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The Islanders, Vol. 4: Lucas Gets Hurt / Aisha Goes Wild Read The Islanders, Vol 4 Lucas Gets Hurt Aisha Goes Wild Author Katherine Applegate Bystricepodhostynem.eu For The Islanders, Falling In Love Is Easy Staying In Love Is A Lot Difficult The Drama Continues In The Fourth Omnibus Edition Of New York Times Bestselling Authors Katherine Applegate And Michael Grant S Action Packed Series.The First Thing Christopher Did When He Moved To Chatham Island Was Try To Convince Aisha She Should Give Him A Chance And Even Though She Was Determined To Resist His Charms, Aisha Soon Found Herself Falling In Love Until Christopher Betrayed Her.Now Christopher Wants A Second Chance But When An Old Boyfriend Comes Back Into Aisha S Life, She Is Forced To Decide Whether Romance With Anyone Is Really Worth It Is Aisha Ready To Risk Her Heart Again Formerly Known As Making Out 7 Lucas Gets Hurt And Making Out 8 Aisha Goes Wild.

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    It s love and heartbreak week on the X Factor Chatham Island What went down with our coastal teens Let s allow angsty bands of ye old 90s 00s to show us the way STATE OF THE UNION Angsty indie bands edition previous SOTU Zoey s life continues to be a boulevard of broken dreams does she ever get a break Jake needs something , to keep on breathing forLucas is successfully employing the who has to know strategy for his dirty little secret, but is set for an inevitable fallBen Nina are lost in a van in the middle of nowhere, but are just going to roll with itChris realizes he might be a bit love drunkAisha reveals she dated a sketchy older boy at 14, and if she could go back again, she d go back and change everything Claire s new paramour has her retracing every step in her head what did she miss back then She was so, so misled Still to be resolved 1 Will Aisha stay this ...

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    What in the heck

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    never been that disappointed with the ending of a book what s going on with the last 50 pages very weird loved the series

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    Feeling nostalgic for the books of my youth, I revisited Katherine Applegate and her Islanders omnibus editions first released as the Making Out series way back in 1993 Yes, I am that old.While I found them to be overly dramatic and a little bit cheesy on second reading, I think they would be loved by teenagers today YA has taken a much welcome step in the sphere of fantasy, science fiction and Dystopia, largely, in rec...

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    Warning Spoilers I thoroughly enjoyed volumes 1 3 of this series However, volume 4 jumps the shark a bit for me The narrative relies on soap opera y elements to move forward, and while I love a good soap opera as much as the next gal, this just didn t live up to the complexities of the first two volumes Lucas making out with Claire out of anger at Zoey just wasn t enough to center an entire half volume around Aisha gets mugged in an alley, hits her head, loses consciousness and wakes up thinking she s 14 years old again The shark has been jumped, my friends Side note Things that really upset irritate me in a book or television series body switches see Buffy, The Vampire Diaries and temporary and ill timed amnesia that manages to create a series of unfortunate and cringe inducing mishaps see Aisha Goes Wild This seemed as good a point as any to wrap up the series I don t know if they re planning on re publishing the rest of the Making Out series in a similar fashion, but I think this was a good stopping point Every thing gets tied up rather nicely Claire winds up beautiful and alone as usual Jake, having woken up in a cemetery next to a bottle of tequila, is substance dependent and working out like a maniac as usual Zoey has forgiven Lucas and the whole sex debacle has been forgotten for now The Pass parents have reconciled their differences and are moving back in together A...

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    As one would expect, this final volume wraps up all the story lines One is brought to full closure, most are concluded but left somewhat open ended after all, these are teens so a significant flash forward would be needed to fully wrap these stories , and one is left dangling Even as an older reader, well outside the target market for these books, I felt like I could have read about these characters perhaps a volume that follows up with them in their late twenties and early thirties Curiosity abounds Do they all s...

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    Lucas got hurt but he deserve it Love the end but I almost die when I found out there where 28 stories to the series and they only remade 8 I would read them all

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    I finished reading this because it was it was in the series Eh

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