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    I love horror anthologies, they are beneficial to readers like myself who get bored easily This horror anthology was good, not the best I ve read and not the worst It s basically a collection of urban legends and old ghost stories you would hear in junior high, some with a gory twist There were a few stories in the collection of 35 that I hadn t heard before and that made the whole book worth the read I don t scare easily, but after finishing this book last night I did find ...

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    I m always on the lookout for a really creepy story, but unfortunately, I think I m just incapable of being scared That said, I don t think this book of short stories would really be scary to anyone, except for maybe younger readers All the stories are taken from common urban legends, and there isn t much to them than what we ve all already heard time and again However, I suppose if you rea...

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    Great book for sleep overs, late night hangouts, or if your in the mood for a little scare I don t think I have read all the stories, but there are a handful that really stuck out to me as truly creepy My two favorites would have to be Backseat Driver He Sees You When Your Sleeping Both equally horrifying and scary.I love scaring myself, and some of these stories do the trick Great compilation of frightful tales, separated nicely in different categories I highly reco...

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    I was pleasantly surprised by how well written these stories were Each story is based on an urban legend that is summarized at the beginning or end of the story Some of the stories are very well known and others were stories that I have never heard I fou...

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    You would be better off reading a collection of urban legends because that is really all that this is And they re not very well written out as stories because they re just the legends with hardly any surrounding detail or changes to make them interesting as a fictional short story.

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    A good little read for a rainy night

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    I think Dziemianowicz has found every ghostly tale every told at summer camp and backyard sleepovers Sounds really weird but it brought back fond memories of those childhood times

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    Nothing outstanding here, but the stories are old classics Simplicity is probably their most commendable characteristic.

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    Aside from Bloody Mary, the other spine tingling tales included in this excellent campfire tales collection are Cocoon, Don t Turn On The Light, Scarecrow, and Roadside Stop.

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Bloody Mary and Other Tales for a Dark Night KINDLE Bloody Mary And Other Tales For A Dark Night By Stefan R Dziemianowicz Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Urban Legends Like These Are The Stuff Of Nightmares Bloody Mary And Other Tales For A Dark Night Is A Connoisseur S Collection Of Thirty Five Creepy Contemporary Tall Tales Drawing On Our Eeriest Modern Myths, Stefan Dziemianowicz Crafts Horror Stories That Will Leave Even Skeptical Readers Listening For Footsteps Behind Them And Fearful Of Walking Into Darkened Rooms.