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  • 20 August 2014
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10 thoughts on “Deep Secret

  1. Namita Namita says:

    I picked up this book in 7th maybe 8th grade It was my first introduction to a young adult romance that wasn’t emotionally frivolous It was incredibly moving and the fact that I am writing about it than a decade later when I can’t remember the plot struggling with words to describe how much this book meant to me at the time and the fact that I am revisiting it now just because it fleetingly crossed my mind says enough about how amazing it is I don’t know if it was a best seller or faired well at the time or even if the author is a famous one will check that now but this book held a place in my heart that I still like to visit

  2. Hayley Hayley says:

    The story is set in a small village that lies at the bottom of a valley They are a community lost in time The men and women fill stereotypical roles and young people are expected to find love marry and settle downTwins Medline and Grace share an unbreakable bond They are so alike even their mother occasionally mistakes one for the other When tragedy strikes the town is beside itself with grief This is compounded with news that the valley is to be flooded and turned into a reservoir These two incidents shake the town to a point where its secrets start spilling outIt’s not hard to see why Berlie Doherty has won the Carnegie Medal twice Deep Secret is filled with sentences that could be straight from the lines of a poem It’s a deeply moving book with characters that are rich and alive You feel a sense of community like you are a part of their town and want to fight alongside them The flooding of the village is taken from the true story of the creation of the Ladybower Reservoir Doherty was fascinated by the destruction of a town and with it the history of its inhabitantsThis is a hard book to review without giving anything away there is a big ‘wow I didn’t see that coming moment’ uite early on so I will just say that Doherty explores identity in a very interesting way The story looks at the identity of individuals and of the village as a whole Madeline and Grace are characters that you fall in love with and it’s fascinating to look inside the bond only twins can shareMy only criticism is that I think it went on a little too long I didn’t mind the length of the actual book but the time span I felt I was starting to tire of the characters a little and felt the pace had slowed I enjoyed the first two thirds the most In saying that this is really only a small criticism and I love this book so much I finished it in two days

  3. Josie Josie says:

    When I go to a library with no plan of what I want to read I just go to the teenage section and pick out a book that I'm drawn to sounds weird but that's how it is This book was one of them and I'm so glad it was I trust my own judgement when it comes to books P This book had me in tears pretty much from beginning to end Identical twins One dies and the other pretends to be them because they don't want them to be dead and the only person who knows is a blind man The village is going to be underwater soon though so can the surviving twin get through and over her twin's death enough to move onI have to admit when I read this book I hated the ending Both twins loved the same guy Colin and Colin always loved the twin who survived but they didn't know that at the time the twins made a promise that they would either both marry Colin or neither of them wouldand yet Maddy the surviving twin married Colin at the end I thought she was completely betraying Grace the dead twin But then I talked to a friend who has a twin and she said that if she died and her sister was still alive she'd want her sister to be happy no matter what I still don't really like the ending of this book but I understand it better nowI'd recommend this book to anyone It's sad but it's fantastic

  4. Emily Emily says:

    I do find it hard to believe that a novel as eerie and moving as this about the flooding of a tiny beloved village in Derbyshire to make way for a modern dam and reservoir and about the mature grief felt by young Madeleine after the loss of her twin sister should be missed out on by the majority of adults simply because it is labelled as 'young adult' The fate of the valley and the changing definitions of land ownership interests me most and makes the novel stand out In contrast the parts involving characters’ relationships to each other are believable and relatable but not ground breaking in their originality The blind Seth who becomes Madeleine’s closest friend and confidant is the most striking persona for me becoming the valley’s prophet Tiresias However possibly the saddest thing of all is how uickly the feudal way of life is forgotten after the valley is flooded; witness the unceremonious death of the past and the murderers who got away with it the novel seems to sigh Read at

  5. Georgina Ball Georgina Ball says:

    Initially this book confused the hell out of me I had no idea when or where this was set and was expecting it to be set in modern times by the cover but it wasn't Once I got over the intial confusion the book was uite book It followed several different people all from the same village in a valley which made it interesting as you got various people's point of view It made you feel part of the story The things which happened were lossely based on real events and it's uite interesting really The plot was OK a little dull and I expected a bit from the blurb I can't say it was evoked emotions of any kind in any part of the book which was a little disappointing An OK book but not one that I'll probably remember reading in a couple of weeks

  6. Dani Dani says:

    This was such an unbelievably sad book Oh my wordNever having been a twin I can't know how realistic their relationship was but it certainly came across wellDoherty's 'writing voice' is the sort that I would normally write off as a Script of Things not Deep never having read any books by her before but what she's pulled off in this book is something special She's got loss love and village life all rolled into one spectacular story So why only four stars if I'm having trouble thinking of something negative to say about it? Well it's not really my type of thing It was good I'm glad I read it butyeah not my genre

  7. Elisha Elisha says:

    I remember I took this book out of the library when I was in year six at primary school and re read it about 7 times throughout the year I can't entirely remember the plot but I do remember that it was an incredible book that moved me to tears and that I enjoyed very much

  8. Eliza Eliza says:

    It was a good book set in England in 1946 about a pair of twins and one of them dies Then the Government forces them to move out of their valley The story was about grief memories and moving on I liked it

  9. legenbooksdary legenbooksdary says:

    Deep Secret is a story about a village that will go through a big change They had to live with what has been brought upon them accept it and ultimately move on Some of them took it easy while there are others who took it hard which is understandable since it is their home for their entire lives This book is a story of groundbreaking events of alterations from the past to the future and finally burying all the history with the river that will inevitably drown it all Despite the synopsis that only mentioned and highlights on the twins Madeleine and Grace this book was also about everyone in this village The twins' family the Vicar's family Elspeth and her family Oliver Seth Aunt Susan the people working on the construction site and absolutely everyone else That these people are undoubtedly important as they were part of this story and what made this story alive with their hums and tuts along the wayThis book took place over years about the people of Birchen who live and move on about to their brand new lives It was about grief longing and also love That everything takes time and that the heart will heal itself over time That soon all will be better again and its time to finally bury all the feelings down and under the riverIt took me uite some time to realise the meaning behind the title of the book The way I interpret it it was like a metaphor that everyone has secrets dark and deep hidden beneath you and that one day someday you should throw it all away into the void As for the case for this book throw it all away as the river plunge down across the valley and over the village of Birchen Its deep and powerful yet simply beautiful

  10. Stone Rouffignac Stone Rouffignac says:

    I was completely taken aback by this book – it was not what I expected I had anticipated a Young Adult novel featuring identical twin girls with all the opportunities for confusion that could bring Instead I found myself reading an historical novel but set in what is for me the recent past because it was around the time of my own birth That fact alone caught my attention as I realised I could be the contemporary of the young children in the storyNor was the book really about twins Instead it was about one twin and her interaction with all the other inhabitants of the valley and of a way of life about to be lost forever And it was so sadTowards the end there were happy moments too Happiness and sadness intertwined Deep Secret is one of the most emotionally charged books I have read in a long time and I thoroughly recommend it

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Deep Secret➹ [Download] ➵ Deep Secret By Berlie Doherty ➼ – Deep in a Derbyshire valley live two girls twins so alike they seem like one person even their family can’t tell them apart But tragedy is waitingWhen the valley is sold to be flooded for a huge dam Deep in a Derbyshire valley live two girls twins so alike they seem like one person even their family can’t tell them apart But tragedy is waitingWhen the valley is sold to be flooded for a huge dam the villagers are forced to leave their homes Deep Secrets are uncovered New characters enter their lives and desires Love and grief come to the surface.

About the Author: Berlie Doherty

Berlie Doherty née Hollingsworth is an English novelist poet playwright and screenwriter She is best known for children's books for which she has twice won the Carnegie MedalShe has also written novels for adults plays for theatre and radio television series and libretti for children's opera.