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  1. Liza Liza says:

    Received an ARC for an honest review Short read but definitely worth the tears This is my first same sex story and I must say it's good Honestly I stay away from these because it made me uncomfortable in the past but My Last Season With You had erased that fear As said in the synopsis this is not just a story of gender preference and I couldn't agree The length of the story which is short is very apt Direct to the point and will not leave you feeling that it lacks something It is than an FF story it is about the message that everybody can love I like how the author characterize Regina's parents as very accepting My Last Season With You is worth the chance of reading and getting out there If you haven't read a book like this before I can recommend that this book is worth the try It left me with tears I hoped that it didn't end that way but I still liked that it did

  2. Cecily Bonney Cecily Bonney says:

    I feel like I am cheating this author by giving My Last Season with You 5 stars because this book deserves 10 This book is unlike any other book that I have read My little piece of advicehave a bottle of wine a box of tissues and some sort of chocolate near you because you are going to need itReggie Callahan is dealing with her own personal hell at the moment and she doesn’t want to drag anyone down with her But when dealing with terminal illness it is never good to go down that road on your own I have to say that I love Reggie This girlthis woman is very inspiring to me There were moments within this books pages that I was truly able to connect with her because of my own personal experiences Then there were those that I wished she never had to endure at allDesi St Clair has been Reggie’s best friend since they were in training pants Now they are attending NYU and Desi is a modelnew up and coming actress Desi and Reggie’s relationship totally caught me off guard I knew that Reggie was in love with Desi but I had no clue that Desi was in love her until Desi kissed her I know total shock right I’m not against any of it but it was very unexpected it was want made this book enjoyable Seeing the love they shared for each other made me want to have that love myself The type of love that it doesn’t matter who you are or what gender or race or well anything for that matter it’s about how you love the other unconditionally and love them for the person they are rather than what you want them to be and what you would do to just be with that person even if it were only for a short time True love has no boundariesSo with that all being said My Last Season with You is unbelievably amazing and full of hope and laughter and sorrow as well The author definitely drew me in to this story and got me attached to all of the characters within its covers This book will forever be imbedded in my heart and soul There are some books out there that yeah you love or they are just ok but this one is breath taking real serious playful heart breaking soul touching and absolutely special And while reading its pages I found two lines that I now want to have printed out framed and hung on my bedroom wall“Live your joy live your life and live your life as it is”“Love is both hard and soft It is the most believable truth and fiction It is something we fight for and fight with”So now that you know a bit about this wonderful story you have to go and get this book It is a short read but it is so worth it I love picking up a book and reading but when that one book that comes along and touches your soul now that is a work of art an exceptional book Thank you SVC Ricketts for messaging me and asking me to read your book I just want to sueeze and hug the mess out of you You took a chance and gave Reggie and Desi’s story to the world I am bowing down to you right now Great work I can’t wait to read stories of yours in the future

  3. A (Is For Awkward) A (Is For Awkward) says:

    I should have known better with a title like this It was in the romance section KU and highly rated I didn't actually read most of the description or any of the reviews And whoops 1 dimensional characters and a non stop shock value story full of what is supposed to be emotional manipulation The writing is surprisingly not horrible I was even willing to consider a 2 star rating for much of the story But that ending TOTAL SPOILER and I don't even care After all the pointless emotional manipulation about how this woman is dying NO WAIT the girl with the cancer survives of course she does it is a romance So yay we are at least getting a HEA after all and she is going to tell her gf she is in remission Buuuuut instead her gf dies in a car accident THE END OMG NO Just no This isn't a romance It is barely a tragic love story I am not sure I would even give it that Oh well At least it was short

  4. XR XR says:

    What the heck did I just read? This was so sad and damnit that ending really pissed me off WTF??So I just gave this three stars 'cause I partly hated it and I partly loved it Bloody shit

  5. Autumn Autumn says:

    Reggie Callahan has so much that she want to tell her best friend She wants to tell her why she looks so frail these days and that is the reason that she is being forced to leave school She also wants to tell her that she has been in love with her every since she can rememberDesi St Clair has been everything to Reggie for most of her life Desi is now a promising modelactress with a full schedule and the times that they get to see each other are becoming fewer But this time Reggie is determined to make it countReggie never dreamed that Desi could love her back Not only does she love her but she is going to do everything she can to help her fight to stay alive Because now that they have finally found each other nothing can stand in their wayMy Last Season With You is 122 pages of pure heartbreaking beauty SVC Ricketts has crafted a poignant story of true love with both astral highs and soul shattering lows The tears started to fall almost immediately and continued right to the end and even beyond This book will change you and you will never be uite the same again

  6. Musa Musa says:

    A book full of sweetness sadness love having no regrets with a positive message about life living to the full extent recovering and carrying on Reggie thought it would have been her end when she discovered that she has cancer and there is only a 40% chance of survival She has always been in love with her best friend Desi but has never expressed how she felt Little did she know that Desi is having the same feelings and she is not going to let Reggie giving up hope not wasting whatever time they have by hiding how they truly feel for each other Prepare a box of tissue with you when you're reading the ending it brought me deep sadness but I truly love the final closing note There is always a glimmer of light and hope if you're willing to open your eyes and heart to feel it

  7. Ange from Cover to Cover Book Blog Ange from Cover to Cover Book Blog says:

    Get your tissues ready because you will need them with this book I stayed up until 1 am to finish it and was bawling like a baby It was a great ugly cryThis book is about love pure and simple Reggie and Desi have been best friends their whole life Now with both in college they are roommates Desi is uite busy because along with college she models and acts Reggie is a musical genius Her teachers called her a savant Reggie has some news to deliver to Desi and is very anxious to do so First Reggie has to tell Desi that she has cancer The outlook is not good and her parents want her to move home so they can take care of her They also want her to try a new route for treatment with a new doctor in Canada That's the other bit of news Reggie has to tell Desi She's dropping out of school and going home The third and final item on the agenda? Reggie is in love with Desi and has been for a long timeReggie was prepared for the shock and hurt feelings coming from Desi when she heard the news about the cancer and her moving home What she wasn't prepared for was that before she could tell Desi that she was in love with herDesi made her own declaration of love to Reggie Once the shock wore off Reggie and Desi's relationship progressed So did the cancer Desi wanted to postpone school and her modelingacting career to go home with Reggie and be with her during the treatments Reggie insisted that she stay and visit as often as possible Despite how busy each were Reggie with treatments and it's side effects; Desi with school and work they still found time to talk often Desi made several trips to see Reggie and made sure each holiday was spent togetherNow I won't give you much because I do not want to spoil the book for you This book is beautiful It is a FF book but don't avoid it because of that There are no graphic sex scenes for those who are not comfortable with that This is a book about love hope friendship life and struggle It's well written and I fell in love with these characters Reggie and Desi are strong and loving people I highly recommend it Go 1 click today and don't forget the tissues

  8. Leslie Leslie says:

    Okay so here are a few warnings this is a story about a girl with cancer there is some female on female action and one of the stories characters does die hence the blubbering mess So I haven't read a story where one of the characters has an illness since I was a teen and Lurlene McDaniel was popular Yup you all know those books they made you cry like a baby too Well this one is the adult version of those books I bawled This story is so touching I was right there with the characters the whole time and so when the story progressed I lost it Desi Reggie have been best friends all their life they've never kept secrets from each other When Reggie tells Desi that she has been diagnosed with cancer Desi admits to feeling for Reggie that have been there from the beginning Reggie has always loved Desi in that way so it's uite a shock to her to realize her feelings are no longer unreuited Reggie has mixed feelings about their developing relationship in the begging because of her cancer decided to take a chance and live in the moment both start their relationship As Reggie battles her cancer Desi is working on her career in New York Their love and relationship is so strong that the distance means nothing The depth of their feelings for each other has spanned their lifetime and when it's brought to the light it shines so perfectly I've never been a fan of stories with FF action but this was tastefully done and so sweet I refuse to give you any you have to cry through the story to find out My co workers now think I have had a horrible death in the family or my dog died I'm scared to ask Make sure you have tissues handy because you will need them

  9. Jessie Soto Jessie Soto says:

    This novella was so much than just a FF story It was a TRUE LOVE story A heartbreaking love story It was a bit rushed at parts and lacking in others all understandable due to it's length Admittedly I would have loved Reggie Desi flashbacksDesi's first kiss one was priceless I hope readers who pick this up go into it with an open mindand lots of tissues

  10. Michelle Rodriguez Michelle Rodriguez says:

    45 StarsThis was not my first FF story I have read a few and the one I have read were uite spicy If that is what you are looking for here well will have to seek somewhere else but why would you? This is a beautiful love story and I want you to read it Have a box of tissues besides you thoughReggie Callahan and Desi St Clair have been BFFs since childhood So when Desi got accepted to NYU instead of going to Julliard Reggie also goes to NYU Reggie has always had an unreuited love for Desi loving her from afar While Desi is still a student at NYU she is an upcoming model she is so well known that she is also asked to be on the TV and movie screenReggie has to leave school and the love of her life Reggie and Desi have never kept secrets from each other but this one secret Reggie has been holding may crush their relationship Reggie is very sick and besides the fact that she needs to go back home to Wisconsin and then start a vigorous treatment she also will be leaving the only true love she has ever had Desi finally gets it out of Reggie as to why she is leaving to NY Desi takes that opportunity to reveal her true feelings for Reggie Reggie of course is shocked Here she thought she would be pining away for Desi when all along Desi was also in love with her They make a pact to always be truthful with one another and make a go of their relationship Although Desi has working obligations she makes sure she there for ReggieMy heart was hurting so much for Reggie and the treatments that she had to endure I felt her pain throughout the pages Even her insecurities about her life was up front and center Yet Desi’s love for her was just so beautiful I was pulling for them I wanted Reggie and Desi to have their HEA I needed that for themThis is my first time reading anything from SVC I was emotionally spent after reading this book I had so many tears afterwards Like I mentioned earlier although this is a FF story it was so beautiful to read I know I cannot due justice with my review for this book You have to read it for yourself and have the feels like I did Just writing this review I still have the feels Oh and I adored Reggie’s parents Anyone who is gay would want parents like Reggie’s parents They are so loving accepting and absolutely adorableOn a personal note SVC is funny witty and has some kick ass BW photos everyday on Facebook Hit her page up she will tag you with some nice eye candy throughout the day Of course I am constantly yelling at her to go write her other work in progress Thank you SVC for letting me read your beautiful novella I cannot wait to read your next book Just warn me ahead of time if I need to invest in some wine and tissue lolI will leave you with one of my favorite uotes Reggie to Desi “You fill the grey with light and love so much it blinds me Loving you surround me and fees my strength My desire to see the next dawn with you and witness the stars grace the black lace sky knows no limits”For reviews visit

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My Last Season With You [BOOKS] ✸ My Last Season With You By S.V.C. Ricketts – “Dealing with your own terminal illness is easier than telling your best friend that you’re in love with her Just sayin’” – Regina CallahanReggie Callahan has come to terms with her prognosi “Dealing with your own terminal illness is easier Season With Epub â than telling your best friend that you’re in love with her Just sayin’” – Regina CallahanReggie Callahan has come to terms with her prognosis of less than a year to live She’s been dealing with it all summer thanks to blacking out and falling off her My Last PDF \ horse back home in Wisconsin Instead of starting her junior year she’s only back at New York University to tie up loose ends One of them is breaking the news to her childhood friend actress and model Desi St Clair For Reggie telling her that she is sick and leaving the city is harder than Last Season With Epub Ü learning you’re going to dieUntil Desi kisses herThis isn’t a story about gender preference or about living with cancer Plain and simple it’s about love and what people are willing to endure to live without regrets and savor every momentPortion of all sales will go to FreeLuv a non profit charity that supports anti bullying the freedom of expression This is a STANDALONE novella It is not part of a series and does not contain a cliffhanger This book is intended for mature audiences Does NOT contain explicit or graphic sexual scenes.

  • ebook
  • 130 pages
  • My Last Season With You
  • S.V.C. Ricketts
  • English
  • 01 March 2016
  • 9781502506603