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  • Sever
  • J.M. Miller
  • English
  • 15 August 2018

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    It was our love It was strong and tender, brave and fearful, joyous and tortured It was perfect. A twelve year old girl named Annisyn Syn Kane was not like all the other girls in town She was physically strong She was mentally muscular She was brave She was daring to take risks She didn t worry about clothes She only had guy friends She played football She was a tomboy.A twelve year old boy named Damian Mead was not like all the other boys in town He was chubby He was insecure He was lonely He sought for some love and attention from his parents He was made fun of He was laughed at He was called mean names One morning, Syn saved Damian from two bullies attacking him That was enough for them to cross their paths and spend time together.Unfortunately, their friendship did not last long because Syn had to move to another town with her mother.However, fate wanted them together because they met again at the age of eighteen, both grown up, both different But this time, they were far from friends.Breaking up with Damian at the age of eighteen was a difficult decision to make for Syn but she certainly did have a reason to do that That was the basis of my reason It wasn t just about my past, it was about his future If I went with him, I would be his distraction He would make decisions around me, around us He would push possibilities aside, so I had to push him away....

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    After all, a life could end without physical death One simple decision can end a future One simple persuasion can sever a life When Annisyn and Damien meet for the first time, they re only 12 Syn is a tomboy Angry An outsider, not good with rules or people Damien is a fat kid, shy and insecure Their friendship is short lived and secret, but they don t know the impact they have on each other s lives.When Annisyn and Damien meet for the second time, they re 18 Syn is resigned, damaged Damien is a good kid Their love is sweet and overwhelming, but it isn t enough.When Annisyn and Damien meet for the third time, they re 23 And they re both waking from unconsciousness, heads aching and tied to the banister inside Damien s house And they re not alone.Intriguing, you think Hell yeah, it was This novel was so original.Original set up We re thrown right into the story with Syn breaking into a house She doesn t want to steal from the owner, but she s desperate Had she known who that owner was, she wouldn t have come Seeing the love of her life enter through the door, completely oblivious to her presence, Syn faces a longing sh...

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    Liked this so much than I was expecting, especially since I picked this up on a whim So darn good and so easy to get lost into Love how it bounced back and forth from the past to the present and slowly unfolded, not only their relationship but the mystery of the past and the mystery ...

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    I received an ARC via Enticing Journey Book PR in exchange for an honest review Thank you Sever balances an even mix of past and present flashbacks and events.Ever heard of the saying, One night can change everything.Yep, well, that s what happens for Annisyn Syn Kane when she finds herself broke and sh out of luck, and gets set up with a job to break into a house which leads her straight back into her heart.You see that house that Syn gets orchestrated to infiltrate happens to be that of her first and only love, Damien Stripes Mead If my life had been different at six years old, if I hadn t picked up that knife, I would have never saved Damien on the tracks It was the decision that everything was based on, the first time my life had really been severed Author J.M Miller does a great job building a repertoire as we journey into Syn s life and delve into her background and beginnings, along with how she met, fell in love with, and ultimately severed ties with her Stripes.Syn isn t like most girls, as she carries a switchblade every where she goes, can hold her ground in a fight, and has a haunted past filled with guilt, remorse, and death Childhood friendship and growing pains Her relationship with Damien develops when they are children and Damien is a fat, chubby kid getting picked on and Syn is the one to save the day They grow a friendship following that but sadly it is not long lived as Syn moves away shortly after Distance m...

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    This is a short intense read, the story is quite dark but it is lightened by the time Syn and Damien Stripes spend together The book alternates between past and present showing how the relationship between them develops and how they got to this point.Due to a very traumatic event in her childhood Syn is very wary of people and never truly lets anyone into her life Every time she starts to make friends something happens causing her to sever all ties and leave them behind Damien is one of those people, they meet as 12 year olds when Syn saves him from some bullies but Syn moves away shortly after and they don t see each other for several years When they meet again they are 18 and fall hard for each other Syn makes the decision to leave Damien because she feels that she will hold him back, Damien is devastated and wants to stay together but she makes it impossible.They are 23 now and still very much in love, they have met up again in some very strange circumstances but that is the least o...

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    I received a copy through netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Sever is everything in the description and I love the way the story tells a before and now through out the book It s a suspenseful love hate story that makes you wonder how it s going to end, all the way to the end I loved the characters that J.M Miller created They all brought the plot together perfectly and had a realistic feel to them You can feel how the secrets th...

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    ARC kindly provided via NetGalley for the exchange of an honest review

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    After reading so many series it seems kind of surreal to have a story play it s course over one book The thought of one story creating such a good story, and then concluding it so nice and tidy in the end was pleasant Annisyn and Damian come from opposite sides of the tracks, but they are similar than one would realize Both of them have had a struggle in their separate lives the turmoil so dark and controlling that they are living their lives for everyone else around them I love how this story walks us right into the present, but then flashes back to tell us their history as we go Creating this story in such a way that as we find and information not only do we fall in love simultaneously, but we also begin putting the pieces together revealing the writing on that wall that these characters are blinded too Another emotional roller coaster that will produce sympathy in abundance Sever offers a young love, but it is tr...

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    Initial reaction I liked this book far than I thought I was going to, but it had a few issues that kept it from being Loved the attention to characterization and action development of the story.Full review Color me pleasantly surprised with reading J.M Miller s Sever This is one of the few NA books I ve read this year that I ve picked up and compulsively read all the way until the end because the characterization stood out to me and the plot and writing flowed very well, for the most part The story revolves around Syn Annisyn , a young woman tasked with a job that involves her breaking into a house for one final job with a lot on the line But she ends up breaking into the house of Damian childhood friend and former lover in a set of harrowing set of circumstances and coincidences.I ll admit that this book grabbed me in the beginning with Syn s circumstances and strongly asserted voice The book trades between the present and the past with smooth transitions that never feel too out of place or context with the rolling action of the book and development of the characters I ll admit what kept me reading was watching how Damian and Syn ended up in the predicament they did, and much of it had to do wi...

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    I received a free digital copy of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you, J.M Miller If I were to describe this novel in one word, I think the best suited answer would be intricate It fascinates me how detail oriented Miller was in writing this story Everything every element, every character, every detail mentioned had a purpose The plot was an intricate web of events, where each thread spun had a significant bearing to the story The characters were developed intricately, allowing them to appear complex and three dimensional It was really brilliant Okay, I m pretty sure I used that word plenty of times in describing this book Really, the story was so excuse my white girl on point and well thought of Or maybe it s just my inexperience talking Whatever When all the dots were finally connected by the end of the book, I was seriously blown away and left speechless.Further, Miller s writing style kept me engaged and craving for all throughout the story The story was told in both past where Syn and Damian s relationship blossomed into love and present where Syn and Damian were at each other s throats times Specifically, a chapter of the current circumstances whoa, that alliteration though is followed by a chapter from Damian and Syn s past and the pattern co...

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Sever PDF Epub Sever J.M Miller Buyprobolan50.co.uk One Simple Decision Can End A Future One Simple Persuasion Can Sever A Life The Moment Annisyn Kane Slips Her Rake Pick Into The Lock Of A Stranger S Door, The Straight Life She S Led The Last Few Years Is Scratched Out In The Past, The Goal Was Never Theft It Was To Escape From Life From Death To Quiet The Dreams That Replayed An Affliction She Longed To Forget This Night, Though, Was Different She Was Out Of Options.The Isolated House Was Supposed To Be An Easy Target In And Out No Problems But The Simple Job Takes A Twisted Turn When Annisyn Comes Face To Face With The Only Real Love She Ever Had Five Years Ago, She Could Have Persuaded Damian Mead To Stay She Wasn T Willing To Be The End Of His Future, So She Let Him Go Before The Emotions From Their Tangled Past Have A Chance To Spin Between Them, Annisyn Discovers That Their Startling Encounter Is The Least Of The Night S Problems There S Someone Else In The House, And The Only Thing On His Mind Is Revenge Recommended Ages 17 For Mature Content

About the Author: J.M. Miller

J.M Miller currently resides in Florida s panhandle When she isn t distracted by social media sites, she writes romance novels that vary in genre from contemporary to fantasy.Aside from spending time with her family, she loves to travel and will jump at the chance to go anywhere, whenever life allows.