matricide in Gracie’s world; patricide too and there’s necrophilia Kevin masturbates onto the corpse of Gracie’s mother Lanna His sperm mingles with her blood; Gracie laps at the heady cocktail as if it were a fine wineAlways teetering on the edge of subversive Eric Keys undermines our notion of the sacred our concept of what is good and holy into a metallic screeching nightmare; hey welcome to the world of the profane It’s a schizophrenic story both in content and in Gracie’s mind A ghostly Katie directs Gracie’s actions; but the fact that she is being told what to do does not negate Gracie’s culpability Gracie simply does not care; she acknowledges her actions and moves on There is no redemption; no reconciliation for Gracie What would be the point? If you are going to look for logic here you won’t find it You will be wasting your time asking Eric Keys to explain Gracie’s actions; I’m guessing that he probably doesn’t know either He gives Gracie a free rein; he gets into Gracie’s head or Gracie gets into his and she writes her own lurid tale And through Gracie Eric Keys delves into his theme of the sacred and profaneEric Keys has taken the concept of “what if” to the extreme; “what if I created a character motivated entirely by lust? What if I placed her in the body of an eighteen year old girl?”Eric Keys is a canny writer who makes his reader think; he’s made me think I’m guessing that he has made himself think too Read Grace and Blood; yes it’s shocking but I’m willing to bet that sometimes you will catch yourself smiling

  8. Lola White Lola White says:

    Macabre gruesome deranged Grace Blood is certainly not for everyone but if you are a fan of the erotic horror genre and that’s what this story is I can’t think of a classic exampleGrace Blood is a short story that stays with you a long time after you’ve finished the tale It’s the kind of story that invades your psyche and ushers in nightmares It’s the sort of erotic horror that drills down into your own dark side and makes you vaguely uncomfortable – because you will enjoy the story even though you know you shouldn’tWhen we meet Grace we know right away something is wrong with her – she’s creepy without being overtly so Without giving away too much Grace then experiences a break from realitypossession by a supernatural evil – it’s difficult to say which because we see the events from her point of view which clouds the issue Seeing from her POV is also a stroke of genius because it lends an authenticity to the story a 3rd person POV would never haveEric Keys evokes gruesome horrific imagery but even effective is the voice of the story Grace Blood is written in such an exuberant tone that I couldn’t help but imagine Mr Keys cackling in evil glee as he typed it – a tone which adds to the horror very effectively as it relays Grace’s excitement and enjoyment of what is going onAll in all Grace Blood did exactly what a good erotic horror is supposed to do – it makes you suirm It’s a uick read though not necessarily easy to read depending on how well you embrace the dark theme and definitely gives you a bit of a mind fck

  9. Reed James Reed James says:

    “I have always love singing about The Blood Even as a little girl I always took comfort in the image of being covered by a flowing fountain of blood”Gracie is young woman newly turned eighteen and working as a babysitter for her handsome neighbor Kevin and his wife On the surface she’s a normal young woman but beneath it she’s sociopath only wanting to satisfy her own lusts She has the hots for Kevin but he’s married and having an affair with Gracie’s own mother When Gracie encounters a spirit swimming in a dark forest pool she sets out to claim all her desiresSex and violence are intrinsically linked in Grace and Blood This young temptress has no ualms killing anyone in her way to get what she desires Fluids mix and Gracie revels in both blood and semen often together as she enjoys her murderous passionsGrace and Blood has vivid disturbing imagery that any fan of slasher horror will enjoy this story Death and eroticism mix from Gracie’s voyeurism to her self pleasure over her victims to deviant sex with her partner in crime If you like your eroticism to be visceral than this is the story for you

  10. Doris Dawn Doris Dawn says:

    More Why More?Grace and Blood is an alert read about hate As much as we long for love there's still hate in this world Does it come from beneath from an underworld? Some incline to believe this fairy tale It has been said that if one doesn't believe in God then he will believe in anything or anyone else Thus listening to echoes of gone ghosts following slippery shadows some forget to believe to hope and yes to loveIn this void nests hate Out of nothing because it is nothing hate tells a character or a person to annihilate to kill Envy is the engine of emptiness However unable to comfort a soul prejudice looks for shelter under casual idiosyncrasies Murder is a perversion thriving on the penury of words Human bodies with demonic faces driven by one single word Believing is also listening listen to the wrong voices always look for and soak in blood; listen to the right voice be grateful with what you've got and rejoiceIf you're into bloody horror hardcore then this might be a perfect read for you it is uick and it provides what the cover has promised

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