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Reaching Lily Reading Reaching Lily Author Vivacia K Ahwen Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Alpha CEO Dorian Holder Arrives At Apollyn, LLC To Clean House And Change Everything, Including His Dealings With Intern, Lily DeWitt Soon, He S Demanding Lily Be Subservient Both In The Office And In His Luxury Suite.Lily Once Believed That Sometimes Giving In, And Being Someone S Everything For Now, Could Be The Ultimate Power But Relinquishing Total Control Is Altogether Than She Bargained For, And Falling In Love Was Not Part Of Their Agreement.

  • ebook
  • 400 pages
  • Reaching Lily
  • Vivacia K. Ahwen
  • English
  • 10 June 2018
  • 9780008124007

10 thoughts on “Reaching Lily

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    I rarely DNF a book But after finishing the prologue I just had to put this down I thought, maybe I d pick it back up but read through the first few pages of the first chapter and decided not to go further I made it to 4%.The main issue I had was the phrasing of the start of this story The MC is expected to be from Boston, buy yet she speaks thinks in a way that makes me picture someone from England rather than New England The prologue is a mix of language English American and English European the spelling ...

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    I was really into this story when BAM cliffhanger Sucks Please write the 2nd book.

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    Well, well, well, this was definitely an interesting read I found Lily DeWitt in Reaching Lily by Vivacia Ahwen to be an interesting departure from the usual heroine She was of course in distress but definitely not in a way that was common with this genre She was a twenty something year old that acted the part She had a social life She found herself in the darnedest and weirdest situations and although, I was not a wild child of her caliber, yet she was somehow relatable Lily can best be described as that friend that was always up to something and nothing all at the same time She was a college graduate and was under employed for a company that showed little to no interest in her knowledge and skills and she was didn t know the wiser Then one day, the most arrogant Alpha males to ever grace my Kindle app s screen entered her life as the owner of the company she worked for and shook things up and forever changed her life Dorian Holder was his name and being an A hole was his game, as he changed the company her worked for and intruded on her girls gone wild life He was a strange bird that has to be the most entitled jerk that knew what he wanted and when and ...

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    I read this through NetGalley for an honest review,This was an interesting read The concept was solid although the nature of their relationship threw me when it was first disclosed The dynamic between Lily and Dorian was quirky and sweet although at times unnerving The most frustrating aspect of this read is Ahwen s writing style I feel there was a lack of organization or the way she switched between the present and flashbacks was a source of confusion The dialogue was also occasionally frustrating Sometimes it was all over the place and the reader has to backtrack and reread sections to understand what is being said.Dorian scares me I think he has a good heart but there is something not right in the buttermilk when it comes to that guy His relationship with his sister is also a cause for concern.Lily is a little aloof She slowly sees this man changing her and she knows its strange but she s not trying to sto...

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    Dorian was just a weird fellow for me, you can touch it, should you wish His voice dropped to a purr I reached up and pulled A curious blend of silky and stiff filled my hand Now you can release me, Dorian holder said He brushed my hand away You have a fine grip, Ms Dewitt I loved Lily she knows how to drive her man bonkers Then I probably shouldn t tell you that I ve been playing with my nipples the entire time we ve been talking Wow Where did that come from Jesus, Lily There was another loud honk I ve got to get off Dorian he really is a tough nut to crack even at the end of the book he wasn t cracked, Lily, I have another meeting in ten minutes Don t make me walk in with a hard on Dorian is an intense guy but I guess he s honest, I ve just been aching to hold you and I m a bit out of sorts Had to keep trying to fight off hard ons all day at the office I m no...

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    Copy supplied by the Publisher, via Netgalley, in exchange for an honest review Would have been 5 stars but for the fact that it s a cliffhanger.I have to say that when I started reading this book I really wasn t sure I was going to be able to finish it but I hate giving up so I ploughed on and then, all of a sudden, it had me gripped What seemed to start out as yet another Twisted Billionaire meets lowly, compliant, female and tries to seduce her into his weird world suddenly turned into so much .Lily has already decided that she has a very defined sub tendency and her new boss, Dorian, is as Alpha as they come Things get very heated, very quickly, and the book...

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    ARC PROVIDED BY HARPER COLLINS VIA NETGALLEY The first glimpse we get of a heart broken Lily is as she is fleeing from her life After finishing the prologue, I knew this was going to be a book much different than I m used to I say that in a good way My first thought was WOW the author gave away a lot of information The author s writing only intrigued me going forward I enjoyed the pop culture references often found myself laughing I thought it was also very different that Lily would be telling her story then make a comment about something that happened in the future I loved that Reaching Lily was very character story driven with a splash of the very naughty Mr Do...

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    Oh my I am not even sure as to where to begin I was not sure of what I expected of this book Let me say I was not disappointed I loved the characters.Lily, oh sweet Lily She has no clue of her beauty I love how she handles herself Dorian what an ass he can be He is however, very aware of Lily s beauty After a while the ass will grow on you At least he did me.I really enjoy...

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    4.5 StarsLoved Lily s quirkiness and how she loved to torment Dorian And Dorian with his mood swings but he was a hot billionaire The beginning is a bit confusing, I didn t realize it was the future and sometimes the author would refer to something Dorian has done to Lily but then continue on in first person present time Otherwise, I loved the banter, the things Lily thought an...

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    I was quickly caught up in the thrilling and erotic tale of Dorian and Lily Even though Dorian seems to be hiding secrets, and Lily has secrets of her own, they are explosive together I would like to find out a little about what happened with Gwen, and exactly what Dorian s hang ups are, and simply cannot wait to read the second book to see what happens between Lily and Dorian The book started with her leaving Dorian, and the rest of it told their tale, but...

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