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  1. Jenn Jenn says:

    I have a weakness for damaged men and geeky men and Forever Autumn definitely takes the cake for the geeky men I absolutely loved that the guys in this book are a bit on the geeky side It’s not push ups and weights for this group no it’s Dungeons and Dragons and cover bands oh and wrestling – can’t forget the wrestlingI truly enjoyed this story and all of the characters Steven is a wonderful kindergarten teacher with a fun group of friends his dad is a legendary pro wrestler but Steven is missing someone to share his life with When he meets sassy Autumn his life is about to totally change At first it seems like they are total opposites but they actually have a lot in common Autumn is snarky and sarcastic and brutally honest but Steven also possess some of those traits maybe not just as loudly as Autumn They actually complement each other very well These two have a great chemistry and I enjoyed seeing their relationship develop I was definitely rooting for these two Steven is just awesome and I really just wanted to hug him There are also other characters we meet and along the way and their stories become an important part of the book as well I found myself enjoying the new story lines as much as the original and rooting for them too Forever Autumn definitely took some twists and turns that I did not expect and at times had me holding my breath Forever Autumn was a fun ride with some crazy characters that I truly enjoyed These aren’t your typical book heroesheroines they are the people in the cubicle next to you I can’t wait to read from Christopher Scott Wagoner I received a complimentary copy to review for The Geekery Book Review

  2. Skylles Skylles says:

    If you like Big Bang Theory you're gonna love Forever Autumn by Christopher Scott Wagoner While it may technically be 'Contemporary Romance' there should be a sub category for nerdgeek romance filled with stories like this one Wagoner's characters are fun uirky and written with compassion My mom and her many sisters used to pass around copies of books in the Clan of the Cave Bear series the 'racy' parts needing no bookmark because they had been read so many times the books invariably fell open to them Forever Autumn's racy parts are also uite um detailed I can see an entire generation of geeky nerdy girls passing this and the following book Forever Winter around in much the same way Or giving copies to their poor boyfriends saying See That's what I'm talking aboutDefinitely an ADULT read

  3. Rumer Haven Rumer Haven says:

    An engaging and refreshingly different read As I read I could totally see the future indie film adaptation of it playing in my mind The characters and irreverent wit are unconventional bucking the romantic heroheroine stereotypes and with the male perspective adding extra edge Stocked with heart and humor and even a little pro wrestling it's the perfect antidote to formulaic rom com and I look forward to the rest of this series

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Forever Autumn ➵ Forever Autumn Read ➼ Author Christopher Scott Wagoner – Life's going well for Steven Borgia Sure he may not be a famous professional wrestler like his father the legendary Deathslayer but he has carved out a niche for himself as a Kindergarten teacher in N Life's going well for Steven Borgia Sure he may not be a famous professional wrestler like his father the legendary Deathslayer but he has carved out a niche for himself as a Kindergarten teacher in New York City There's only one thing missing; Someone special to share his life with When Steve meets the sharp tongued Autumn a big wrestling fan he's mesmerized by her sarcastic and bold personality Feisty and foul mouthed she seizes life by the throat and refuses to let it go Though they may seem like opposites they compliment each other very well After all differences make good sparks and there are plenty of sparks both in and out of the bedroom Steve's new happiness is threatened when Autumn's life is in jeapordy and the only one who can save her is the estranged father she hasn't seen in fifteen years Hilarious and heartwarming Forever Autumn takes you on a journey that will tickle you in ways than one.

  • ebook
  • 300 pages
  • Forever Autumn
  • Christopher Scott Wagoner
  • English
  • 20 January 2016
  • 9781623421588