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Pairing Off Red Hot Russians #1 [KINDLE] ✾ Pairing Off Red Hot Russians #1 Author Elizabeth Harmon – A scandal plagued American figure skater's last chance at gold means pairing up with Russia's sexiest male skaterwho happens to be the first man she ever loved The Cutting Edge with a Russian twistAme A scandal plagued American figure Red Hot eBook ↠ skater's last chance at gold means pairing up with Russia's sexiest male skaterwho happens to be the first man she ever loved The Cutting Edge with a Russian twistAmerican pairs figure skater Carrie Parker’s Winter Games dreams were dashed when her philandering partner caused one of the greatest scandals in skating history Blacklisted from competing in America her career is overuntil she receives a mysterious invitation and is reunited with the most infuriating talented—and handsome—skater she’s ever met Russian champion Anton Belikov knows sacrifice He gave up a normal life and Pairing Off Kindle - any hope of a meaningful relationship to pursue his dream And he’s come close—with a silver medal already under his belt the next stop is the gold All he needs is a partner While he’s never forgotten the young American skater he seduced one long ago night in Amsterdam he never expected to see her againnever mind skate with her When what starts as a publicity stunt grows into something real between them Carrie and Anton’s partnership will test their loyalties to family country and each other With only a few months to train for the competition Off Red Hot Epub Ý of a lifetime can they master techniue and their emotions or will they lose their footing and fall victim to the heartaches of their pastsRed Hot Russians Book .

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  1. Antonella Antonella says:

    This was such a cute story Then again I really enjoy this author writing So far I never was let down This is a perfect read for all of you looking for an ice skating book with some light fun premise and really cute leading couple As someone who has never skated in her life I spend an awful amount of time watching ice skating on tv with my grandma when I was a kid I have fond memories of it So it was a no brainer if I would be interested in this book I love how these two found their home in one another Read Elizabeth Harmon she is a good writer

  2. Angie Angie says:

    Originally reviewed here AngievilleI have my pal Li to thank for steering me in the direction of Elizabeth Harmon's debut novel Pairing Off She clued me in to its existence pointed out that it featured Olympic figure skaters and well that was all she wrote folks I am a huge figure skating fan And while I actually haven't read many books that focus on the sport there was simply no way I was going to not read a book billed as The Cutting Edge with a Russian twist I adored that movie as a kid As you can probably tell I haven't been so much with the review writing of late Happily that is in no way an indication of how my reading has fared because I have been reading up a storm But lately I never seem to get around to sitting down and hashing it out But with the figure skating World Championships coming up in a couple of weeks I thought it was the perfect time to highlight this little gemCarrie Parker is fairly certain life as she knew it is over when her career as a pairs figure skater comes to a grinding and spectacular halt courtesy of a scandal involving her partner and a judge Which is why she literally jumps at an unexpected and unusual invitation to travel to Russia and audition for a suddenly open position What she does not expect is that the male partner will turn out to be a familiar and wholly unwelcome face Anton Belikov is in need of a partner STAT His longtime skating partner and girlfriend Olga has up and left him for greener pastures and a partner likely to see her to the gold medal podium at the Olympics Determined to achieve his dream and make a go of it without her Anton warily follows his coach's advice and auditions the disgraced but unuestionably talented American However with the barriers of language culture politics and a distant night only Carrie remembers looming between them success on or off the ice is no guarantee for this unlikely teamI was just so taken with Pairing Off you guys From the very start I could tell the story was going to wrap itself around me Carrie is immediately sympathetic and though the narrative touches ever so briefly on the long ago night she and Anton met it is nonetheless clear to the reader how it affected both of them and how it will play an uneven but key role in their development as an actual pair What I was not expecting was how deeply I would fall in love with Moscow and Carrie's experiences there Harmon writes with great affection and joie de vivre when it comes to the streets and alleys gardens and soaring architecture of the Russian capital It is nothing short of a delight accompanying Carrie on her explorations and I was so pleased that aspect of her new life was allocated adeuate page time Carrie's willingness to fight her attendant isolation and uncertainty in a foreign clime with an open and inuisitive mind and with consistent forays out into her new home endeared her to me even as it filled me with wanderlust And as she learns the ropes of her adopted country so does she learn the ways of her adopted partner A favorite passage in which Carrie gets into a spot of trouble and calls Anton to help her outI've never been happier to see someone in my lifeWhat the hell were you doing? he shouted Trying to get killed? I told you to stay near city centerShe stared looking for Anton not this furious wild eyed stranger And you also told me about the park where I could go hiking Look I'm not your employee and I'll go where I please I got a little lost It could happen to anyoneBut it didn't happen to anyone It happened to youCarrie felt her eyes grow wide Was he suggesting she wasn't expendable? Or was his real concern the hassle of finding another Olga replacement? Much likely Her chest tightened and it was hard to breathe Yeah well I'm sorry to be an inconvenience If I'd known you were going to yell at me I never would have called She fumbled for her map and shook it open The subway's two blocks that way Drop me off I'll get home just fineDon't be ridiculous I'm not dropping you at subway he muttered I was close by anyway It's good you calledOtherwise you'd be auditioning new pair girls tomorrowHe jerked his head around and shot an angry look across the car Is that what you think I care about?Isn't it?The tense silence was filled by the muffled sounds of traffic outside Jaw tight Anton turned his gaze back to the road You and I are in this together Partners like I said before His voice softened Not just two skaters making tricksThere is very little not to love about Anton Yet I appreciated how slowly their relationship developed He was still handling a long distance relationship with a girlfriend who abandoned him professionally She was struggling to reconcile the man she sees before her with the one she spent only a handful of hours with years ago and who does not seem to remember her at all Their respective families are complicated and play strong roles in shaping the way they see the world and the fears and hopes they harbor for their futures There are layers upon layers between these two and I relished the gradual dismantling and rebuilding they had to go through on their way to forming a firm and eual partnership This uiet romantic book is such a lovely read and one of my favorites of the year thus far

  3. Jennifer Comeaux Jennifer Comeaux says:

    As a HUGE fan of figure skating I was super excited to see a new skating romance hit the shelves and Pairing Off didn't disappoint The majority of the book is set in Russia and Elizabeth Harmon painted such a rich picture of the country and its people I truly felt like I was in the story with Carrie and Anton And let me swoon over Anton for a moment I love me some beta heroes and Anton was a wonderfully sweet thoughtful and patient guy I really appreciated how much family meant to himOne thing I would've liked to see was detail in the skating competition scenes particularly view spoilerat Russian nationals It was the first time Carrie and Anton competed together and I wanted to live the performance with them as they were on the ice I wanted to feel that moment of exultation when they made the Olympic team hide spoiler

  4. Wendy& Wendy& says:

    35 RussianAmerican Pairs Stars 12This hadThe love of Ice SkatingThe feel of Russia and the beauty of its people land and historyThe complexity of politics family secrets and hurtAnd the understanding of love for one another can be your homeA gifted copy was provided by publisher via NetGalley for an honest review For Reviews Free E books and Giveaways

  5. Keertana Keertana says:

    I was so invested in this couple their tentative interactions their growing friendship the sexual tension that laced their every look and the backdrop of ice skating in Russia only added to the romance of this novel Admittedly I will say that though I enjoyed this one a lot it did veer on the slightly dramatic edge towards the end but it was never over the top and I appreciated that the drama did not exist between the leads but rather from outside sources I would for sure recommend this because it's swoony sweet and a little something different from the typical hordes of romance reads

  6. Ilaria 81 Ilaria 81 says:

    Nice stormy slow burn love story I really enjoy them both❤️❤️❤️❤️starsRe read 2020 08 11Well this is super cute 🥰

  7. Laura Hannaway Laura Hannaway says:

    This was greatVery Minor SpoilersThe writing was excellent and the characters of Anton and Carrie were lovely I particularly liked Anton who combined being a gentleman with kindness and a wicked sense of humour Carrie was lovely as well though emotionally damaged than I expected her innate kindness and open hearted nature had me invested in their relationship from the opening pages I also liked the insight it gave into the world of pairs figure skating particularly issues of nationality and citizenship about which I'd been largely ignorant and though I'm cheesy enough to have wished for a different ending I loved the future painted for them in the final chapterI would thoroughly recommend this to anyone interested in romance figure skating or Russia as all are given excellent representation here ARC provided by NetGalley in return for an honest review

  8. Juliana Juliana says:

    35 stars While this started off a little slow I enjoyed it overall Carrie is a disgraced ice skater after her previous partner was found sleeping with a judge to get placement Anton is a Russian skater who wants her to be his partner not realizing they met before and she's the girl who he met years ago and had been infatuated with The writing is good and makes me want to check out her other books Their relationship starts off bristly and slowly warms up so that you believe their story They both have well built backgrounds and ex partners that you'll love to hate There are a couple tropes in this one that were actually pretty well executed but I won't give it away because it was a surprise to me when it was introduced It was entertaining and I enjoyed reading about all the skating elements I especially liked the Russian aspect because the reader saw it in the foreign perspective as well as the native Solid story and I'll happily continue this series

  9. A Klue A Klue says:

    At 50% into the hero still has another girlfriend To top it off that relationship is not exclusive He admits to the heroine near the end he never stepped out on Olga but was with OW when they would break up which you get the impression was uite often Olga was selfish and crazy but he kept running back to her It wasn't until about 60% he ends things with Olga It's hard to have a romance when you aren't even in the picture folks The heroine is sitting on the sidelines though a big part of this book Combined with her insecurities and daddy issues this book just wasn't for me It's complicated doesn't even begin to cover it Btw the synopsis mentions the heroine finally gets to skate with the man she has always loved Well keep in mind when they first met in Amsterdam it was at a wild party He was so drunk he didn’t even recognize the heroine when he saw her years later Yet that vague memory of that very brief sexcapade moments after seeing each other across the room supposedly stayed with him as well He referred to that encounter as his Amsterdam girl It just didn’t seem credible or romantic to me The whole supposedly life changing soul connecting moment lasted what seemed like a total of less than five minutesfrom the time they made eye contact She was a virgin who gave it all up for a wham bam thank you m’am moment and considered herself in love with him from then on It just felt too rushed and wrong on both their partsAfter reading the synopsis for the upcoming books this entire series is a big miss for this reviewer Here's to hoping others enjoy it It’s just not for meTitle Pairing Off Series Red Hot Russians Book 1 Author Elizabeth HarmonBook 1 – Pairing OffBook 2 – Turning It OnBook 3 – Getting It BackThis review is based on ARC generously provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest unbiased opinion No compensation was paid to the reviewer nor is there any affiliation between the reviewer and authorpublisher

  10. Colleen Davis Colleen Davis says:

    Lunges pivots turns spins Salchows loops flips Lutz jumps axel jumps singles doubles and triples It’s okay if these terms don’t mean a whole hell of a lot to you I’d consider myself a casual fan of ice skating When I see a skating competition on television I definitely watch Plus watching The Cutting Edge throughout the ‘90s was a formative romantic and figure skating touch point—as it was for the earlier SBTB reviewer and our author Elizabeth Harmon who specifically pitched her story as “The Cutting Edge with a Russian twist” Though to be fair to both the film and Harmon’s original story I found her novel to be significantly interesting and nuanced than that tagline might suggest The story has ice skating and romance sure but also a nuanced one night stand mistaken identity cultural differences class issues celebrity culture fame deceased parents suicide politics cheating scoring scandals publicity stunt romance jail time and supporting all of those minor and not so minor hiccups on the road to Happily Ever After a sweet and slowly developed love storyIn Pairing Off—the first of three in the Red Hot Russians series—Elizabeth Harmon manages to convincingly pair off Carrie a pseudo Southern belle and disgraced competitive figure skater with Anton a working class Russian and experienced figure skater After her first draft Harmon jokingly recalled the Southern meets Russian elements felt like “Steel Magnolias visit the USSR” but as she refined the broad strokes and further developed characters some of that cutesy charm and opaue veneer was removed In the final product I certainly didn’t feel like Carrie’s hometown culture defined her in any stereotypical way which was nice though I do recall one reference to Tara in Gone with the Wind that seemed to stand out and not mesh with the story Mostly though it was simply part of her backstory and her family history was important to her early character development than anything else Perhaps even important than their divergent national backgrounds The real contrast for our potentially star crossed couple comes from the fact that Carrie is a private independent and distrustful person when compared with Anton who is open and grounded by a large family and support system but has his own baggage Luckily those aspects serve to complement one another and help the two characters grow into themselves and into loveOlympic figure skating is the impetus for the story and Harmon does a nice job of creating a plausible but elite universe Harmon skated as a child gave it up as a young teenager and returned to beginner lessons as an adult a few years ago all of which I believe lends the book’s details credence while remaining accessible and interesting to a variety of readers Like with many competitive sports dance and performance focused narratives—from Bring It On to The Cutting Edge to Remember the Titans—there are the standard challenges benchmarks setbacks and successes I always love it when a sports or competition story hits that point in the narrative arc where the main characters decide to change things up at the last minute either due to some external complication ie stolen routine or some sort of internal development or realization that the “standard” way is not authentic to the characters in uestion ie this isn’t who we are and it’s not fun any I could easily visualize and even hear the upbeat and exciting training montages once Carrie and Anton start mixing things up on the ice trying new music and costumes even bringing in new coaching help this is different from the standard early training montage in which we see our protagonists fail and try and fail and get a little better If I could see it so clearly Harmon did a pretty good job setting the words in motion for her audienceIn a story like this I don’t think we can ignore the elephant in the room those pesky and tense US Russian dynamics Yes this is a post Cold War world but problems and tensions persist as I hope most of us know When we consider how authors recreate the atmosphere in a Regency romance for instance the author’s knowledge presumably is achieved through reading and research rather than personal experience Perhaps unfairly I find myself occasionally using a stringent evaluation when an author sets a story in a contemporary setting particularly given the fact that there are such real life complications in American and Russian relations Mostly I was worried that clunky references or conversely the potentially glaring evasions to realistic political and cultural dynamics would take me out of the enjoyment of the romance This is a problem I rarely have to concern myself with in most romances whether it is because of the subgenre or the established conventions I just don’t think these sorts of conventions exist with contemporary Russian American romances that are not mob related andor romantic suspense? That being said I was pleasantly surprised by both the appreciation Harmon showed for Russian culture and also the difficulties and blowback an American who skates for the Russians might experienceTry to imagine the tightrope Carrie begins as a somewhat disgraced figure skater hailing from the South whose politician father is running for one of Georgia’s US Senate seats Though it’s not pervasive some of the obstacles to the happy ending concern this issue as Carrie her father and the press navigate these international waters Anton and Carrie aren’t blind to their own cultural and national blindspots though they’re treated lightly and generally dismissed with an “at least we’re not politicians” rationale The most cutting dialogue we hear comes from a local Georgian the state not the country radio personality who is attacking Carrie’s father through herSeems little Commie Ann—excuse me Carrie Ann—after she got caught cheatin’ and disualified here up and moved to Moz cow became a Russian citizen and is now going to compete for them in the Winter Games Folks I am just disgusted Les Parker calls himself a patriot But what kind of patriot lets his daughter renounce her country and move to Russia so she can prance around on ice skates with some communist fairy boy? That don’t sound like a patriot to me But what the hell do I know? I’m just a good ol’ boyWhile this is perhaps the most vitriolic prose we have to endure again I commend the balance in writing what is primarily a light hearted romance that nonetheless acknowledges some of the imagined and plausible political complications of such a somewhat tangled love storyWhile Harmon hasn’t visited Russia herself she’s explained in an interview that one of her favorite things about this writing process was becoming acuainted with Russia and its people; along with research she got in touch with a Moscow based blogger and his wife who together helped her strike the right tone for Moscow and flesh out Anton’s character including speech patterns Harmon reflected that she together with the Moscow couple she corresponded with sought to counter some of the less than favorable impressions Americans often have of Russia As Carrie explores Moscow and Russia as a tourist and then a resident she brings us with her We also enjoy Anton’s native perspective which I imagine Harmon’s reading research and friends helped her recreate From the police presence and need for carrying papers in public to the urban legend or joke that if an American tourist stands too close to Lenin’s tomb at night he might just come out and grab him or her to the descriptions of the local cuisine beyond stereotypes these details felt authentic Russia becomes a critical supporting character in the story Despite what I consider the importance of Russia itself as the story develops ultimately it is the theme of finding “home” with loved ones rather than within any particular borders that is the enduring theme Thus the epilogue ends on a tried but true “home is where the heart is” note with a pregnant Carrie and Anton sharing this exchangeShe rolled her eyes 'I look like a house' 'Not house Home The only one my heart will ever need'I too might have rolled my eyes a little bit like Carrie but I also smiled to myself afterward I don’t always want my romances this sweet but this was an enjoyable and immersive Olympic skating romp with likable characters and lots of fun details It combined familiar plot elements in a different setting and managed to avoid many sensational and stereotypical landmines in what I imagine could have been tough international terrainhttpstrongfemalefriendshipcom201

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