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In the Heart of the Heart of Another Country (Pocket Poets Series, No. 57) EPUB In The Heart Of The Heart Of Another Country Pocket Poets Series, No 57 Author Etel Adnan Undercostruction.eu A Mosaic Of Lyrical Vignettes, At Once Deeply Personal And Political, Set Against The Turbulent Backdrop Of Arab Western Relations Adnan Writes, Contrary To What Is Usually Believed, It Is Not General Ideas And Grandiose Unfolding Of Great Events That Impress The Mind During Times Of Heightened Historic Upheavals, But Rather The Uninterrupted Flow Of Little Experiences, Observations, Disturbances, Small Ecstasies, Or Barely Perceptible Discouragements That Make Up Day To Day Living Etel Adnan, A Lebanese American Poet, Painter, And Essayist, Lives In Paris, Beirut, And The San Francisco Bay Area Among Her Books, The Novel Sitt Marie Rose Is Considered A Classic Of Middle Eastern Literature She Has Been A Powerful Voice For Compassion And Empowerment In Feminist And Antiwar Movements.

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    Etal Adnan makes it very clear that the name for her novel came to her after reading William Gass s In the heart of the heart of the country Gass s work consists of five short stories that revolve around loneliness, isolation and lost love in and about the fictional town of B, Indiana However, Etal s story is complicated than William s While Gass pronounces homesickness for the town of B Indiana, Etal is struggling through an exile from Lebanon to California, a later exile from California to Lebanon and then another exile to California In her story, Etal always feels exiled from my former exile 4 So many sections of the book called out to me I underlined line after line until I realized I would be underlining the entire book But here are some of my favorite parts under Education page p 26 I love my roses they tell me that love comes with thorns, which I wish I had known sooner But God forbid that I will go to roses for an education under Business pg 27 They need a change they will tell you if it s impossible to move into a new house or a new morality then move away from your old appearance under Politics pg 32 From ashes of the physical heart memories rise with a life of their own and that s what people call voices under Education pg 33 Thinking wouldn t function w o memory, for even the present is memory aware of itself We want memories to join the world, be objects to which we can return at will, and not what they are, electronic images, eph...

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    Jag t nker p vatten, ofta jag kan inte h lla det i mina h nder s rskilt l nge, sk ra det med en kniv eller f rst varf r det rinner s lyckligt Vi t nker oss att n gonting r s kert, men sen saknas nd en liten skruv, ingenting fungerar, f rnuftet r hj lpl st nd , n r jag lskar vatten har jag inga problem med att vara n ra dess v sen detta va s vackert och l rorikt det k nns som att st vid havet och h lla en sn cka mot rat, f dessa meningar uppl st...

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    I do not have much patience for post modern writers I like the philosophy of the everyday, but writing that is too much sit and think is irritating Etel Adnan walks this line rather masterfully, so I don t know if I am annoyed or impressed Probably both A good example is To Be In a Time of War At first, when I realized I was going to have to read 15 pages of sentences all beginning in the infinitive, I despaired But it grows on you, you know She s captured that constant torture of grieving, the kind of sadness that is not on your mind all the time but is always with you just the same Guilt that you...

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    This is a brilliant memoir that captures philosophy and politics The author uses sections that repeat throughout the book Politics My House Vital Data Weather Wires Another Person Place, etc She interweaves paragraphs, within sections that all fall in a certain time frame Born in Lebanon, living in California, going back to Beirut, she is acutely aware of war and th...

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    Inspired by William Gass s collection of stories titled IN THE HEART OF THE HEART OF THE COUNTRY This reads a it like prose poetry As a writer I find it provocative, but I don t really know what to make of it Haven t finished it yet.

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    Genius Gorgeous Timeless.