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The Far Side Gallery 4 ✮ [PDF] ✩ The Far Side Gallery 4 By Gary Larson ✻ – 1993 FarWorks Inc All Rights Reserved The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks Inc FarWorks Side Gallery PDF ↠ Inc All Rights Reserved The Far Side and the Larson signature are registered trademarks of FarWorks Inc.

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  1. Andrew Andrew says:

    There are a number of clever yet simple as in pen and ink cartoonists out there today who I think can capture on one small box the simplicity of life its absurdity and pass a humours twist on it without being vulgar demeaning or repetitive The far side along with in my view Dilburt and Calvin and Hobbs is one of the masters of this and as such is a joy to read The book has a lot to get through over 160 pages with on average 4 images a page this is a book you cannot wade through but to dip in to when time allows I know this is not my usual fair however sometimes a change is good and since I have been trying to rearrange my library I stumbled across it and though why not give it a go

  2. Ron Ron says:

    The Far Side by Gary Larson was one of the two comic strips I've loved most the other being Calvin Hobbes In my opinion Larson was a twisted genius I had cut his one panel comics out of the newspaper on a regular basis They were taped and tacked to my bulletin board walls refrigerator etc Then I could look my favorites for a chuckle – 100 times I could look at the same comic and still laughI was really bummed when Larson announced retiring The Far Side in 1995 But to his credit he thought the series was getting repetitive and did not want to enter what he called the Graveyard of Mediocre CartoonsThe Far Side Gallery 4 is one of many book collections showcasing his cartoons It includes 150 pages of monsters mad scientists four eyed kids goofy wildlife and a foreword by Robin Williams I found it at a local thrift shop and snapped it up Overall I give The Far Side 5 stars but this book does not typify Larson’s incredible humor It did transport me back in time And there were a few favs in there

  3. David Sarkies David Sarkies says:

    What no Scientists?29 December 2018 – Adelaide I probably should open this review with a Far Side cartoon as is probably appropriate in the circumstances though as it turns out Gary Larson really doesn’t like his cartoons appearing on the internet so instead of posting it on Goodreads I’ll just provide a link It is pretty clear that in the world of the Far Side God is God or at least the lovely old man that we all picture him to be and hell is hell with cold coffee and demons and devils making fun of us and getting us to do silly things In fact Gary Larson’s hell is a particularly unpleasant place well at least for the humans that end up there and it certainly isn’t portrayed as the type of place that sounds to be much fun that heaven even though Gary Larson’s heaven once again is the heaven that we probably all picture heaven to be you know clouds and all that It was a bit of a shame that there were no scientist jokes in this particular volume but that probably has something to do with the collections that were included Still the scientist jokes were actually particularly amusing namely because we picture scientists as being very serious people working on very serious projects yet Larson pictures them as well just normal people like everybody else who laugh joke and play tricks on each other though of course some of these tricks are probably the type of tricks that might actually find yourself on the wrong side of the unemployment ueue or in the middle of a smoking crater Yet his animals are particularly impressive especially since like the scientists he pulls aside the curtains to show us a world that we rarely see – in a way animals are simply living their lives just like us getting jealous over who they are seeing wandering into the wrong bar throwing cocktail parties and even sitting in the lounge reading the newspapers Yet there are two things that stand out – each of them have their own little eccentricities or the true reality of their world is being purposely hidden from us namely because we humans really don’t deserve to see this wonderful world This is why with the cows there is always a lookout for a car so that they can uickly end their cocktail party and go back to appearing to chomp grass in the way that us humans have witnessed them doing throughout the ages Well as I started with a cartoon I probably should finish off with one as well or at least a link to one

  4. Philip Philip says:

    My trek to The Far Side and back is finished for now I've read through all the galleries I want to read the 10th anniversary edition That looked pretty sweetI love LOVE Gary Larson Seriously what's that guy doing these days? I bet he's accumulating mountains of Far Side water colors in his basement one of a white whale yukking it up with Ahab and a giant suid One of Pluto making some obscene gesture at the other planets And there definitely have to be cows and cavemen Possibly cave cowsOne of the benefits in reading every word in a book is that I come across stuff like this No part of this book may be used or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without written permission except in the case of reprints in the context of reviews That was written in Galleries 1 2 and 4 I'm not sure why it wasn't in 3 but it wasn't there In my reviews of the previous 3 galleries I described my favorite Far Sides Alas I just don't do them justice A picture is worth a thousand words or in Gary Larson's case far Time travel fascinates me but I'd also be interested in observing how the views of time travel have changed with time This is why Cowboys and Aliens could have been so successful From what I hear it wasn't worth it I still want to see for myselfAnyway thank you Far Side I'll be back sooner this time I promise

  5. Mike (the Paladin) Mike (the Paladin) says:

    Who knew cows could be so funnyand sneaky not to mention dogs cats and so on The Far Side is probably a never to be repeated comic that stands as one of the few uniue examples of what cartoons can be These may not be for everybody but try them If you haven't been introduced to these you'll thank me or whoever introduced you

  6. Cole Oberndorfer Cole Oberndorfer says:

    Looking back on these years after Ive last taken a look at them I find them that much poignant and hilarious Many of them were lost on me in my youth and now knowing are even funnier than the first time around Its always good to go back and take a look at things like this even if only to remind yourself that life shouldnt be taken too seriously

  7. Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ Harley_Granger127~on semi-hiatus~ says:

    A bit inappropriate but extremely funny kind of like family guy ;

  8. Kayla Kayla says:

    A lot of these comics were a repeat from Wiener Dog Art which I really didn't like If I didn't like them the first time around I liked them even less the second

  9. Linda Linda says:

    Ruth saw that I was reading a graphic novel so she insisted on finding this book for me to read

  10. Kim Weitkamp Kim Weitkamp says:

    Can’t review Won’t review I own every Larson book available He was the king

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